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All De Pics of them shown in this is drawn by Kei-yo
Hello, welcome to my request thread!
In here you'll find my OCs.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask! (・∀・*)

Current Funds: ????
( I don't like saying my funds outloud due to previous charging MUCH higher just because I had a lot of funds. So, just post your art and how much you charge, then we can go from there. Just know I have gold. )

I like:
Almost Everything

HEADSHOTS GJBSBG ( and by that I mean you literally draw a floating head )

Failure to notify their details will result me in being a crabby pants.

We can also art trade if you like!:

If any of my OCs interest you, just post your samples and your price and we can go from there! I CAN DO ART TRADES
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Name: Congee
Age: 15
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Race: Animal Human ( So he's a mutant )
Height: 5"4
Occupation: Goes to school
Personality: Shy and doesn't like to talk unless you're the one talking to him. He can be happy just as much as he can sad.

Short Bio: He was born into a casual/rich family. At a young age, he was already used to being alone. Even though with that statement, he still shows a kind heart to anyone he can try to be nice to. Lacking the ability to have self-confidence, he often insults himself rather feel proud of his capabilities.

Extra notes:
*He loves sweets, but hates chocolate. ( White chocolate is okay though )
*He is scared of the dark.
*His sheep plush is a stuffed animal, not an actual sheep.
*He is a flexible character, so feel free to draw him manly, shota, doesn't matter. Just any way you can interpret him!

Reference: Here

Most of his art here: Baaaaa

His other side
Congee has a dark side too. His darker side is much more cruel, has an a little obsession with blood and likes poisonous sweets. :'D
His attraction to guys is much more shown in his dark side, rather than in his normal side where he usually is attracted to girls more, but isn't limited to guys.

Sample drawing of his dark side: Oh yummy organs ( art is by iZince )
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Name: X-223
Age: 321974354 Years old.
Sexual Orientation: doesn't know/You can imagine one up.
Race: Classified
Height: 5"7
Gender: You can imagine one? Just if you decide girl, it will be flat chested. For the sake of the Bio though, I will refer X-223 as a guy.
Occupation: Captive.
Personality: Very loud. But Obedient and can be dangerous if angered.

Short Bio: When he was a child, his two eyes became useless when they were pierced by two arrows puncturing them both. Even before then, both his parents abandoned him due to his freakish appearance his inability to be liked by anyone. He growth is very slow, hence why he is so old but still manages to retain a very young look. X-223 was then captured by someone who now is keeping him captive in a cage in their bedroom. The person has refused to reveal their name, and torments X-223 in many ways such as feeding him his parents once in different body parts, starving him until he goes berserk for food, and forcing him to believe that the cage he is locked in is his only safe haven anywhere. Yet the person is also very gentle and sometimes cares for X-223 in many different ways.

Extra notes:
* Note for his reference;
* His eyes are suppose to be empty eye sockets. If You cannot draw that, simply draw dark eyes with no pupils.
* He can't talk. He uses Growls and clicks or simply stays silent and communicates by either pointing or violent acting.
*His hands are just human hands with claws.
*His master is forever unnamed and doesn't have a face. If needed, you can make up a picture portraying the master yourself.

His reference: Here

More of his art: Growlllll
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Name: Airo Redi ( Ai-ro Ri-di )
Age: 26
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Human
Height: 6"5
Gender: Male
Occupation: Gun/Weapons Specialist
Personality: Quiet. Doesn't like to talk unless its needed of him. He gets emotional if you ask him about his scar.

Short Bio: He is rarely seen without his mask. He only takes it off when he is with friends. He got a scar on his left eye when he was little due to him accidentally shooting himself with a BB gun. That scar left him unable to fit in around where he lived, which is why he gets so emotional talking about it. His scarf is a bulletproof scarf. He has very few friends, one of them being Congee which he doesn't get to see too often. He hates showing his face to anyone he doesn't know too well.

Notes for both references:
*Scarf does not need to be that long. ( You're free to arrange the length as you please. )
*You're allowed to draw whatever weapon you want on him. (I'm srs. e ____ e the gun is just a base if you dunno what to draw )
*He just stares coldly down into your soul.
*He. Doesn't. Smile. EVER.
*He has fond fatherly love towards Congee. You can draw them together if you like.

Reference: Without mask
With Mask

More art of him: Hopppp
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Name: Monty Grave
Age: 20
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Race: Demon
Height: 6"1
Gender: Male
Occupation: Underground Painter
Personality: Outgoing and very nice to people, but always has a smirk/smug look until it is his feeding time/Painting time. Then his personality changes to very serious and irritated if anyone disturbs him. Loves talking to people to see which one can be his next meal.

Short bio: He is a demon that is feeds differently from others. He paints/draws the person he wants to devour. Once he is finished the person's soul is removed from them and then transferred into the painting, then it is transferred to his brush/pencil as he licks to tip of the brush/pencil to eat the soul. He only chooses souls with the most dark or purest souls that can satisfy him fully. Due to his sexual orientation, he chooses mostly men and sometimes woman. Once the human is empty of his/her soul, Monty uses their body to feed other demons.
He has very little attachment to anyone, and prefers to go his own pace, as he believes attachment to something will just slow him down and his artistic skill.

His Reference: Here

More art of him: Splashhhh
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Name: Vancex G. Riziakal ( Van-cix G. Re-zi-kal )
Age: 2000+
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Human
Height: 6"5
Gender: Male
Occupation: Servant
Personality: Humble, Protective of Master, Extremely Bias to certain things, stoic.

Short Bio:
Vancex was born as a servant and always a servant. His bloodline, dating back long ago was trained to protect and obey only the Kiyuel family. That being said, Vancex takes his position seriously and will go to any lengths to protect Hirelic. It isn't of his will to do so, but more so from commands from Hirelic and his dad, who used to be by Hirelic's side until he died. Vancex understands that Hirelic is the last of his species, and therefore spends most of his time with him trying to make the best memories with him before he must depart from the Earth. He has very few desires for his well being and when going into battle, often risks his life more than it is needed.

Melody of Accarezzévole: His voice is his weapon. He is capable of physical attacks, but he first soothes the opponent into a state of despair where they feel hopelessness and eventually just give up trying to land a hit on him. Then he gets out a treble clef shaped dagger and stabs the user right in the heart. The dagger, which at the very tip of it has a special poison where it gives the user the feeling of Euphoria right before they die. This is because Vancex doesn't want to anyone to feel sad when they die.

Gaudioso of Death: This is done with his voice when he sings one note in a sustained tone, very loudly. Everything in the radius of where they can hear even the slightest pitch of his voice falls into an eternal sleep. They are stuck in their "Wonderland" until the end of time. Vancex rarely uses this, and the consequences takes a toll on his body.

How his voice suppose to sound
Another Example of his voice
**This is actually あぶらん's voice

Entire outfit
Him singing
His hair

More art of him: Masterr
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Name: Hirelic Y. Kiyuel
Age: 3000+
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Vampire (Homo Wampyrus Chiroptera)
Height: 6"2
Gender: Male
Occupation: Master
Personality: Elegant and Polite. He rarely frowns.

Short Bio:
Born form the Royal linage, HIrelic was always used to the scene of maids and butlers from the time he was a toddler. When he first met Vancex in his teen years ( around 1700 years old ) , Hirelic didn't trust him at all. But then as he grew older, he realized Vancex would be the only one by his side when all of the other maids and butlers died of old regular human age. He realized that in the end, Vancex would be the only one who would ever know about his death since his species is so secluded from others. He is okay with this fact, but rarely lets Vancex out of his sight because he is "his lover."

Musical Talent: Much like Vancex, Hirelic also has abilities musically but he uses instruments instead. He is musically talented in playing The Violin, Cello, Viola, Guitar, and Piano.

Poison: Hirelic doesn't actually fight himself, but uses his snake named Poison to attack. Since he seldom has to fight at all, his snake Poison is more of a defense mechanism in case Vancex is unable to continue to battle.

Blood Diffusion: If needed, Hirelic can always suck the blood of the opponent. This is a instant kill, because he injects Z blood in replacement, while sucking up the enemy's blood. Z Blood is his own blood, a type that only his family of lineage can only handle in their blood system. If injected into anyone else's, then they slowly liquify from the inside.

Extra notes:
*He's a very lonely person, so making him cry, lonely, sad expression but with a smile is okay.
*He only frowns whenever Vancex doesn't listen to him.

How his voice is suppose to sound
**This is 宮さん's voice.


More art of him: Masterrr

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Name: Hue Noir
Age: 17
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Human ( Questionable )
Height: 6"0
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student
Personality: Creepy a** smile, always cheerful and laughing..while killing. Likes to scratch the skin around where his eyes are, so he wears a mask to stop himself.

Short Bio:
Hue was already mentally unstable from a young age. Although he lives with his parents, he was forced into the basement with strong wires wrapped around his arm so he is incapable of moving. Having very little to absolutely no fear of loneliness, he stays here because of his own will, not because he is forced to. Hue is strong enough to break the wires anytime he wants to. He usually does it on Halloween, where he will bring his chainsaw along with him and cut up children who wander too far from their parents. Rumors call him the "Child Eater". He strictly believes no matter how innocent children seem, they will always have evil beneath them.

Please please please do not draw the fox tail. PLEASE DON'T. JUST THE MASK.

Him with the mask
Without the mask
with the chainsaws

More art of him: Bloooood
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Avatar request: [ priority atm ]

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Please draw my OC covered in blood, guts, or internal organs. A+ points if he has drool coming out of his mouth because the blood and gore turns him on.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Shun
no bio yet but feel free to draw him if you want LMAO
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wahh okay i'm done now SOBS FINALLY (´ ▽`)
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o-oh i hope that isn't a lot to read oh well ┐(‘~`;)┌
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okay gonna go out to eat by myself because that's what all workers do wwww
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I ate some Pasta
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Someone asked in my workplace today if I was a boy or girl and I told them neither, I'm an alien (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

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