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Oh, I know. Trust me, if someone deserves to have their s**t wrecked, I'll see it though. I just try not to make waves if I don't have to.

Also, I just got this weird guild invitation. Some "Gaian Item Library" thing where people share stuff. Sounds like a good idea, and it'd be pretty cool if I wasn't cemented in my avatar.

That sounds stupid. I wouldn't trust any of them with any of my anythings. xd
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Yeah, supposedly they have some "trust points system" that builds up over time and lets you borrow more expensive things the more "trustworthy" you are. And you get reported if you don't return the stuff you borrow or otherwise don't play nice.

I mean, I guess it's a good idea in theory, but so was Communism. If I had anything really valuable like that, I wouldn't trust it with some stranger. Yeah, they could get REPORTED ONOES but that probably wouldn't help get the item back.

Meh. I already clicked the "Decline" link. Water off a duck's back.
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I wish it wasn't so late. I really want some food...
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It's a quarter to 1, time to crank dat Taco Bell. Not much else open at this hour.

I'll probably be ducking out in a bit.
Dude. >_> You could totally be bros with my bro. He loves taco bell.
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It's not my favorite, but I will eat the s**t out of some chalupas or a grilled stuft burrito. Freakin' delicious.
I'm hungry as ******** now. I gotta go get food. >_>
I don't like tacos or burritos or Mexican food at all. Reppin' America and burgers all day.
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Hell yeah. Friska was the one who wanted Taco Bell, to be honest - I made a separate trip to McD's afterwards. Ain't my first choice, but I was feelin' some American food and it was pretty much the only other thing open.
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You know, for being active around midnight on a weekday, this place has actually gotten a decent amount of traffic.
Is Friska your girlfriend or something? I noticed she posted about her boobs earlier but I didn't think I'd need to ask about it. xd
It's summer, man. All the little kiddies are still awake.
hello :]
i'm interested

samples :]

[x] [x] [x]

30k for the full body of both?
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@SithLord1: She's my fiance, actually. After my avatar "ascended" into an OC, she wanted to get in on the fun too, so I wrote her avatar in. Even though she joined Gaia before I did.

And you're completely right. I've long since graduated from school so I often don't even recognize it's summer until I start burning to death.
Oh s**t, you're engaged? How old are you? It's always weird when you meet someone on Gaia that can actually get laid. >_>
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@Last Phoenix: 30K? That's not a bad price at all. I'd love to take you up on that offer.

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