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.It's In the Ayr.
"I was somewhere else before I came here."
--- Quote from Ayr by Kiddlet

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I'm looking for art / writing of my elven mage from the Dragon Age universe. For those of you who are familiar with the game / tabletop RPG... ******** yeah. He's a primal mage who uses brawling specialization as opposed to a staff. For those who aren't here is the DA wiki if you're interested.

Also kind of looking for art of the other characters.


I have some gold and some RL money. Not a boatload of either but enough to get me some fairly decent art. Just offer and I'll tell you if I can't afford it; it's not that I don't think your art is worth it I just have real life bills and things.

.Offering Art / Writing.

I've decided to use forms for offering because I really like how clear they make everything. Even if you are offering RL please fill one out! <3

If you need some ideas for poses:

He loves frogs, fat ones in particular.
He can use magic. (esp. fire, ice, lightning)
He loves reading.
He can be drawn with short or long hair [See Completed Art for examples]

Some things that could be written about:
He hunted Maleficar with the Templars.
He helped search for a set of religious scrolls with a small team from the Circle.
Maybe something in the character history?
Romance between any characters. (IndyxAnnis, SterlingxAyr, SterlingxAnnis, ect,)

You can click on the picture by each character's profile for a quick reference sheet including proper colors.

.Table of Contents.

-Character Information-
-Completed Art-
-Other Characters-
-Other Character Art-
-Group Art-


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.For the Thread.

1 - Don't PM me unless it has to do with RL commissions
2 - You don't need to quote me unless you are responding to something specific


.For Offering Art.

1 - No links to a shop
2 - Specific examples / No Galleries
3 - Post the price of what you are offering / I don't want to bribe
4 - Post images under a link
5 - Please use the form

[color=#00becc][size=14][b][u].HAY SABY.[/u][/b][/size]
[size=9][b]I want to draw:[/b] (Who you want to draw)
[b]It will be:[/b] (Lineart, CG, ect.)
[b]In this size:[/b] (Fullbody, waist up, ect.)
[b]Looking kind of like:[/b] (Samples)
[b]It will cost:[/b] (List the prices of what you offered)[/size]


.For Offering Writing.

[color=#00becc][size=14][b][u].HAY SABY.[/u][/b][/size]
[size=9][b]I want to write:[/b] (short story, poem, ect)
[b]It will be around:[/b] (2 pages, 800 word, ect.)
[b]The story will be about:[/b] (Ayr catching frogs, Ayr and Sterling love)
[b]Written kind of like:[/b] (Samples)
[b]It will cost:[/b] (150k, 50k / page, ect)[/size]

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.Character Information.

.Basic Information.

Name: Ayr
Race: Elf (half-elf)
Age: 17 – 22
Height / Weight: 5'2'' / 110lbs
Origin: Alienage (Denerim)
Residence: Circle Tower (Ferelden)
Class: Mage (Primal) / Brawler (Martial Arts)
Religion: Undetermined / Likes both aspects of the Qun and Andrastian faith
Likes: Books, Being Alone, Naps, Sweets, Stories of Adventure, Frogs, Lakes
Dislikes: Confrontation, Talking about himself, Blood Magic
Key Traits: Unlucky, Can't Swim, Can Sleep Anywhere


Ayr never lets the evils of the world get to him. Whether it's in someone's past or the world around him it doesn't seem to bother him. He expects good things from everyone and thinks that no matter what someone has done they can change for the better. He often doesn't comprehend the amount of danger he's in partly because of his naivete. He has socialization issue from spending so much time away from the world and from constantly distancing himself from others; he speaks, for the most part, only when spoken to.

Despite his aversion to others Ayr does like to tell stories. He's read many books and loves regaling the details of adventures as if they were his own. He talks excitedly and uses wild hand gestures to entertain any who are listening. The only stories Ayr hates to tell are ones that actually do involve him.


Ayr is short, even a little short for an elven woman. His body is very slim, toned, and similar to that of a young female gymnast. His skin is naturally pale but the sun tans him instead of burning him. His hair is black and currently unevenly cut short in the back with chin length bangs. It was once long, reaching past his shoulder blades when up in a high ponytail, but he got it caught in a tree during a battle and he had to cut off the ponytail with a dagger. He hasn't done anything with it since. His eyes are bright aqua and large making him look younger than he is and taking down any intimidation he may have garnered from being a mage.

He likes to wear shortened mage robes in blue and grey with tight legging like knee length pants. He replaced his Circle symbol belt buckle with one bearing the Templar heraldry to show his support for what they do. He hates shoes and prefers to be barefoot when the weather allows.


Ayr was born in the Denerim Alienage to a young elf who worked as a servant in the city. She was raped one day while working in the Arl of Denerim's estate and became pregnant. She was constantly depressed and Ayr's birth did nothing to help her. She refused to touch her child and barely even looked at him. Ayr only spoke to her once; she simply turned to the caretaker of the orphanage and said “keep that awful thing away from me”. Ever since then Ayr avoided contact and conversation with anyone, playing quietly by himself with what few toys they had or even venturing on to rooftops and city walls to watch the hustle and bustle of the Denerim Marketplace.

When he was nine he cast a spell to warm the other orphan's bowls of soup and not long after some Templar came and took him to the Circle. He was gifted in primal magic, managed to learn some basic creation spells, but was clumsy with a staff. In order to keep his teacher from being disappointed in him he studied a style of fighting he found in a book about Silent Sisters and another he found in an Orlesian book about acrobat fighters. He used this hand to hand style and infused it with the magic he knew not only impressing the Enchanter but also a couple of Templar. The other apprentices were less than happy with his favor, however, and they stopped even attempting to make conversation, not that he would speak to them for long, deciding to switch to mean jeers or silence.

He was sixteen when Irving asked him to complete the harrowing. It was unbelievably quick. Ayr had a much more Templar state of mind than a mage one and though the demon tried to deceive him by playing as one of the other mages who had not been able to complete the Harrowing Ayr simply told him “It is not my fault you were not strong enough.” The demon attempted to take the body by force and after a hard battle Ayr slew it.

During the beginning of the Blight, when he was 18, Ayr went with a knight from Redcliff and a Templar to find the 'Urn of Sacred Ashes'. Unfortunately while he was out bathing darkspawn attacked the camp and killed his companions. Instead of returning (he didn't know his way back) he pressed forward with determination. He got lost in the Frostback Mountains for a week and a half before he was found by two hunters.

Theme Song: Very Good Advice - Kathryn Beaumont
Long Hair Reference: [Here]
.Completed Art.

.Headshot / Bust.

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.Thigh-Up / Fullbodies.

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.Who Did the Art.

Headshot / Bust

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Stories with a heart are ones that portrayed the characters particularly well.

.Current Excerpt.

Happily Ever After by BouncyPickle

One of Ayr's favorite stories will always be the Princess and the Frog. The heroin of the tale kisses the green amphibian in an act of desperation, praying that it turn into a charming prince. It does. Such magic and romance, and not to mention plump squishy frogs, had instantly captured the young half-elf's imagination. At night in the silent circle tower he would read the stories out loud and his normally quiet voice would ring with excitement. He always believed in happy endings.

So when his lover left him alone and cold in the dead of night, with no explanation more than a quiet “Goodbye...” Ayr held onto his hope. He caught the frog with ease, years of practice really add up, and readied himself. In an act of desperation, he prayed the the frog would turn into the one he cared so much about so they could live happily ever after. When his plump lips kissed the rough skin of the round, oblivious creature nothing happened. He begged it too turn into his 'prince'.

It didn't.

.Completed Writing.

Belonging by BouncyPickle ♥
50 Words by Me D: ♥
50 Sentence Set by Kiddlet ♥
Silence by Grammer Hammer
Beach Day by AlwaysSmiling
Frogs by sachi desu ♥
Meeting by Kiddlet
Sentence Set pt. 2 by Kiddlet ♥
Blood Bonding by xisney ♥♥
Their Passage by xisney ♥♥
Elven Music by Je sais vous
A Homecoming by xisney ♥♥
Separated on the Battlefield by xisney ♥♥
The Prince and the Traveller by xisney ♥♥

.Other Characters.
This is how the characters get along.


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Name: Indiellan (Indy)
Race: Elf (Dalish)
Age: 25
Height: 5'4''
Origin: Dalish Clan (Korcari Wilds)
Residence: Circle Tower (Ferelden)
Class: Archer / Priest
Religion: Andrastian
Likes: Being outside, Elven Music, Silver Jewlery
Dislikes: Dwarven Ale
Key Traits: One with Nature, Faithful, Songstress
[Full Profile]


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Name: Annis Wulff
Race: Human
Age: 28
Height: 5'7''
Origin: West Hills (Ferelden)
Residence: Circle Tower (Ferelden)
Class: Mage (Entropy / Spirit)
Religion: Agnostic
Likes: Meditation, Nectars
Dislikes: Revelry, Apostates, Children
Key Traits: Once Noble
[Full Profile]


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Name: Sterling Carteret
Race: Human
Age: 25
Height: 6'1''
Origin: Llomerryn (Rivain)
Residence: Circle Tower (Ferelden)
Class: Templar / Fighter (Swashbuckler)
Religion: Believes in Seers (No formal religion)
Likes: Booze, Women, Dogs, Cards
Dislikes: The Cold, Authority
Key Traits: Silver Tongue, Cheater
[Full Profile]
.Other Character Art.


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.Group Art.

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Raurc has a temporary home here until my sister sets up her request. ~
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.Basic Information.

Name: Raurc Ar Eostre O Oakholde
Race: Human
Age: 20
Height: 5'10"
Origin: Frostback Mountains (Ferelden)
Residence: Clan Oakholde (Frostback Mountains)
Class: Rogue (Dual Wielder / Archer)
Religion: Avvar Deities (Pagan)
Likes: Nature, Dogs, Elven Relics, Carpentry, His Brother
Dislikes: Duty
Key Traits: Hunter, Can Build Anything


Raurc was rebellious and temperamental in his teen years. He talked back to his mother, was very outspoken against the clan, and was generally difficult to deal with. After spending time away and alone he calmed down, accepted his fate, and became fairly serious. He accepts his duty without complaint and rarely talks back when he disagrees. He prefers to remain silent if it can be helped. There are times when his passion comes through, either when he really loves something or really hates it.


Raurc is average height and has the body of a runner from his hunting. His hair is dark gold and almost wire-y in the way it sticks up. It's a little shorter on the sides than the top but it's barely noticeable. His eyes are somewhat cat-like and a bright copper color. He's usually very serious looking.

He wears fur lined coats and boots with bits of feathers here and there. He dresses a bit like a barbarian but still has pants and tailored shirts from his time in a freeman village and wears them despite their thin fabric.


Raurc was born to Eostre, a beautiful warrior and leader of the clan Oakholde. He was her oldest son and felt the pressure of his imminent rise to leader his whole life. As a child he was alright, he listened to his parents and learned how to hunt and fish, but as he got older he fought against his role more and more. He had a knack for creating things out of wood, whether it be for art or purpose, and wasted his time whittling little figures and playing in the woods. As he reached his teen years he talked back, brought back small or useless game from hunting, and spent his free time with the women knitting and cooking simply to make his mother angry.

The harder he fought the harder he was pushed into his duties. When he became a man at sixteen he was arranged to marry one of the girls who had been groomed to be a leader as well and in one last rebellious act he left to live in a freeman village. He spent his time there as a carpenter and lived his life how he pleased, having short flings with girls, drinking all the time, and occasionally getting in trouble for vandalism and theft. It only took two years for him to get tired of it all. He calmed down, lost interest in random sexual encounters or even long term relationships and booze. After another year he missed his brother and mother more than anything and returned to his clan to accept his fate.

He was only back for a year when he and his brother encountered Ayr lost in the woods searching aimlessly for some old urn. Using any excuse to be away from his clan and his new fiancé he agreed to help the elven mage. In the few months they were searching Raurc fell in love with Ayr. His mother threatened that if he left the clan this time he wouldn't be allowed to return. He left anyway.

While Ayr was attempting to get permission to leave the circle. Raurc's brother Brys was kidnapped by slavers and Raurc left Ayr to save him. By the time he made it back to the circle Ayr was gone, having finally been assigned something outside the circle and Raurc hasn't seen him since.


.Links In.

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.Links Out.

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Versatile Genius

Hmm, I wonder do you have a description of his outfit too?
Or your giving artistic freedom?
Just asking, I think the elf+mage idea is good ^_^

gah stupid me, let me rephrase that:
"Do you also let them throw in ideas for the outfit?"
there xD

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