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No problem dear. ^^
It took some time but she know everything about it now. Still calls me when something is wrong with the computer and asks me to come over.

Thank you. I am hopefully going to find something I like. Need new things! (such a typical "I never have enough cloths" girl)

Indeed. Which is why I am hopefully going to stick with this thread for a long long time.
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                oh? what do you wanna switch to? o;

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You and your mom are going to look at your new art shop together? Sounds so hot and interesting!

I' m doing fine, nice new thread layout by the way.
I'm just on Gaia, selling junk in the marketplace, and lurking around in the forums. 8DD

@sun xD: Your art in your signature is so cute! omfg crying

                xD thankss

That's good to hear!
It' s okay, your mom might not be good w/ technology.

Girls love shopping & I know how it feeels.
I love sovenuirs.

Well, I hope so. So it can be your permanent art request thread.
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Shameless Conversationalist

Did you fill up your old thread? X3
sun xD
I am thinking about switching to Baker. So unusual. XD
Shopping is amazing.
I ended up not buying anything this time except some things so I can make pizza for us for dinner.
D e l i r i o u s
I want to say yes but I switch-ed because I got sick of the other one.
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Shameless Conversationalist


Ahh, that's understandable. You change threads like I change avatars, <33


I'd hate appear like I'm jumping down your throat, but not all girls love shopping. Well, I guess that's half true. I hate clothes shopping but I love shopping for tech stuff.
D e l i r i o u s
If there is something I love more than shopping for cloths, is to shop for things to bake with or to cook with.
Love being in the kitchen. ^^

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