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When offering to take a commission...
[b]What character(s) would you draw?[/b]

Just so you know, unless you prefer that I do, I won't give you specifics for pose, etc. You pretty much have free reign to do whatever you want to do. I don't get bent out of shape about waiting, either; I don't mind that things take time.

Please, DO NOT:
Direct me to your auction. I'm honestly not all that fond of them; they're stressful.
Direct me to your shop unless you have an open slot for me to fill. Stalking and waiting for spots to open is not high on my list of things to do.
Take it poorly if I'm not interested in your art. ;_;

My gold tends to be in serious flux, but right now I have around 10 mil available.

Post order:
1.) Here
2.) Iden and Vlad
3.) Rio and Adi
4.) Zhiji and Tlac
5.) 'Shoka and Dan
6.) Mikhail

User Image NAME: Hillary Iden (reference picture)
RACE: Vampire
AGE: 21 (turned at 19)
HEIGHT: 5'2"
EYE COLOR: bright red
HAIR: waist-length, slightly wavy medium brown (she's stopped dying it)

APPEARANCE: She's very pale, of course, being a vampire, and has fairly sizable, noticable fangs (not that they stick out of her mouth, but they're not little needles). Her ears are not only pointed, but also a bit on the long side. Otherwise, her appearance has changed slightly from the pictures I have of her - her hair is brown, as she no longer dyes it, and her clothing is a little less...over-the-top. I've assembled these avatars as examples:
User ImageUser Image

If you're not squeamish about weapons, it would be cool for her to have a spear as well; it's just a simple one with a dark wooden shaft (it's the same one as this one), and it's about half a foot longer than she is tall. It's not hers, but rather what Vlad 'lives' in so to speak, so she doesn't fight with it or anything. What she's doing with it is up to you.

She does NOT have slit pupils - they are normal.

BACKGROUND/PERSONALITY: History-wise...hmm. Well, to make a long story very short, Iden used to be a relatively normal college student (a history major), albeit a very reclusive one; she avoided really interacting with people as much as she could. But then she came into possession of an old spearhead, and given the task of researching it, she was very surprised when, a few weeks later, she wound up with Dracula's ghost in her apartment. XD; As far as their relationship goes, she is the more submissive of the two - but not some weak little thing without a backbone. Rather than an alpha to omega sort of relationship, it's more like alpha to beta, to put it in wolf terms.

She is usually cheerful and optimistic, and of the opinion that things always work out in the end.

NOTES: Iden is capable of shapeshifting. Fox is her preference, in which case she is cross-colored (2 3). She is also capable of turning into a wolf, in which case she is light gray.

Here is the link to one of Iden's 'pet' journals, which should give you a bit more background/etc. about her.

Pooka (Multiple): Any but the first three (Ritlaloc, Enekpe, Mikhail) can be used. Bunny-sized crittery things.
Hyksos: Erras, as pictured (eyes are bright blue). Intelligent and capable of telepathic speech - Iden's best friend.
Sefer: Size and intelligence of a housecat.

by Orange831
by Asexual
by Alicechan
by Seth Nightlord
by Merri-chan
by lainduvet
by Neko Vamp
by endejester
by Tokyo Pop
by Sayuri_Nitta
by zephyree
by DeMoNtAiNtEd
by Sleinah
by daniellek
by Prolixity
by pach_work
by honey.roasted.ferrets
by Atomic-Fruitcake
by AvaH.Kaedo
by Cuidame
by Taro Rae
by The_Turtle_Lemon
by [malee]
by TehTwi
--as a human:
by cassandra_harlequin
[She looked much the same as a human as she does now, but with straighter hair and green instead of red eyes (and with a black and green color scheme instead of black and red).]

User Image NAME: Vlad III Dracula/Tsepesh (reference picture)
RACE: Vampire
AGE: 577
HEIGHT: 5'10"
EYE COLOR: bright red
HAIR: dark brown, a little wavy, comes to mid-back

APPEARANCE: Like Iden, he's very pale, of course, being a vampire, and has fairly sizable, noticable fangs (not that they stick out of his mouth, but they're not little needles). His ears are not only pointed, but also a bit on the long side. As for clothes, you can just sort of go on his ref pic. Things like the cloak and gloves aren't necessary, however. I'm also interested in pictures of him in more 'normal' clothing - button-down shirt, trousers/jeans, that sort of thing.

In his wolf form, Vlad is a very dark brown; although not the same solid color all the way through, but darker and lighter in some places, like a normal wolf (something like this). His eyes stay their same red color. When it comes to size, he's actually capable of making himself larger or smaller, but he tends to prefer a standard-to-large size for a wolf.

He does NOT have slit pupils - they are normal. He does have the odd bit of scarring here and there, but nothing specific.

BACKGROUND: What to say? In short, Vlad's a combination of the historical and the mythological/folkloric (yes, with a bit of Stoker thrown in, at least where his powers are concerned), as well as some things I slid in myself. After he was killed by the youngest of his sons, his spirit became trapped in the head of the spear he was killed with, where he stayed for several centuries before Iden woke him up, as it were. For awhile, he was an actual ghost, but after a time became solid and 'real,' for all intents and purposes alive again...well, as much as a vampire can be, anyway.

NOTES: He considers Iden to be 'his' (please don't mistake this to be in a slave-type sense, though), and tends to be extremely possessive/protective. He is the more dominant and aggressive of the two. Counter to Iden's optimism, he's more of a cynic and realist.

The diary most of his story was kept in got eaten by Gaia and never spat back out, unfortunately. But here are a couple of actual RPs:

Cora: Araloosa (Arabian/Appaloosa cross) mare. Faithful steed, basically. xP

by Suki_Daiyo4
by paquito
by DeMoNtAiNtEd
by draslic
by keiiii
by j A d e d
by oO-Cheshire Kitty-Oo

VLAD/IDEN RELATIONSHIP NOTES: I think, maybe, it's a fitting to say at least a little bit about the relationship Vlad and Iden have (a good thing to know about, if you're drawing a couple pic of them). Initially, it was a very volatile, antagonistic sort of relationship, with lots of pushing and pulling on both sides - and biting, on his. It's fair to say that Vlad 'started it,' and had and still has the advantages (bigger, stronger...scary), but they're both really good at pushing each other's buttons. They used to fight on a near-constant basis - including physically - but have long since settled down. Real fights are now only occasional, mostly replaced by more playful ones. It's still a very intense and physical relationship, with mutual dependence, strong enough that it's extremely unlikely they would ever split up.

Iden readily admits to being in love with him, but things on Vlad's end aren't so clear. He does certainly care for her in some fashion, though, and takes care of her with affection when she needs it. He calls her 'iubita' - 'sweetheart' - and she sometimes calls him 'Drac,' which was originally intended to annoy him. He is often both frustrated and amused by some of the things she does and says, most of which can be chalked up to youth and naivete, and will accordingly remind her of how foolish and stupid she can be sometimes.

by Furesiya
by witchlight
by DDB
by Ivynian
by honey.roasted.ferrets
by Syd Barrett
by Suiichirou-sama
by DawnieChan
by Blue Dragonfly
by Asamune
by Prolixity
by xXDie_Kafkaesque__

User Image NAME: Desiderio (reference picture)
AGE: ??
HEIGHT: 5'11"
HAIR: Black with a red streak, just above shoulder-length.

APPEARANCE: Rio has very long, pointed ears, with touches of henna-like tattooing on them, as well as on his shoulders, the back of his neck and under his eyes. His most prominent feature, of course, is his wings. They're hard and slightly brittle, and made of something rather like candy glass. They are edible - raspberry-flavored, in fact - and regenerate with time.

When it comes to clothing, Rio's main focus is to look good, of course. He loves decadent fabrics, colors, and jewelry, but he makes sure to keep it tasteful and in-check. He will also happily 'dress up' to cater to someone's ideal of what's attractive.

BACKGROUND/PERSONALITY: Rio is the God of Love - who, like all the other gods but one, Faded from existence when mortal belief waned. What remained was formed into a gem, which was eventually given to a mortal host, whose body and soul would fuel his rebirth. In his case, it was a young female vampire named Alex. They are now one and the same, although Rio is by far the dominant influence on the soul that resulted.

During the awkward transition stage of going from being Alex to being Rio, during which they were still separate people (albeit in the same body) and their body was still female, they ended up a mother. XD So Rio has two children, the half-werewolf twins Adrienne and Kinsley, with a servant of the God of the Hunt.

When it comes to personality, he's pretty much what you'd expect or want out of a God of Love. He's optimistic, selfless, chivalrous, pretty much perpetually happy, and likes just about everyone (and he's more than happy to....more than like someone, if they want or need it xP). He also has a touch of a hero streak - someone's gotta rescue those damsels!

Rio is not monogamous. While monogamy is all well and good, he's Love, and he needs to be accessible and available. Still, he doesn't love any one person any more or any less than another - whether mortal or fellow deity, he is equally devoted.

Here is a link to his RP journal, which should give you a bit more background/etc. about him. You can also find his followers there, of whom I also enjoy art. n.n

Dinah: Is a cait, of a particular...spiny sort, based on Gaia's lionback fish. She's mostly cat-like, except for a few spines here and there. This is what a normal cait looks like. Dinah has blue eyes.

by endejester
by honey.roasted.ferrets
by PhungDinhDzung
The following are of Rio in his transitional stage - therefore, they should not be used as reference.
by eviktedRei
by Anjii
by Syrie (Warning: Nudity)


User Image NAME: Adrienne Seref-Korzha ("Adi" ) [ref]
GENDER: Female
RACE: Half-werewolf
AGE: Appears to be 17
HEIGHT: 5'8"
EYE COLOR: Pinkish-red
HAIR: Straight, shoulder-length white, with some black streaking

APPEARANCE: Adrienne is furred in most of the same places as her father, except for the stomach patch, and has the same leg type. Her fur is mostly white, however, save for a few black patches here and there. She has a small pair of pink-feathered wings - but instead of real feathers, they're made entirely out of a gummi-candy substance that tastes like cherry. She usually wears exactly the sort of thing you see in her ref, black-dyed leather loincloth and top, adorned with feathers and beads/semi-precious stones, and a pink bow in her tail (the bow originates from a joke Alex made about tying ribbons in Orin's fur).

BACKGROUND: The result of a happy mistake from when Desiderio and his host (a willing sacrifice to fuel the god's rebirth), Alex, were still two separate souls in one body, and Alex continued her relationship with her werewolf lover, Orin. Alex and Rio are now one and the same, however, and so Rio is pretty much the mother in the odd little family. Adi's father, Orin, is an aoide in addition to being a werewolf - the ageless servant of a god. Orin specifically is the gardener to the God of the Hunt, Eamnonn, and Adrienne has inherited his green thumb, and is very often dirty as a result.

She is now a servant of Glyph, God of the Forest.

PERSONALITY: Generally sweet and kind-hearted, she is nonetheless very spunky. As a child, she had a penchant for biting when she was angry, but she's grown out of that for the most part (unless the object of her annoyance is her twin brother). Adi is flirtatious and full of self-confidence - what else would you expect from a child of the God of Love?

A very loving family, though of course there is a certain amount of sibling rivalry between Adi and her brother.
Oringo Llamas (father): gardener and second-in-command to Eamnonn, God of the Hunt. He is permanently stuck between forms as a result of an accident; the bloodstains on his hands are also permanent. Does not wear clothes.
Mariana Alexandra Korzha/Desiderio (mother): Alex was a jaded young vampire who became the sacrifice for Desiderio, the God of Love, to be reborn. They existed as two souls in one body for a time, and continued to do so after Rio became the dominant soul, until finally they merged and became one soul. The body remained female, which is how Adi and Kin happened.
Kinsley Seref-Korzha (brother): Kin is Adi's cocky twin brother, and very taken with the idea of being "the best." Unlike his father and sister, he is uninterested in plants.

Although it's not very clear in the references, Adrienne has digitigrade legs. They look like this. This is also a good reference.

Dogwood and Phlox: A pair of floox(es?), of childlike intelligence but incapable of speech, only fox-like noises. Chinchilla-sized.
Nanda: Fischer's Lovebird of the stuffed animal's coloration.

by pach_work (Warning: Nudity)
by pach_work (Warning: Nudity)
by BlueUndine (Warning: Nudity)
by pach_work
by Prolixity
by Aeith
by AvaH.Kaedo
by Cy-Cuni
by Destructob0t
by Taro Rae
by vampire-griffin


User ImageNAME: Zhijian (reference picture)
AGE: ??
HEIGHT: 6'8"
EYE COLOR: Green, with blue sclera (and cat-slit pupils)
HAIR: More of a mane, actually. xP

APPEARANCE: He has two pairs of antlers, a pale mane, and green scales on his chest, and some of his fur remains blue (mainly his back, sides, and face). Large, pale yellowy wings, and a dragon's tail tufted in the same color as his mane. His ears are pointed, and tufted in the same color as his mane.

When it comes to clothes, he mostly just wears wide pants - if anything. Other than that, he does like jewelry. He is a dragon, after all! He loves him some shinies.

Like Rio, Zhijian is a God who Faded and was reborn through the sacrifice of a mortal host - in his case, an unwilling one.

Zhijian is a very steady, stable and dependable sort. His manners can sometimes be seen as lacking, but it’s not out of any intentional rudeness; he just sees some things as unneccessary, subscribing to a simpler, more straightforward set of ‘manners,’ sometimes animalistic in nature. He has virtually no concept of personal space, and consequently likes to get in very close and touch those he feels a bond with, possibly even attempt to groom them (he would also be perfectly happy in a sleep-pile).

He is loyal unto death to Harmodius, who is the absolute center of his world. Utterly devoted, he loves serving his Lord almost as much as he loves his Lord. He is never happier than when he is in His presence or fulfilling an order given by Him. Zhijian would do anything Harmodius asked of him, including betraying or even killing others he might consider friends, and would not question the order. If He wishes, it will be done.

His next loyalty lies with his fellow Dragon Kings, whom he views as packmates and brothers. He will side with them before all others except Harmodius. He will not, however, take orders from them; he will aid them of his own accord or if they ask it of him (so long as it doesn’t conflict with a command from Harmodius), but he will only take commands from his Lord. The Dragon Kings are his equals, his siblings, and he expects the same from them. He respects them - and the Primordials - above ‘lower’ gods.

The rest of the gods he is largely indifferent to, whether they’re older than him or not; most of them he will respect and of course speak to, and a few he may befriend, but he is of higher rank than they. They may be gods as well, but Zhijian is a favored child and does not forget. He will attempt to pull rank if the situation calls for it.

All others, from aoidei to human, he will take notice of and deal with as he wishes; some he may ignore, some he may indulge, some he may consider like to toys.

Zhijian is not overly concerned with the past - unless it’s required otherwise of him, he dwells very much in the present. He does not waste time reminiscing, and instead focuses on following orders and his own return to power. He is absolutely thrilled by his choice of host and the form it has given him, and is largely unbothered that he yet remains female. He considers this anthropomorphic form to be a perfect blending of beast and man. He hopes to preserve this body type he now has, if at all possible.

(these are of a previous stage, and should not be used as reference)
by Prolixity
by Hanyousblood
by Hanyousblood
by Dark Fire Angel
by Dark Fire Angel

User Image NAME: Itztlac (reference picture)
AGE: ??
HEIGHT: 7'5"
EYE COLOR: Silver (completely - no white, no pupil)
HAIR: Black-ish brown, comes just past shoulders

Ignore the 'ooze' at his feet in the reference - he does not, in fact, trail that around, and has perfectly normal hooves (which are not shod, by the way).

Itztlac was reborn into the body of a centaur with a draft horse base. His coloration is blood bay in the process of turning to black, with jaguar spotting beginning to show. His antlers are relatively small, reddish-brown in color and going black at the base. His tail is beginning to go white at the end. His fingernails have lengthened into claws, and small black wings have sprouted. Their makeup is similar to these, without the fraying.

Having no real need of clothes, Tlac really only ever wears jewelry.

Same deal as Rio and Zhijian, a god reborn - in Itztlac's case, his host was tricked. He is the God of Night.

Soft-spoken and surprisingly graceful for someone with such a bulky body, Tlac is much what you'd expect from his domain. He tends towards politeness and formality, though a wicked tongue and ready sarcasm lie just beneath. Quite predatory in nature, he prefers outsmarting others to fighting directly, but is adept at both. Though he leans towards the darker side of things, naturally, he is not evil. His primary concern is almost always himself, and he is, of course, a solitary sort.


User Image NAME: Ashoka (reference picture - quadruped; reference picture - anthro)
RACE: Pard (Wingzelle)
AGE: ??
HEIGHT: 5'3" (excluding antlers)
EYE COLOR: Blue (right), Brown (left)
HAIR: Seems to vary - brown or white, usually with streaks of the other color.

Ashoka is a 'shifter' pard - this means she's capable of assuming a more human form, which is what I'd like art of. This form is NOT ANTHRO. Her body type is human, although she retains some animal features - fur, tail, wings, and antlers. Though she often just goes naked, when clothed she has a flare for the exotic: lots of color, lots of gold, and plenty of bangles and gorgeous fabric (think Bollywood).

In addition to being a shifter, 'Shoka is a rarity among her kind - a Prophet, who has the ability to tell the future. Twitchy and odd, she retains a sort of giggly childishness and playfulness. What emotions lie beneath it are anyone's guess.

A servant of Zhijian, she recently became involved with the host of another Dragon God - Fragment, a shapeshifter even more odd than Ashoka. This resulted in a pair of eggs (yes, pards lay eggs XD), which hatched into a son and daughter - Joss and Dan, respectively. She would have been happy continuing to call both of them 'Egg,' but Fragment's god insisted they needed real names.
by Kisoni
by Natsube

NAME: Dan (reference picture)
RACE: Pardmentling! (Shapeshifter)
AGE: Young
HEIGHT: 5'4"
EYE COLOR: Brown (left), Blue (right), Brown (third)
HAIR: Black with some white streaking, waist length.

As an adult, Dan will have two pairs of black horns - the first kudu-like and about a foot and a half long, the second curving ram's horns. She has a third, vertical eye set in the middle of her forehead. Body-wise, she falls somewhere between canine and big cat, with legs and paws more similar to the latter, and a tail and longer muzzle like the former. These and any of her features can fluctuate, however, as she is a shapeshifter. At her 'default' adult size as a quadruped, she's the size of a small horse.

Her fur is shaggy and predominantly black, with a white tailtip, left foreleg/arm, and right eartip. Her ears are wolfish, but tufted. Her wings are black and feathered, and proportionate to her bodysize.

When bipedal (which she won't begin to change to at all until fully-grown), she is slight of build like her mother. Also like Ashoka's, Dan's two-legged form is NOT ANTHRO. Her body type is human, although she retains some animal features - fur, tail, wings, and horns. Aside from switching from four-legged to two-legged, she usually shapeshifts parts of herself as opposed to her entire body - fur to scale, one kind of tail for another, etc. - and tends to imitate the features of others when she does so. She cannot shift into anything inanimate.

She should be drawn as an adult. She usually goes unclothed, but if she deigns to wear something, she usually imitates her mother's style in more muted colors.

Dan is the daughter of Ashoka and Fragment, both of whom are distinctly odd and slightly unstable, in their own ways. Dan and her brother, Joss, aren't any different. When Ashoka wanted to keep calling both of her children 'Egg,' Fragment's god insisted otherwise, so she asked him what the Chinese word for it was, and that's how Dan came about.

She is purely impulse-driven, whether that impulse is to cuddle or to bite, and does whatever she wants, unless her mother tells her otherwise. When it comes to listening to anyone else (her father included), she picks and chooses. She is most interested in people with food or interesting features, but forms no attachments outside of her family.

Dan almost never speaks.


User Image NAME: Mikhail Szilagy (reference picture)
RACE: Fa'e
AGE: Teen (equivalent of 16-17)
HAIR: Shoulder-length, red-orange

IMPORTANT: There are a few misleading things in his reference picture. One, unless it's cold out, Mik wears a black bandana over his hair - not a beanie. Two, he does not use bandaids to cover the marks on his face any longer. Three, the cross he wears is not nearly that big/chunky. So please, please don't draw him with a beanie, bandaids, or a large cross.

APPEARANCE: Red-orange and scarlet wings; a form of Hebrew script in gold beneath his left eye (aleph, lamed, daled) and at the corner of his right eye (zayin). Mik tends to dress in black, but anything relatively simple and conservative will do. He's in very good physical shape, and not feminine- or androgynous-looking. He's a guy, and he looks like one.

He wears a small silver cross on a thin silver chain.

BACKGROUND/PERSONALITY: Mikhail is a Fa'e - a being of ancient power who has been reborn. In his case, he was the Archangel Uriel.

At heart, Mik is basically a good guy, but with a lot of catches. He's arrogant, overconfident, judgemental, prudish, easily-offended, and short-tempered. He means well, but he has a very black-and-white sense of right and wrong, and a very firm set of morals and sensibilities. The end result is that, despite the fact that he's on the side of 'good,' he's really kind of an a**. Give him half a reason, and he will readily deck someone.

Mik has a natural aptitude for combat, particularly unarmed and with ranged weapons. Having been raised by a vampire hunter, the weapons he's currently most familiar with are knives and guns (...and stakes, if that really counts XD). In his previous life, it would have been sword and bow and arrow, but he has yet to rediscover such talents. Occasionally, he'll set fire to something he's holding - he doesn't mean to do it, and can't really control it at this point.

He is completely uninterested in sex, and totally scandalized by such things in general.



Right, this is the rather more straightforward spot. biggrin However, to be honest I don't very often go in for avatar art; I much prefer to spend my money on my OCs. But, now and then, I can be tempted -- my particular weakness is art of my avatar that includes Gaia pets of mine. I am also interested in art of my avatar with my rabbit, who's a black Holland Lop with grayish-white fur on the bottom of his toes (he looks something like this). His name is Ivanhoe, and he's pretty much the cutest thing on the planet. xP

I'm also very interested in couple art, but not of a romantic nature; rather, of my friend (Safaia) and I. We're very best and affectionate friends, and I'd love to have art that reflects this. I wouldn't object to art just of Saf, either; it'd be fun to throw some at her! If you're up for art of both of us, let me know and I'll toss her avi at you, too.

If you're interested in drawing my avatar with a pet or pets of mine, please provide examples of your animal work :3.

My Avatar(s):
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