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@Nineball Yamada:
lol really? most people says its too expensive D:
coo,l well i'll get started on it soon ^^
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@SithLord1: Yep, we're engaged. We've been together for almost three years. She's 20 and I'm 23, so we've both seen our fair share of things.
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@Last Phoenix: Well, to be honest, it is a tiny bit expensive. Not too bad, though. And for such a specific request, it's not a bad price at all. I'm not complaining.

I'll go ahead and start up a trade. Just make sure to stay in contact. I'd also really appreciate it if you could send me a WIP sketch or two before you finish it up; Angela is fat and Friska's hair is a doozy, so they often need a bit of tweaking. I have plenty of faith, though.
Aw man. :O You were gettin that fresh JB when you were 20. Pro s**t, bro.
@Nineball Yamada: lol fair enough xD
okay ^^ i'll make sure to pm you with the first sketch :]
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Mega Man-Lover

@SithLord1: Yeah, but I was in the Navy at the time so I had to play it safe. It wasn't hard; I have HORRIBLE luck with women. The two of us meeting was some serious planetary alignment s**t - I hadn't even gotten past second base before I met her.

@Last Phoenix: Awesome, thanks. I'll be looking forward to it. Oh, and do you have a timeframe? Not an exact figure, but like, will this take two days or two weeks, that sort of thing. That way I won't get worried if, say, a week passes and I haven't heard from you.
That's a little sad but still kinda cool at the same time. surprised Proof that your relationship will last, or no one has any hope for love, ever, if you two break up.
@Nineball Yamada: well i work relatively quick,
but the longest it should ever take for me to finish is a week, if it should take me longer for some reason i would pm you straight away :]

but yeah expect the sketch in a few days or sooner ^^
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@SithLord1: Yeah...we're pretty much perfect for each other and we're in it for the long haul. Hell, we spent the first six months of our relationship on opposite sides of the country. I met her at an anime convention on leave, and immediately after we met I had to fly back to the East Coast. But somehow we stuck it out, and here we are.
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@Last Phoenix: Awesome. It's nice to find someone who can work quickly - I've had a couple of other offers pop up, which I've accepted, but they're all like "oh it'll be about 2 weeks..." It's not like I'm complaining, but it is a bit annoying. No biggie, though...thankfully there are people like you out there to help with that!
Oh god. xd You met at an anime convention? It's like you're really writing a love story for /a/. >_>
@Nineball Yamada: cool
i'm just lucky that i can work quick and not actually rush :]
wow boobies !!! redface
good luck for your request heart
good luck on finding some awesome artists!
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Mega Man-Lover

@SithLord1: Yup. Oh, it gets even more sappy from there. Our relationship is truly a case of all the stars being in their place.

So there's this anime con in Portland, my hometown. I had gone to it for a couple years in a row, but I decided that I needed to do something with my life and joined the Navy. I didn't think I'd be able to come back for a third year, but somehow, all the dates matched up - the day I left for boot camp, the day I graduated, the day I started my advanced school, the day I would graduate, and the length of my subsequent leave - everything lined up so that if I got through with no problems and hauled a** to the airport after my graduation ceremony, I would make it back for my third con by the skin of my teeth. Somehow I pulled it off, the two of us met, and it was pretty much love at first sight. We were made for each other, and we toughed it out while I was still in the service and made it work in the end. We've been happily living together ever since.

@Last Phoenix: Oh yeah, you can take as long as you need. I like getting a quick return, but this request is just for fun, so there's no hurry.

@xxROSxx, The darkness comes: Yep. Boobies indeed. *glances at Angela* Thanks for stopping by, guys!

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