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do polls bring all of the boys to the yard?

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no 0.10300429184549 10.3% [ 24 ]
and their like, it's bettah than yours~ 0.46351931330472 46.4% [ 108 ]
lala-lala- laaaa 0.21030042918455 21.0% [ 49 ]
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I will only accept offers for the girls if I'm really impressed by your art- SO PLEASE CONSIDER MY BOYS FIRST <3

So- I am looking for art of some of my demon characters (hence the title of the thread aren't i witty )
I currently have 1.5 million to spend since I decided I fell out of love with my dream avi (it happens often)
WARNING: they are all boys! if you can't draw men well, please don't try

Never thought I'd have to add this, but it's happened like 3 times now so here is it is:
please do NOT draw one of my characters then seek payment after. This is why I ask for the form bellow to be filled out- so I can see if I'm interested or not. I'm sure your picture is lovely, but if I didn't agree to the art before you drew it, I shouldn't be held accountable for paying for it. Sounds like a plan y/y?
Freebies are always loved though ;D

and since I've been asked- NO RL COMMISSIONS. I would have mentioned it if I was interested so no more offering that- you'll just be ignored


Please leave a post with

(which character do you want to draw? you can list more than one)
Offering: (fullbody, bust, etc)
Price: (prices of what you're willing to offer)
Samples: (link to a gallery or shop where I can see what you can do. Or link single pictures of what you are specifically offering)
Feel free to draw my characters in the clothes shown in their samples, but you do have some freedom with the designs. I have suggestions for what each of their styles are!


Hair: Strawberry blond (or you could make it redder since he dyes it)
eyes: Red
body type: Muscular build (not too over the top) and very tall
Clothes: He wears very expensive clothes to flaunt his wealth. Suits, coats with real fur, and anything else (on the formal side) that looks luxurious. OR you could draw him with more of an ancient, fantasy type outfit. But make it manly and something a fire based character would wear.
Extra: Always wears an antichrist cross earing. Always has the cheek marks. Draw him with the horns and a demon tail.

Makao is the oldest demon in creation. He is a fire dragon with burn tattoos all over his body though he chooses to hide most of the in his human form (always keep the ones on his cheeks). He represents the sin og GREED. He is very wealthy but still will steal if presented the chance. He doesn't give many people the time of day because he feels like he is too superior.

User Image User ImageUser Image
I would also love if you drew him without the shirt under the jacket (or completely topless) and show his tattoos- though you don't have to: outfit and tattoo ref here

Hair: Black (very long- you can draw it anywhere from the middle of his back to his knees)
eyes: Red
body type: Slim and fit. He has very long legs.
Clothes: Azazel likes to flaunt his body. He will wear anything sexy, and rarely likes to cover his whole torso or all of his legs. He loves anything arabic in nature. He likes to put color around his eyes to match his outfits (like in the headshot sample)
Extra: Must have his ram horns. He does not have a tail

Azazel is the second oldest demon. To say he is vain is an understatement as he can often be seen admiring his hair and nails. He is very bossy and assumes there will always be someone around ready and willing to do his every bidding.

User Image User ImageUser Image

Hair: Blue/green (always in a ponytail)
eyes: Blue (the shade isn't too important as it changes)
body type: Slim but toned- if you've heard of the saying "swimmer's body"
Clothes: He usually can be found in a simple shorts-style wet suit (when he's not just naked). Feel free to dress him up formal- where he wears flowy, fantasy themed outfits. Just make sure it's not too heavy and it's water themed.
Extra: draw him with webbed ears (like in the sample headshot).

Makari is the 4th oldest and represents Anger. He likes to claim bodies of water (anywhere from a pond to an ocean) and will spend his time punishing anything that trespasses. He has very little patience and thus keeps to himself most of the time. He only wears clothes if he needs to be around people. He sometimes dresses up nice, but it has to be a very important event.

User Image User ImageUser Image

Hair: black (slightly past his shoulders)
eyes: Red (can disguise them as blue to lure women, but please stick to red or turning red)
body type: Fit and well muscled (like a hero type)
Clothes: He likes modern clothes with a Victorian flare. Button up dress shirts with a few open buttons are always good to impress the ladies. This is a good example (but please dont just copy this outfit because that would be stealing someone's design). He is often wearing a necklace with an antichrist cross on it.
Extra: Please draw him with blood somewhere because he is a vampire.

Strix is the 6th oldest and represents gluttony. He resents being one of the weakest of the seven higher and thus spends most of his time away from them. He is very charming and will try seduce anybody to get blood. He has an insatiable hunger for it.

User Image User ImageUser Image

Hair: Grey/brown (looks like he needs a trim because he doesn't take good care of it)
eyes: Grey
body type: a little lanky looking, but definitely lean
Clothes: He is a street punk and thus wears a lot of ripped and worn clothes (look up "visual punk" for cool inspiration). He likes to look intimidating to the "establishment" and thus will randomly have an array of ear, brow, and tongue piercings (they change a lot as he heals fast and can change them to his liking). He also usually wears a dog collar to be ironic.
Extra: Please draw him with his ears and tail like a wolf (they are a grey/brown color too).

Ajax is the youngest Higher, the 7th, and represents Sloth. He doesn't give a damn about what the other higher are doing and usually hangs around his group of demon dogs (younger demons who aren't part of the higher). They usually lounge in parks or clubs doing all kinds of drugs. He is one of the more human friendly demons, but he also lives strictly on a diet of human flesh. Man's best friend, but at a price.

User Image User ImageUser Image
I rather pictures of the boys but might accept offers for these two

Hair: currently- Wine (but he dyes it a lot)
eyes: Orange
body type: Like a slim woman- but with no breasts (and man parts downstairs)
Clothes: You can either draw him in super revealing clothes (since he represents the sin of Lust) or you can draw him in something that would be considered fashionable. He loves to keep up with fashion and look trendy- you can interpret that as you like- either unisex or on the girly side is his preference
Extra: has 6 horns- it's said that a six horned goat is lucky

Asura is the third oldest and represents Lust. You may notice I refer to Asura as "he" but Asura doesn't actually have a gender. When in human form he tends to have a male body, but he looks very feminine so it can get confusing. Which is essentially the point since Asura will sleep with just about anyone. Asura is a huge brat who thrives off of compliments. But he also likes to "help" others by buying them trendy outfits or giving them a manicure. The gender Asura decides to portray changes from day to day, but it's usually something in between.

User Image

Hair: Golden (scattered feathers that turn brown at the edges)
eyes: Gold
body type: Curvy! she is a man's dream- big boobs and hips and a tiny waist
Clothes: She doesn't seem to realize that she is quite frequently not wearing enough for polite company, but then again no one ever tells her anything is wrong. She shows off her assets because it gets men to give her stuff. Bikini tops are often her favorite things because they're so easily removable heehee
Extra: her wings are NOT all white

Lamia is the fifth oldest and represents envy. Not that she usually has to want for anything. Being the only actual girl she is doted upon by the others (and often fought over). She is actually a very friendly person and is nice to be around if not she's a little shameless with her attire. She has no qualms about accepting gifts since she's so use to it. However, she can sometimes be cruel to human females- as they can have the one thing she can't ever have- a child. She's even been known to kill children and babies if she's in a particularly bad mood.

User Image

If I decline your offer it's nothing personal. Maybe I don't care for your style or I don't think the price is worth it. Don't ask unless you really want to know.
I also do NOT accept base work, color overs, or traces. That is art theft. Don't argue with me about it because I feel strongly about it. I'll just ignore your account and report you.

User Image User Image User Image User ImageUser Image

User Image User Image User Image User Image

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

User Image User Image User ImageUser Image
Black listed

these people are not welcomed on this thread. If you do you will be ignored (I ask that everyone else ignores them too) and reported.

- The Lazy Village
OPEN- do people even go to these?
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Character: Ajax (Sloth)
Offering: Any Art Style...
Price: Prices Are Usually Around 5-20K For Digital or Traditional
Chibis And Head Shots 5-10K
Waist Up 10-15K
Full body 15-20K
Animations 20-50k (But that's if you want them....^^;)
Samples: [Gallery]
OPEN- do people even go to these?

i dont know if this drawing style you like
here my link smile
my temp shop
Character: I'm most interested in Ajax, but I'm willing to draw any of them. They're all really cool.
Offering: Anything.
Price: Offer whatever you feel is fair. I used to charge 100k+. A fat simple chibi, non-animated would be much cheaper than that.
Samples: - [/Fat Chibi] - [/Anime Full Body Pixeled] - [/Semi-Realistic Full Body CG]

All styles are available in different coloring methods. I also do traditional colored pencil, I don't have any samples up, but they're as good as my CGs, if not better. I'm trying to find a new way to color digitally, so..=/

I hope I did everything right, I love your OCs. :3. Sorry for the lack of samples !

sry, not feeling your style for my characters ;w; <3
OPEN- do people even go to these?

i dont know if this drawing style you like
here my link smile
my temp shop

do you have more examples of boys?
Deviant Light

oooooh- I would love a chibi of ajax (not animated)... got any more examples?
Deviant Light

oooooh- I would love a chibi of ajax (not animated)... got any more examples?

Here's a few samples. These are more full-size, tall chibis. , Mm.. Another more full size.. aaand Stubby Chibi. Those are all the chibi samples I've got. Stubby, Fat, and Tall. I can make it a still, that's not a problem !

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