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Nineball Yamada
That begs the question: instead of blue-balls, would you get blue-pearls?

We're getting way Jean Costeau on into this, we keep going and we'll end up like fish.
Eldrich, H.P. Lovecraft Port of Innsmouth looking fish people.

We would have blue sea urchins.
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Mega Man-Lover

Can't we just be like...Zoras or some s**t? It's not my first choice of corporeal form but it's probably a helluva lot more comfortable than the O'Rlyeh alternative.
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Mega Man-Lover

After three-and-a-half years, I think we oughta call it a night.

I didn't spend all that time making those sprites for nothing. NAFO is more than just a couple of bootylicious big babes, and popular they may be, we can't focus on them forever. Plus, we've had plenty of time to realize that the Gaia economy has turned to s**t, and that our best pieces have been not purchased but donated free of charge by our faithful friends. Because of this (and because I'm broke as a joke), it is my great pleasure to announce our migration to the Art Freebies forum.

Yes, yes, I know, some of you in the back are probably rolling your eyes. I've certainly talked my share of s**t about AF in the past, and while I stand behind my words, there are also a ton of brilliant artists who stalk those forums in search of a challenge. With our cast of unorthodox characters, we need to bring it to them and start giving everyone in NAFO a fair shot at being drawn.

And I mean, c'mon, shitty art is just ******** funny to look at. We've got a stable of badass artists in our corner already; I wanna see some fresh takes on our characters, even if they look like a fresh deuce. Sometimes you get some real gems, too.

Who knows, though? We might reopen this thread later on. Wouldn't be the first time it's happened. But for now, we need to evolve or risk going extinct.

Without further ado, it's time to join a new circlejerk.

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