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Hello and Welcome to Medical Melody~! Here I am looking for art of
my babies from my third story (Well some make an appearance in my other
stories as well as my sisters story). Basically its a love story set more in a
real life environment unlike my other two which are fantasy based. Also all
of my OC's are human but some are also in my other story so they might be
somewhat different. Eventually I'll have a summery section for those who want to
know more about it. My thread is still kind of under construction so if I dont have
the info you'd like up the feel free to ask me.

Well Style and Type doesn't matter to me, traditional can be just as awesome as
digital and a Chibi can be just as awesome as a fullbody. And also you have artistic
freedom with any of their outfits and designs. I dont mind at all if you give them different

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Post 1 : Intro
Post 2 : Funds/Updates
Post 3 : Rules/Looking for...
Post 4 : The Mains (Luka, Niko and Gwen)
Post 5 : Regalion (Jai, Leander, Lani, Stan, Xavier & Camillia)
Post 6 : Sirens Bane (Sirahna, Vilmos, Jezabell, Karmella, Guisto & Michelle)
Post 7: My Avatars
Post 8 : The Form
Post 9 : Art Trades
Post 10 : Commissioning List
Post 11 : Featured Art
Post 12 : Freebies
Post 13 : Affiliates
Post 14 : Reserved
Post 15 : Reserved
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This is the funds I currently have for my art quest…

____________Art Funds = 8,000,000,000 Gold
(I'm saving up for something right now, art trade perhaps?)

Also as a side note the trade will be sent from my mule Schierke
since she has my art gold (Mainly so I wont spend it).
~~~~~~~~~~~~User Image~~~~~~~~~~~~~
And the trade will always be labeled Medical Melody Art Request,
so you know where its from and I'll also add who
the art is of and/or the Page the form was posted.

Currently Not Accepting IRL Commissions
I really dont have the cash right now.

User Image
(Newer Updates are at the Top)

March 20th 2014 - Haven't updated in a while. I added some more funds and will
be updating some more things.

June 9th 2012 - Apparently I like to update on days with 9 and 2's. XD New poll
added, Xavier will be featured on my header after Camillia has been there a while.
Still need to finish that up, been busy. I'm going to get rid of a few sections and
add maybe a fanart request section instead. Those I'm getting rid of will be ones
I dont think I need anymore.

April 9th 2012 - Profiles pretty much all finished, working on new icon pictures
for the oldest refs used or ones without them and the main header. New freebie
info as well, I change the prize to a chibi instead of a headshot.

03-29-12 - Still updating. All of Sirens Bane is done, moving on to Regalion.
I never got around to finishing Lani's fullbody picture but I might do a quick
waist-up picture of her to add for her profile pic. Most of theirs is kind of old
so I'll be updating them as I do new pictures of them.

03-22-12 - Updating their Profiles (I'm making them smaller the full
info will be on their ref sheets once I finish them) and changing the layout
to include small images of them so its easier to pick one. Starting with
Sirens Bane since they had their section kind of messed up. I'm also going to
be adding my main header soon. 3nodding

01-12-12 - Man I haven't updated this in quite a while.
I'll be adding new characters and finishing up their profiles

01-27-11 - My Request thread is now in the
new art request sub-forum~ I'm doing some
updating on their profiles mainly because I
moved around my photobucket folder so I
had to change my links. I'll be adding some
more characters and working on finishing up
my current ones for their profiles. So expect to
see that soon. My avatar section will be almost
completely changed up as soon as I get around to it.

12-31-10 - New Years Eve~ Happy New
Years everyone. My sister gave me my
reference of Siren's Bane's last member.
Once I color her I'll finish up her profile.
Looking over my profiles there isn't one
thats complete. XD I'll be fixing that as soon
as I get some more art off of my To Do List.

11-02-10 - Day 2 of my re-decorating my
Request Thread. Basically anything in white
is still under construction. I'll be adding/changing
their profiles a bit but I have some other things to
do so I dont know how far I'll get.

11-01-10 - Today I shall be almost completely
re-doing my request thread. The biggest change
will be the addition of the Sirens Bane band members
and since they're new I'm doing their section first and
the rest will follow. Also Pairings and such will be listed
in their profiles now instead of a separate post. But this
will also take me several days to get it how I want it
because I have art and sewing to do. But I'm hoping to
have this all done by the end of the week or next week.

10-15-10 - Once I finish my October challenge I'm
going to fix up my request thread since its kind of
messy right now. I've just been adding it slowly so
you dont really notice how much better you can
make it. XD I will also have my main header up
and then slowly the profiles for Sirens Bane
will be up as well. So I'm basically going to
change a majority of this thread.

07-10-10 - I have a couple members of the Rival Band
and a couple of the Hospital staff designed thanks
to my doodle spree. XD But I might finish them up and
just change the poll. I'll also be changing some of the
things around on my thread to make more space and
to make it look more organized.

07/02/10 - Camillia will be featured as my first header
since she was first to 5 votes on the poll. Eventually
I'll do other headers and either switch every now and
then or do a random thing with them.
A new poll is up now this time its for which
direction I should go with my other characters.
So if you could help me decide that way
I'd appreciate it. This one will be for what I should
work on next (Well after I finish my current ones
like Lani and finish the rest) the ones left are more
like secondary characters. But here is a little
explanation for what I'm planning for each of those...

The Hospital Staff - I have a couple more doctors/nurses
and the ones in charge planned a little bit so far.
The Rival Band - They got a band name before
Jai’s band, they’re called Sirens Bane. They are a
group of 6 as well but they are the opposite gender wise.
Their vocalist is a Siren in my other story so I based the name off of that.
Family Members - Gwen & Jai’s kids, Lani’s sister,
Xavier’s brother, Some of their parents ones like that.
Other - Some of the people that arent really
important but mean something to one of my other characters.
An example would be someone who was like a father to Xavier
(Well more of a father than his father anyway).

Thanks Everyone~

04/19/10 - Setting up the rest of their profiles right now.
I'm just leaving some blank until I decide on what to
add there. Hopefully I'll have their pictures done soon.
I'm also fixing the thread up a bit. I just used a
divider I found on photo bucket. I'll probably
change it up a bit later.

04/10/10 - I haven't updated this in a while. XD
I have Stan and Xavier's pictures drawn so I
just have to color them now and set their
profiles up...then I'll still need Lani's
and then I'll have them all. ^-^

02/18/10 - I've finished a chibi of Xavier
but I'm not adding his profile until I have
Leander's profile finished. Because they have
something things that go together. Feel free to
draw him though, if you have any questions
about him just ask me. ^-^

02/09/10 - I finished Lani's profile and added some
random facts for everyone. And changed my featured
art piece to one I recently got. ^-^

01/18/10 - I'll be adding Lani's profile soon since I'm
almost done with her chibi. Its not hard to base it
off of a chibi right? I mean I could do it. XD

01/17/10 - So right now I have a basic design of all
of the remaining band members...well cept the last
one. But I'm working on that one, and currently I'm
working on a chibi picture of them. ^-^

12/17/09 - I'll be changing my thread name from
Medical Emergency to Medical Melody because
of all the band members I'll be adding. I wanted
something to symbolize the both of them so I'm
going with that. Be sure to vote on the poll so I
can start the main header when I get more time.

11/27/09 - Little Camillia's profile and profile picture is up. I'm still working on
her Details/Reference sheet. And maybe some for other characters as well.

11/15/09 - I'm going to be adding a new character to the list soon, I have her design all
ready but I have to draw her reference picture and type up her profile so
hopefully she'll be ready soon. ^-^ She'll be a member of Jai's band.

10/12/09 - Thread is Open but I'm still fixing it up/adding info
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    ✿ This one goes without saying but obey Gaia’s Rules and Play nice
    ✿ You dont need to read the About section but remember to read
    the Things to Remember section, its not too much there.
    ✿ Finished Art/WIP's/Requests may be PMed to me
    ✿ Don’t Quote the First page
    ✿ If I dont hear from you in a couple of months I'll cancel the trade.
    A simple update would be nice if you're busy or not going to get to it
    for a while. I understand how busy life can get but I just dont like to
    wonder if I'll ever get it.
    ✿ I don’t have much gold right now so auctions are kind of out of the
    question for me…but if there are freebies involved or you’d just like
    the company I’d gladly stop by. ^-^
    ✿ Shop Links Are accepted
    ✿ If you have any questions feel free to ask me

User Image

In case you're confused about this section, this is
where I'll put the ideas I come up with for what I'd like to see for some
pictures. Its also for who I'd like to see as well like currently I have alot
of Gwen so others would be preferred. Oh and of course Artistic Liberty
is always welcome, feel free to change up their outfits and such.

♪ - Sleeping/just waking up pictures of any of them
♪ - Xavier in a Steampunk Style picture or
a Darker picture where he's holding a Lantern
♪ - Karmella scaring Jezabell with a Lizard or Frog
♪ - A group picture with my Mains (Luka, Nikolai & Gwen)
♪ - Beach scene with Michelle and/or Sirahna

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Kira‘s Comments : These would be my main characters (Originally
Jai was considered one but I moved him so he could be with the rest of
his bandmates instead.) Luka is my primary main even though he
doesn't seem like it (He is just a patient after all where as Nikolai is
a Doctor) but the reason for this is that it was loosely based off of a
roleplay I did with my friend that I dont know if she lost interest or what
but I really wanted to continue it. Luka was the name of my character
and he was the patient but everything else (Like his appearance and
personality) I changed. The doctor (Nikolai) I had my sister
design/name for me so she took on that role and Gwen was
added because I wanted to make an assistant for Nikolai as well
as a female character. So the three of them had become my mains.

User Image
User Image
Name : Luka
Age : 25
Gender : Male
Hair Color : Dark Brown
Eye Color : Golden Brown
Reference Pictures : [Fullbody] - [Chibi] - [Gallery]
About : A patient of Nikolai's, he got into a car accident and ended up losing
his memory. Not having any form of id or knowing who he is, he ends up living with
Nikolai. They used to call him Number 157 because of the hospital room he was
assigned to but after moving in with Nikolai he forced him to pick a name for him so
he started calling him Luka. Luka loves to think of himself as a tough/badass guy
and dresses as such. He is also a huge fan of Regalion and especially Jai.
Things to Remember :
- Luka has a little curl that curls inward on the right side of his hair
- He loves silver chains and necklaces (Like crosses, dragons or things like that for
the design)

User Image
User Image
Name : Nikolai LaValle
Age : 28
Gender : Male
Hair Color : Light Blond
Eye Color : Blue with a line of Green in the center, Like the shade of a peacock feather.
Reference Pictures : [Fullbody] - [Gallery]
About : A well respected Doctor of Royal Crown Hospital, who doesn’t
trust many people but for the most part he is kind to his patients as well as
his friends. He'd always thought of Gwen as kind of like a sister to him and
would do anything for her even though he acts like she just annoys him. He
loves coffee, reading and tropical fish.
Things to Remember :
- He's almost always wearing a suit, he doesn't really do casual
- You could draw him with glasses on if ya like
- Any kind of doctor accessories would be nice

User Image
User Image
Name : Gwenivire Virendra
Age : 26
Gender : Female
Hair Color : Light Blonde (Brown Streaks)
Eye Color : Light/Ice Blue
Reference Pictures : [Fullbody] - [Gallery]
About : She is Nikolai's best friend as well as the Nurse that always works
with him. She actually was the reason Luka lives with Nikolai. She's very cheerful,
outgoing, spunky and optimistic. She is in love with Jai whom she believes is her soul
mate since she fell in love with him from the moment she met him. She loves shopping
and giving people nicknames.
Things to Remember :
- The streaks in her hair dont need to be there or could be any color
- Feel free to draw her in any kind of outfit
- Her hair is pretty much shoulder length maybe slightly longer

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Kira's Comments - Jai & Leander's band, Regalion (Pronounced Reh Gall Lee In).
The name is a combination of Regal and Scorpion two things that mean something to
each member. They are in order of when they were recruited. The best way for me
to describe the type of music they play would be like Sleep Isabella by Abney Park,
especially if Xavier has anything to say about it. But they also do
many different types/styles depending on which one wrote the song.
Typically though they mainly stick to rock style music so thats how
a majority of their songs are.

User Image
User ImageName : Jevonte Jiovanelli (Aka Jai Aquiiel)
Age : 27
Gender : Male
Eye Color : Emerald Green
Hair Color : Black (Red Tips)
Reference Pictures : [Fullbody] - [Gallery]
About : The Vocalist of Regalion, Leanders best friend and the heir of his father's
hotel chain. He was raised as nobility and pretty much always dresses as such.
He basically acts like a perfect gentleman, he's kind, caring and hates violence.
Leander is the reason why he dyed his hair and got a tattoo, his parents think that
Leander is a bad influence on Jevonte but they care about the both of them.
Things to Remember :
- He also wears his hair slicked back and/or in a ponytail
- He has a tattoo on his back that looks like angel wings but I dont
have a reference picture for that yet, soon I shall get around to it.
- I would love couple art of him and Gwenivire (Her profile is in the section above)

User Image
User Image
Name : Leander Kazan
Age : 28
Gender : Male
Eye Color : Green
Hair Color : Electric Blue (Naturally Blond)
Reference Pictures : [Headshot] - [Chibi] - [Gallery]
About : Leander is the Guitarist and the one that wanted to start the band.
The only members he himself recruited was Xavier and he kind of treats him like his
slave or teases him at times and his best friend Jai of course. He's very outgoing, wild
and loves to party. He pretty much acts like the boss of the band unless its something
difficult then its all Jai's band.
Things to Remember :
- His guitar would be either shaped like or have a design of a scorpion on it
- His hair could be more wavy than curly if thats easier for ya
- The shades can be on his head

User Image
User Image
Name : Lanicia Scarlett
Age : 26
Gender : Female
Eye Color : Brown
Hair Color : Red
Reference Pictures : [Chibi] - [Gallery]
About : The Bassist of Regalion, she also does back-up vocals and some duets
with Jai. She used to work at a casino run by her father until she met Jai. She
loves playing card games and games of chance.She is jealous of Gwen because
she believes that she stole Jai from her so the two of them dont get along that
well especially if Jai isn't around.
Things to Remember :
- She has a heart tattoo on her right (Your left) shoulder
- Her hair is really short in the back and has medium length eartails (The front part)
- She loves side skirts and revealing outfits

User Image
User Image
Name : Stanford Warren
Age : 30
Gender : Male
Hair Color : Brown (Blond tips)
Eye Color : Navy Blue
Reference Pictures : [Fullbody] - [Chibi] - [Gallery]
About : The Drummer of Regalion. He is fun loving and caring, he's the
older brother of Camillia and has pretty much raised her himself since she was
a baby. So the two of them are pretty close. He loves to make people laugh so
he usually has some kind of joke to tell and gets along pretty well with most anyone.
He will also try to cheer up anyone who's feeling sad.
Things to Remember :
- The shirt he's wearing (It says Drummer and has a picture
of a drum set) was made for him by Xavier
- He has three small hoop earrings on both ears
- He has a crush on Lani though she acts like she doesn't like him

User Image
User Image
Name : Xavier Ried
Age : 25
Gender : Male
Hair Color : Golden Auburn (Kind of an Orangey Blond but closer to Orange)
Eye Color : Light Grayish Blue (I forget the name of the color)
Reference Pictures : [Fullbody] - [Chibi] - [Gallery]
About : The keyboardist of Regalion. He is the bands manager as well as the
one who composes their music he also has his own repair shop called Technological.
He's kind of a jack of all trades and loves trying anything new, because he doesn't like
not having anything to do. His gear-like goggles are his glasses that he turned into
goggles, he wears them while driving or if he needs to see something far away.
Things to Remember :
- He has a slight tan and freckles
- He usually has some kind of gear or compass necklace on
- He love the Steampunk look so his outfits usually have something to do with gears
and such.

User Image
User Image
Name : Camillia Rashelle Warren (Aka Viola Veshia)
Age : 16
Gender : Female
Hair Color : Mahogany
Eye Color : Blue (Kind of a darker blue)
Reference Picture : [Main] - [Alt Outfit] - [Gallery]
About : Camillia is the violinist of Regalion. She is very shy except around her
brother Stanford whom she is very close to and their bandmates. She kind of has split
personalities, Her stage name is actually Viola for her normal shy self and Veshia for
her braver self because that’s the names her brother chose for both sides, but she’s
always introduced as Viola Veshia. Her brother usually calls Veshia just Vee.
Things to Remember :
- She pretty much always wears her black hair ribbon
- She usually has some kind of eye tattoo-ish design
- She doesn't really like to wear bright colors

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Kira‘s Comments : They are Regalion’s Rival they are the opposite Gender wise
being a band of mainly females. They too are a group of 6. They are also used in my
other story in which they are all some kind of creature/monster thing, so that’s why their
appearance is a little different (Or more fantasy based). You’re more that welcome to
draw them as what they are in my other story since they are practically the same
anyway. Sirens Bane sings darker (I can't think of the other words to describe it
right now) songs kind of like a mix between these songs...TnT for the Brain - Enigma,
The Siren - Nightwish, Beware - Xandria and Enae Volare Mezzo - Era.
Basically they dont usually sing ultra happy songs about love and such unless
it has a darker theme. Sometimes they go for a Tropical
(Or like a Desert/Egyptian style) theme for their music as well.

User Image
User ImageName : Sirahna
Age : 30
Gender : Female
Hair Color : Turquoise
Eye Color : Purple-ish Blue
Reference Pictures : [Waist-up] - [Gallery]
About : The Lead Singer of Sirens Bane. She is headstrong, playful, sly and seductive.
She has a strong bond with Vilmos whom she practically raised since he was a child,
and Michelle whom has been like a sister to her. But she is also motherly towards all
of her bandmates being the oldest even though she looks younger than she is.
She loves anything tropical or related to water.
Things to Remember :
- She usually has some kind of tropical flower or lily in her hair
- You can also draw her as a mermaid/siren if ya like (She's one in my other story) and
if you do that her fins should be either purple, blue or aqua.
- Any kind of tropical accessories would be nice for her

User Image
User ImageName : Vilmos Silvas
Age : 21
Gender : Male
Hair Color : Black with Red and White
Eye Color : Aqua
Reference Pictures : [Waist-up] - [Chibi] - [Gallery]
About : The Guitarist of Sirens Bane. He's extremely loyal to and protective of Sirahna.
He loves fighting (Especially for Sirahna) and has somewhat of a self destructive nature
(Partly because of a disease he has) so alot of times he has some kind of injury.
Things to Remember :
- His left (The right as you look at him) eye is always either covered by his hair or by
some kind of eye patch because he's partially blind in that eye.
- His tattoo on his arm is a black snake with red claw-like stripes that wraps around
his arm and the fangs must be showing. The spaced part the snake has like red
gashes inbetween it. (He's a snake-like creature in my other story)
- He usually wears a chain bracelet kind of like this cept the plate part is thinner and longer.

User Image
User ImageName : Jezabell Aminte
Age : 22
Gender : Female
Hair Color : Black and Pale Blue
Eye Color : Pale Blue (Her eyes are mainly all blue the
white part is a really really light blue)
Reference Pictures : [Waist-up] - [Chibi] - [Gallery]
About : She has a younger brother name Zaine whom she is very close to and
protective of and the two of them were adopted by a nobleman named Zavieros
when they were little. She loves Dragonflies, Windchimes and Flowers.
She is kind, strong and has a very curious nature.
Things to Remember :
- On her side buns the part around it is her hair wrapped around them
- The feather looking things on her head she uses as kind of like a Moth
antennae and match her hair, they have pale blue tips.
- She always has some kind of Dragonfly design or accessory on her

User Image
User ImageName : Karmella Desralii
Age : 18
Gender : Female
Hair Color : Lilac with Pink tips (Her hair is
naturally Light Brown though)
Eye Color : Brown
Reference Pictures : [Waist-up] - [Chibi] - [Gallery]
About : The Drummer of Sirens Bane, her Drums look like cupcakes and other sweets.
She's a hyper and sweet girl with a mischievous side who acts kind of childish at times.
She loves Sweets, Snacks and Fruit and usually dresses with one of those as her
outfit theme or sometimes Floral. She loves to tease Jezabell because she knows she's
afraid of Frogs and Lizards even though the two of them are pretty close.
Things to Remember :
- Her Outfits are always Themed (Styles are mentioned above)
- Her hair is kind of curly when its down
- I would love a picture of her with this kind of expression, maybe even the hair too

User Image
User ImageName : Guisto Novalla
Age : 15
Gender : Male
Hair Color : Sandy Blond
Eye Color : Blue
Reference Pictures : [Waist-up] - [Chibi] - [Gallery]
About : Guisto is a bit shy around others but almost always speaks his mind.
His parents are overly protective of him, especially his mom. And being the youngest
his parents usually call, stop by or watch over him while he's with the band. He has a
fascination with stars and the sky and not just because its pretty much a family thing.
Things to Remember :
- His left (Your right) eye always has a black star facepaint/tattoo-ish thing over it
because its kind of a family tradition. He also has kind of like a crack or like how
real lightning looks down the other eye, which is black.
- He loves to cut his outfits up to stitch them back together so most of his outfits
have some kind of stitching on it

User Image
User ImageName : Michelle Korina
Age : 23
Gender : Female
Hair Color : White with Black Tips
Eye Color : Light Green
Reference Pictures : [Fullbody] - [Gallery]
About : The Keyboardist of Sirens Bane, her keyboard is made up of many different
Seashells. Michelle is Sirahna's best friend and they both share a love of things related
to Water, her major love being Seashells and Killer Whales. She's usually pretty quiet,
sharp and quick to voice her opinion whether is nice or not.
Things to Remember :
- If her outfit is too complex you can draw her in a kind of ruffly sundress
and a sun hat with a seashell somewhere on it. And maybe some kind of
seashell necklace as well.

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User Image

I mainly want art of my OC’s but I like Avatar art as
well so if that’s better/easier for you then that’s fine by me.
So here are a couple avatars that I’d like drawn.
(Avatar on Top and Info on the Bottom)

- Some Fast Info -
Unless its obvious that they‘re not, my eyes are usually Golden Brown
I like the Slit Demon/Cat Eyes (Especially if its one of the Evil or Cat type avatars)
Weapons are always optional
Wings are always loved
If you ever don’t know what an item they have on is feel free to ask me

User Image

User ImageUser Image
Theme : Couple or Single
Pose/Picture Ideas : Sitting back to back, flying or just any
kind of cute interaction.
Notes : My current avi and one of my mule accounts (I wanted
a male one so I used one of my auction accounts as one). His hairclips
I'd rather it like colored hair instead of clips. She has little turquoise wings
from the Lovebird Plush item.

User Image
Theme : Snow Fairy
Pose/Picture Ideas : Flying, Holding Ice or
Snowflakes, Anything wintry.
Notes : I'd like the eyes to have really
light pupils and not black. Also I want kind
of an Icy look about her. Also there is a white
bow on the back of her head and she has
really light purple skin and purple lipstick.

User Image
Theme : Darkness Queen
Pose/Picture Ideas : Mischievous, Sly/Evil Grin,
Sipping the drink, Annoyed with the sleeves getting
in the way. I'd like a darker theme for this one.
Notes : Black, Red or Purple Lipstick is
preferred. The sleeves are really long and I'd like
the Blue eye to be Purple instead. Also I'm wearing a
side skirt from the Seracila Pendant but the sleeves
dont really let much of it show. XD The hair showing
at the top is optional but spiky pigtails are always
awesome. ^-^

User Image
Theme :
Pose/Picture Ideas : Kind of the same ideas as the
one above, Mischievous-ish looking. Maybe pulling her
hood down a bit while glaring up from it.
Notes : I would like her eyes to be glowing yellow.

I also have more avatars Here if you'd rather one of those.

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User Image

I wont kill you if you don’t fill it out but it is preferred,
well not for freebies. ^-^ And for art trades you can
just post some samples and we can discuss the rest.

[b]Username :[/b]
[b]Samples :[/b]
[b]Willing to Draw :[/b]
[b]Prices :[/b]
[b]Anything else you‘d like to say? :[/b]

Username : I think you’d be able to figure this one out. XD
Samples : Couple of samples of your art, you can just link me to your gallery if you‘d rather.
Willing to Draw : What would you like to draw for me. My OC (if so which one(s) ) or Avatar Art?
Prices : How much would it cost? Or perhaps this will be an Art Trade?
Anything else you‘d like to say? : ….You don’t have to write anything here if you don’t want to. XD

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I can also do art trades if you’d rather or if I‘m
running low on funds, just add that where it says pricing
on the Form so I know you want to do an art trade instead.
Also be sure to write what you’d like me to draw maybe
in the “Anything else” space as well as the type we‘d be doing.
Like a Chibi, Waist-up, ect. I’ll draw for you what you draw for
me unless your art is way better than mine then make me an offer, ‘kay? ^-^

Samples of my art can be found at these locations =
Photobucket - Mainly Avatar Art (Sorted my Style)
- MS Paint - My Usual Style - SAI - Sketches -
My dA - Mainly has Fanart/OC‘s

Or you can check out my art shop -
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Here is a list of the people I'm currently commissioning. ^-^

[Username/Page #/Drawing/Type/Status]
None ATM

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Well since bumpers and stuff help keep the thread alive and I’d love the company,
I’ve decided to give away some freebies here as well.
So lets see….what should the conditions be?

I'll give away art for Pages 40, 99 and 157

Art for page 157 will be a MS Paint Chibi like this....
User Image

Or maybe randomly to regulars if I have free time.

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________________________- Freebie Pick-up -

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Reserved for Future Info (Most likely Niko and Gwen's Co-workers and/or extra characters)
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Reserved for my OC's Family Members

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