Welcome to Gaia! ::

The way you describe my characters and their relationships makes me smile and giggle snort rofl

AICHAONETHING About De's hair instead of straight i prefer it wavy if thats not too frustrating to ask be changed emotion_awesome

I'm glad i can find you on the forums again heart

I am cramping and tired and ignoring everyone because I am writing bad porn.

I can do that you know.

I can write bad porn.
I miss you, did ya know?
So i am here.

Oh gosh i bet you can! emotion_awesome
for yourself or someone else?
One day i need to learn to draw sexy naked people but i just can not bring myself to @_@
I suspected.
And now we are both here.
So that is a nice coincidence.

What did you do today.

Yeah I know right it's seriously terrible though lmao I love it. I'm so proud of myself.
For me I guess ?? Yes, mostly for me.
I can't imagine you drawing smutty things it's just too weird .______. (AD does a lot of n***s though that aren't sexual at all and are actually really nice. She draws nice hips.)
I have been drawing. Got a commission thinger so that is nice <3
Also working on an art trade :')
Woke up to Rockie Peeing in the bathroom.
Pimple on my lip </3

Iiiiiiiiiiiii... yea. it makes me blush even thinking of it. I think i just wanna know i have the skill to do it? But not actually ever do it rofl
Oh ? What of ?
Rockie why. What is the purpose of that.
I have a pimple on the side of my nose and I got a filling today. There was seriously this hole across like half my tooth it was horrible.

Yes. I will. It makes me very happy. Not because uh, writing smut is a good time or anything, but because as a scenario this is how it would happen and I feel accomplished getting it right for once.
Well, to be fair, porn is rarely appealing to look at and I'd never want to draw it either. Most of the time it's crude and nasty. Implication and subtle posing are better imo. I think drawing n***s is a good thing to learn though not because of any dirty reason
Promotional poster for this little book thing <3
But she has not replied to the second sketch yet and i hope she does tonight cause she wants it asap and i have time to draw today but not as much the coming days.
And an art trade with (what a coincidence) the person who drew you lexi and raf all pretty like! :'DD

How does getting a filling feel?
I hope you are better!

I know what you mean. I don't write clearly but when i draw or think of a scenario thats actually accurate for the characters us great <3

Yes i prefer classy n***s and stuff! I'm pretty fine with that kinda stuff.
You're practically a freelance artist now are you proud.
Time zones are tricky. I hope it works out tho.
Yeah Kiiro is really good. She will do good things.

You've never had one ? It's mostly just uncomfortable, but not quite painful. Because it was one of my front teeth and the drilling of the decay didn't take long, we skipped the injection. I prefer it without the injection tbh even though I have sensitive teeth and I make a lot of noise, because once the injection wears off it itches, right ? But because the injection is inside the gum you can't scratch it. Drives me up the wall.
I am fine. Just can't eat and tired and headache and idk I might watch a movie because I'm finding it hard to concentrate on writing.

Yes -- getting it right is something that I can hardly ever pull off. I flip my s**t when an artist does it, too. They are generally caught off guard and bewildered by my enthusiasm.

I think that's a better thing to know you can do than smut c:

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