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Thank you! (:
heart heart
/waves back surprised heart

How are you guuuurl? heart
sun xD's avatar


                aww; i fell asleep really early yesterday too x3
                school always wears me out easy

i especially like the centaur hooves xD
I am doing wonderful!
Waiting for my mom to come over to my house. We are going to look at this one new shop together. ^^

How are you my love?
sun xD
Same here. But I am just trying to get used to school again. First time in many years that I am in school.
Also thinking about switching to another study.
You and your mom are going to look at your new art shop together? Sounds so hot and interesting!

I' m doing fine, nice new thread layout by the way.
I'm just on Gaia, selling junk in the marketplace, and lurking around in the forums. 8DD

@sun xD: Your art in your signature is so cute! omfg crying
a mouthful of toast
Thank you.
-giggles- Not art shop, and not even here on Gaia.
Don't think my mom would be interesting in Gaia or know how to use it. I had to teach her to use FB.

Just some store that opened near were I live.

Thank you. Took me forever to make the thread.
Oh, sorry about the confusion! It was my misunderstanding! /hides fayc redface
Laugh out loud, you're a good daughter teaching your mother how to use Facebook.

I hope the store looks pleasant to you! Enjoy your stay there! heart

I know, making a thread is a lot of hard work and very difficult task. ;_____;

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