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But why ?? My hate for vampires is basically legendary.

>w< It's still a lot to me, too, don't worry. I very, very rarely find art that I'm willing to go over 500k for, no matter what it is. I know someone who still refuses to pay over 200k.

>: That sucks. I hope it goes away soon.
But its such a crazy idea i thought you'd find it horribly funny xD

Oh gosh wow. must be hard for them to ind anything?

I'm really picky with movies. You can't tell -- it takes a very trained eye -- but I am. I like maybe one in every twenty five movies I see ?? And there's very rarely movies that come out in the theatres I have any interest in. The last one was the new Spider-man movie and that was just ******** amazing ksjfhkjsf so excited to see where they take the next one.

They survive on freebies. They get a lot of freebies.
oh i saw that when we were in greece, it was pretty good. I just dont like any of the villains in spiderman so i couldnt really embrace it fully.

We are doomed to never agree.
maybe! <3

alec baldwen is attractive and has an amazing voice *is watching 30 rock*
I -- I actually prefer Adam Baldwin a lot more.

He tends to play the grumpy badasses.

Alec Baldwin never really made an impression.
oh i dont think i remember seeing him in anything im familiar with.

I love deep voices though~
Best clip I could find of him alone.

There's probably some from Chuck, but I'm trying to write.
And again we find ourselves conflicting, for Adam is not making an impression on me either.

what is your theme for today?
Admittedly, those clips are really lame. There's not a lot of people who are interested in him alone.

Make A Vacuum Day.

Ash and Lexi are drunkenly doing the egg-into-a-bottle experiment while Io watches and Loki checks his reflection.
i do not know of such an experiment xD is it common? like the potatoe and lightbulb one?
Here's an interesting experiment. We guarantee you'll be talking about this one at school the next day.

Find a bottle with a long, narrow neck and set it on the table. The opening should be just small enough to keep the egg from falling inside.

Boil and peel a egg.

Have Mom or Dad drop 3 lit matches into the bottle (if Dad does the 'dropping' then make sure the fire extinguisher is handy).

Quickly place the egg over the mouth of the bottle.

What happens? The lit matches heat the air inside the bottle. When air is heated it expands (and takes up more room). As the heated air expands, some of it escapes out the bottle. When the matches go out, the air inside the bottle cools and contracts (and takes up less room), thus creating a lower pressure inside the bottle than outside. The greater pressure outside the bottle forces the egg into the bottle.

Want to get the egg out of the bottle? Turn the bottle upside down and blow into it. The increased air pressure in the bottle will cause the egg to pop back out!

Reeko Note. Reeko gets tons of email on this one so here's a little extra help. First off, check out the section on five tried and true rules on guaranteeing an experiment will work. If that still doesn't fix it then here are some additional tips...

Make sure the egg is boiled and peeled.

Drop the 3 matches in all at once. Don't light one match and drop in in, light another match and drop it in, light the next match and drop it in, light another match and drop it in... uhhh, I said 3 matches, didn't I...

You need to place the egg on the mouth of the bottle quickly.

If you're still having problems, try scrambling the eggs...

If it still doesn't work then put Vaseline on the egg and use a hammer...
oh thats pretty cool xD

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