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Oop she literally just replied and I can move on :'D
Yea her samples are beautiful!

Nope never had one. Want my teeth cleaned up though i do not like themmm. They are not horrible but eh. Not lovely white and a couple gaps.
Actually i heard there was a trend going around where people would permanently make gaps in their teeth. Huh.
Can't eat! D: Lies, what kinda things? No solids?

I've done that too xD I used to be a bit TOO enthusiastic i think. I remember writing Doski a freaking essay xD

Yea definitely. After Uni i think I will look for some out of school life drawing classes, hopefully they will help a ton.
Oh also, the idea of kinda being a freelance artist is the most exciting thing in the world to me right now whee YOU LABELING ME AS THAT MAKES ME HELLA HAPPY :'D
hurrah ! You will be suitably entertained.
Did you see her mermaid sample ? So pretty.

Good 4 u but my teeth are ******** atrocious. I only went once that I can remember before I was 21, and by that point there was just no saving them. I have horrible gaps and a dead tooth that's whittled down and they're just ugly. I get really uncomfortable if I show them at all tbh.
Oh, not to do with my tooth or anything. I just feel really unwell haha. I made ham, mashed potatoes and gravy and oven fries and ate one bite before I started gagging. It all tastes disgusting.

Yeah but her art is pretty incredible so that's okay.

I think they will ! I don't see how they could hurt anyway.

No i did not! I shall look for it next time i pop back onto her thread ^_^

Ive had a grain of sand stuck in my eye for a couple days. So annoying.

Mum and my aunt feel that way about their teeth too. D: I almost never go to the dentist too but i really should go more often.

Oh I'm sorry you feel so unwell. Have you been less tired at all recently?
I don't know if they're there but they were in her shop. So pretty.

Have you tried flushing it with water ? I got something stuck in my eye when I flushed it at work (I splashed corrosive chemicals inside it) and it was caught under the eyelid. I had a shower and sort of just blinked water inside my eye (by looking up at the shower head) and that got it out.

Yes, you should.

I have not. I have been tired all the time because life.
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Questionable Visionary

Name : Riz
Samples : 1 2 3
Prices : 50Kishh for full body colored
Anything else : I like Jasmine! I'm a new artist, so I'm still working on things like anatomy & expressions. I think I'd branch out and try something for yours, but no guarantee.

Sure c:

Let me know when you want the trade started.
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Questionable Visionary


Sure c:

Let me know when you want the trade started.

Ah how's this? Lemme know if you want something changed, otherwise go ahead and send the trade <3 ^^ (and "branching out poses" = one arm bent LOLLL)

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No changes necessary. Thanks c:

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