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This is not a forum set up for making threads to sell artwork. If you're interested in making some profit, feel free to go into other users' request threads and offer up your expertise to the many people who are looking to get a few nice drawings of their characters for a small price. If you're so bent on selling artwork in your own thread, then here are a few links that can assist you further in your quest;

        Art Shops - available for you to sell your own artwork, at prices that you set and to people who come to you!
        Art Freebies - available to you, if you just wanna offer up free artwork to the denizens of this wonderful forum group.
        Personalized Graphics - available to you, if you want to offer up your abilities to make post styles and signatures.

        Chatterbox - Available to you, if you just want to post random conversation threads that have nothing to do with requesting, or selling art. Keep it here, people!

Thanks in advanced.