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Some random things over here; random stories, layouts, requests that are on hold etc.
“That's how we do it“

Written by Viperface

Jitoj leaned over his book, face about two centimeters away from the page. Per usual, the set jaw of determination framed his face, and his tongue wiggled about his lip.

“Why are you reading? You know this is a club, right?” Yelled a cocky voice from behind Jitoj.

Jitoj looked up. “I do know that.”

Bis pinched the bridge of his nose. “Dude. You’re telling me that you’re at a club, and you’re not drunk or picking up drunk chicks?”

“I’m not doing either of those, I’m reading. Ever tried it?”

“Hardee har har snicker snack paddy whack shut the hell up.”

Jitoj blinked.

Bis reached into his pocket and slammed a twenty on the table. “I bet, even though I’m already kinda drunk, that I could beat you at a drinking game, mister…” The redhead paused for a moment; scanning Jitoj for something he could make fun of, “…mister feather-butt.”

Jitoj made a little outraged noise. “Fine then, horny.”

“That’s what your mom said last night.”

A small crowd of groupies who were now gathering tittered over Bis’ epic burn.

“What are the terms of your game, Bis?”

“I win, I get the twenty bucks and you have to make me a feather headband. I lose, you can have the twenty.”


The two sat at a small table, and they stared at eachother coldly from their opposing barstools.

“Ready? Like, set and go!” cried an obnoxious bartender from behind the bar.
At that annoying cue, they were off. Both were pounding drinks, and the shot glasses piled up behind them.

“You’re – “ Gulp! “Slowing – “ Gulp! “Dooooown!” Gulp.

Gulp! “You – “ Gulp! “Smell – “ Gulp! “Awfuuuuul!”
You could almost feel the heat from the death glares they were shooting each other between drinks.

“When I wear that headband you’re gonna make me, I’m gonna do my – “ Bis turned a sickly shade of green. The succubus slowly turned his head to the right…then projectile vomited. Chunks spewed, even bits of it reaching the bar, which was impressive but really disgusting.

The entire club was silent for a moment. Even the music had stopped.

“Oh my god. That guy beat Bis.”

Jitoj stood, swaying dangerously. “And thatttt…” He cried, slurring and flailing his arms around, his feathers smacking into onlookers, “Ish how we do eeeet!” Fwomp. Jitoj, while he had not puked, had now fallen face down. Yes, he had passed out cold.

Someone took the courtesy of taping the twenty dollar bill to his head as everyone went back to dancing and partying, leaving him on the floor and Bis hunched over his stool, quietly sulking.

“The Princess and the Dragon”

Also written by Viperface

Above them, the stars sparkled and twirled. The long days of summer were just beginning, and a warm breeze washed over the two. It was an idyllic night, one that seemed to symbolize their entire relationship. The phoenix was happy with his petite healer, and the healer was happy curled half on top of the phoenix.

“Jitoj. Tell me a story.” Enrin yawned, tilting her head a bit so she could see her friend. Jitoj was almost asleep himself, and was a bit jumpy when he heard his name called.

“A story? All right.” He stretched, then scratched his head, his usual focused expression returning to his sleepy countenance. It was as if he was digging around in his brain for a suitable tale. He had lived many times, sure, but a good story was rare, let alone a story he would tell someone he treated as his adopted-daughter. “Well. Once there was a princess.”

“Was she a pretty princess?”

“Hideous, actually. Very bad teeth.”

Enrin giggled, resting her head back on the phoenix’s chest. “That’s sad. Nothing’s ever perfect, is it? But keep telling the story.”

“So there was the princess. She was hideous with bad teeth, but she was nice and polite. However, she wasn’t a normal princess. She didn’t love the tall, rich, handsome princes that came to try to marry her.”

“She didn’t? I thought an ugly person would want to marry a handsome prince.”

He laughed. “No, they were bad princes that just wanted her for her kingdom. Which is why you don’t date until you’re 500. Anyway, she didn’t love them one bit. She loved a dragon.”

“A dragon?”

“A dragon. Yes, he was a big, red dragon who flew around and transported lost travelers. The good sort of dragon. He did breathe fire sometimes, but just when it was allergy season. They didn’t have Claritin yet.”

Enrin nodded. “Makes sense.” She reached down, playing with the soft feathers she adored. It was hard to stop messing with them when you first found out how soft they were. “I think I’d like the dragon too.”

“Would you? Hm. One day, she went to the dragon’s home. She told him she was the princess.” Jitoj cleared his throat and said in a high pitched falsetto, “Hello mister dragon! I am a princess. I like you, will you marry me?” He coughed. “Ow. But the dragon was suspicious. He said,” Jitoj had to clear his throat again and continued in a low, grumbly voice, “I don’t believe you. Do you want to kill me for my nice leathery skin? Do you think I’m scary?

Enrin frowned. “How horrible. People did those things?”

“To be fair, dragons made nice purses.” Jitoj chucked, squeezing her when she frowned. “Kidding, kidding. Anyway, she said, "No, it’s true! I love you." Suddenly, a barbarian prince jumped into the cave. He didn’t know the dragon was a good dragon, and instead thought that the dragon was the man or woman-eating type. He burst in, waving his sword and shouting, "Stop, stop, stop! I will save you princess, and then I will take you back to my land where you will make a good queen.

The blond gasped. “Oh, no! What happened, did he kill the dragon?!”

“Don’t interrupt.” He tapped her on the nose. “He didn’t kill the dragon because the princess jumped in front of him. "No! Don’t hurt him, he’s nice!" "I must kill him, for he will eat you." Declared that barbarian prince, and so he ran forward with his sword in hand."

Enrin was now sitting on top of him, completely absorbed in the story. “He’s gonna kill the dragon!”

"He would have…except, the princess jumped in the way. It was heroic. She loved the dragon so much; she didn’t mind dying for him. The dragon realized that the princess had saved his life, so he ate the barbarian and tried to tend to her. But, it was too late. The princess was dying.”

“No! How awful!”

“The dragon saw this and was moved. He cried, and his tears magically healed her wounds. "I love you, Princess." He said, holding her in his big scaly hands. "I love you too, dragon!" They embraced, and the princess took him back to the castle. They became the best of friends and the best royal couple in the history of the kingdom.”

“And they lived happily ever after.”
“Not entirely. For the most part, though, yes.” He chuckled, patting her on the head. “The end.”

Enrin slowly lowered herself back on top of him, yawning. “I liked that story.”

“It’s a good one.”

She nuzzled into the crook of his arm and nodded slowly. “It is. Good night, Jitoj.”

“Good night.”
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Written by Viperface

Running was incredibly hard to do when his heavy robes weighed him down, but he kept at it any way. Through thin alleyways, up stairs, down shafts until he stumbled away, feet aching and throbbing with every step. He was pretty sure if feet had been made with mouths, they would have been screaming up at him, but it was worth it. He was free. Well, sort of. Free for the next few hours, until he got hungry and had to walk back to the royal chambers.

The prince leaned back, surveying his hiding spot. A library – the grandest one in the whole kingdom if his vague memory of local history was serving him correctly. Then again, he never paid attention in Local History, nor in any other subject, so it was always possible that he was just making it up and had no real idea. He ran a delicate hand through his hair, beginning to mouth the spiral steps to reach the next level. Above him, towering shelves of books contained the wealth and wisdom of the kingdom, and it seemed almost sacrilegious to use a place of learning to hide from learning. He ignored this small irony and continued to walk, observing the lights. They were slowly beginning to die, light waning as it always did before sunset. The glow fish that served as the light fixtures were tired, and required some small prawn and a reassuring pep talk before they’d shine correctly again.

A small alcove offered the sleepy prince a place to rest, and he gratefully curled up onto the chair so conveniently placed there. As his eyes closed, his mind flipped back, remembering what he’d been running from in the first place.

They’d been sparring. Well, Clavis had been sparring. He’d been barely holding a heavy spear with both hands and attempting to block the volley of thrusts coming in his direction. The prince would normally have not participated in such lowly activities, but the knight had insisted on him doing something ‘productive’ instead of ‘slouching around’. The prince is still convinced that he was being productive – napping and yelling at Clavis were two extremely satisfying and fulfilling activities. He’d been, as usual, skipping classes, and after he’d grown bored of sparring, he’d simply wandered away.

Wandered, and then ran, eventually landing himself inside the massive library. No one would expect to find him here – in normal circumstances this would be the last place he’d be caught. The prince was comfortable here, on the chair, breathing in the smell of ancient texts and listening to the comforting hum of sleeping glow fish.


Okay, maybe he’d been wrong. The prince’s eyes flicked open immediately, sitting up rigidly in his chair. He knew the voice immediately, and he whispered a curse under his breath as he got up and began to creep away. The voice sounded far away; maybe he still had time before the knight knew he was here –

“Ghaeit, I know you’re here.”

Or not. Impulsively, the prince broke into a run, a grin spreading on his lips. He could see the door, just a quick run down the stairs! He pumped his legs as quickly as he could, feet hammering down the steps. With a triumphant cry he grabbed at the iron door handle, yanking hard, nearly tasting freedom again.

Freedom died on his tongue as he yanked again. The door was locked. Behind him, soft padding footsteps approached, accompanied by quiet laughter. He could hear the gentle jangling of keys, and he wanted to kick himself. Of course it had been a trap.

Slowly, like a guilty but belligerent child, he turned around and gazed at his captor with reproachful eyes.

Clavis stepped in front of the prince, sighing. The knight sincerely wondered when the prince would figure it out: he could read him like a picture book, and once he’d taken off, it had been incredibly easy to figure out where he’d go. Nobility had no bearing on intelligence or mystique, it seemed. For a moment, Clavis stood there, examining Ghaeit. None worse for the wear, at least.

The prince raised his chin defiantly, nearly daring the other to scold him. He knew he deserved it, but he refused to take it anyway. He accepted scorn from no one, not even the knight. However, it wasn’t what he received, no words passed the other man’s lips. Instead, he felt a warm, strong arm begin to wrap around his waist, and the warmth from Clavis’ body was suddenly engulfing him. All color drained from Ghaeit’s cheeks, except for an uncharacteristic pink that tinged his cheeks. Suddenly not so cocky, he lowered his head, looking away. He couldn’t escape, he knew it. Calloused fingers grasped his delicate chin, pushing it up again, not forceful but certainly determined. Their eyes met, and suddenly Ghaeit felt very small and vulnerable.

He wanted to run again.

The knight leaned down, pressing a calm kiss to the smaller man’s lips. Automatically, Ghaeit’s hand gripped at the other man’s arms, trying desperately to hold onto something while his head spun. The prince’s eyes closed and he began to fall into the kiss, consumed by the feeling. Would it always be this sweet and secretive? Every noise caused him to jump a bit, but Clavis’ arms held firm, pressing him to the door where metal bit into his skin. He couldn’t feel it, nerves too frayed from the kiss that still went on, and god would it never end? He prayed that it wouldn’t, but just like that, the knight was pulling away.

The flickering lights around them caught the sparkle in Clavis’ eyes, and Ghaeit was useless against that utterly disarming smile that his knight had so effortlessly perfected. His pride wouldn’t allow him to ask for another kiss, but apparently it was written all over his face, since the other man just quietly laughed and dipped in for another.

He didn’t know how long they stayed like that, twined together, caught by the lips. It could have been hours or minutes, but time stuttered to a complete stop whenever they were together like this. These quiet moments were his favorite times, where nothing was said but everything was communicated, the week’s troubles and issues were soothed and fixed by countless pecks and nuzzles. Ghaeit’s small body quivered under his love’s touch, overwhelmed and needy but fearful, unable to accept it fully just yet. The knight would always stop, relieving the prince but also driving him absolutely insane with want. His knight tasted of cinnamon and earth, a thousand other flavors that were distinct but nameless, and each time they left his own he felt utterly lost and hopeless.

Ghaeit would never say these thoughts aloud. Clavis knew them anyway.
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[i]Ghaeit[/i] (young) // (prince) (appears 19 years old)

Ghaeit's actions are rather rash and not very well reflected on. He bashes into everything and everyone when in a bad mood. Ghaeit is aware of his actions, but frankly doesn't care about the feelings of others. It might not be said, but Ghaeit is rather gullible.

[url=http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g30/sinasappel/Pictures and Art/Art/Own Art/Gate_new-2copy.png]ref sheet[/url]

[url=http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g30/sinasappel/Pictures and Art/Art/Commissions/OCs/Ghaeit/Gate_by_SasayakiNunnoru.png][img]http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g30/sinasappel/Pictures and Art/Patches/patch_gate_young.png[/img][/url] [url=http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g30/sinasappel/Pictures and Art/Art/Commissions/OCs/Couples/GatexClavis_by_shadowkatz.png][img]http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g30/sinasappel/Pictures and Art/Patches/gatexclavis_young.png[/img][/url] [url=http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g30/sinasappel/Pictures and Art/Art/Commissions/OCs/Ghaeit/Ghaeit_by_Chuu.png][img]http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g30/sinasappel/Pictures and Art/Patches/gate_by_chuu_patch.png[/img][/url]

[i]Ghaeit[/i] (older) // (prince) (early twenties)

Ghaeit is mostly seen with his arms crossed giving a mean and vicious look. He gets easily annoyed and he also tends to put himself first. Even though his personality has softened a little as Ghaeit grew older, he definitely didn't forget how to scold others.

[url=http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g30/sinasappel/Pictures and Art/Art/Own Art/Ghaeit_ref_sheet_2011.png]ref sheet[/url]



[i]ClavixGhaeit[/i] // prince and knight

Clavis, from the dragoon kingdom, was sent over to the mermen kingdom mainly to strengthen the alliance between the two kingdoms. He became Ghaeit's personal knight and who had to learn the knight more about the mermen and their customs. Needless to say the two young ones immediately felt attracted to each other. However, Ghaeit is in constant denial of his feelings, while Clavis knows what's really going on in his prince's mind. Clavis isn't too straightforward about it, he likes to play a little.

Possible scenes
(Romantically) studying together in the royal library // enjoying a glass of wine after dinner // Clavis showing off his (spear) skills to Ghaeit or letting Ghaeit handle a spear (which he can't with his slender feminine looking body) // Clavis watching over the young sleeping Ghaeit //

[url=http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff200/dreaminglilly/Drawings made/clavisrefarmor.png]Reference Clavis[/url]
[url=http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g30/sinasappel/Pictures and Art/Art/Own Art/Gate_new-2copy.png]Reference Ghaeit[/url]

[url=http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g30/sinasappel/Pictures and Art/Art/Commissions/OCs/Couples/GatexClavis_by_shadowkatz.png][img]http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g30/sinasappel/Pictures and Art/Patches/gatexclavis_young.png[/img][/url] [url=http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g30/sinasappel/Pictures and Art/Art/Commissions/OCs/Couples/clavisxghaeit_by_chuuchi.png][img]http://tinyurl.com/3ssuko5[/img][/url] [url=http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff200/dreaminglilly/Clavis and Gate/Clavisxghaeit3byrensui.jpg][img]http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g30/sinasappel/Pictures and Art/Patches/clavisxgate_by_rensui_patch.png[/img][/url] [url=http://tinyurl.com/3l2p6fa][img]http://tinyurl.com/3r4qowu[/img][/url]
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-Young Ghaeit still needs one (waiting until better references).
-Coin needs a new ref sheet.

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http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g30/sinasappel/Pictures and Art/Art/Own Art/Zecane_sheet.png
http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g30/sinasappel/Pictures and Art/Art/Commissions/OCs/Talva Yeritia/zecane.png
http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff200/dreaminglilly/Drawings made/Zecanerefsheet.jpg

http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g30/sinasappel/Pictures and Art/Art/Commissions/OCs/Zecane/Zecane_by_Fishy.png

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We still need pixel dolls of:
Vera in regular outfit;
Vera in new outfit;
Darren in regular outfit;
Jitoj in new outfit;

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