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If I have to break out the big seizure-inducing GIF again,
so help me God I will smack every single one of you.

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You've seen these girls before, right? They're me and my wife's OCs.
They don't like each other.
Draw them being sexy, angry, funny, squishy, or otherwise awesome, and I'll give you LOADSAMONEY.

There are also a couple of dudes, and a plot involving all four of them.
But right now it's all about the boobs.
If you want some story to go with your smut, read our info booklet or go to our site.


- No auctions. Period. I deal with enough rich assholes at my day job, okay?

- No links to shops. Doesn't matter if it's yours or a friend's - if you post in here, you do business in here. I am a lazy piece of s**t; if I felt like scouring the forums for art, I wouldn't have made this ******** thread in the first place.

- No emote posts. That s**t pisses me off. Reaction faces, meme spam, pony images, etc. are all A-OK, but I swear to God, any ******** who posts a heart or a ninja and nothing else is getting the full force of my pimp hand.

- No make-an-offer/pick-your-price bullshit. I'm flexible and I'll work around you, but please, pick a damn number. The art scene has changed a lot since '08 and Gold ain't worth what it used to be.

- No WIP, no money. If you don't show me some kind of preview of what you're doing before you finish it, don't get all butthurt if I tell you it's s**t and that I'm not gonna pay you. And if you dump a finished picture on me before we agree on a price, I'm gonna assume it's a freebie. There's a method to buying and selling art - follow it.

- ...If you can draw women like this, drop me a PM. We'll talk.


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Oh my god. >_> I lol'd so hard. Best thing to this this forum since my thread.
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I just got tired of being all hush-hush about things. I know what I'm looking for, and sometimes ya just gotta grab life by the balls, y'know?
Grabbing it by the boobs sounds less painful. dramallama
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...You have a point. It probably would be less painful, but it wouldn't have quite the same effect.

Trust me, when you've got them by the curlies, their hearts and minds will follow.
Yeah, I'd probably try to stay as close to possible as whoever is grabbing my nuts. I wouldn't want to pull away because ouch, but then again, how did they even get a my balls in their grasp in the first place?
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Well, that bring us back to the subtlety thing - to get someone's jewels like that, you gotta be quick, and subtle like a bear trap. If you come out of nowhere, they'll never know what hit 'em, right?

Look at us. This is a thread about boobs, and here we are discussing the finer points of copping a feel on male genitalia...
Aw yeah dude, ew. No more nut talk lolol.
Also, I'm gonna drop a no homo bomb so it's all cool.
Are your OCs based off your current avatar or did you actually make up two things that look almost exactly like your avatar?
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They kinda started from my avatar and "evolved" into OCs over time.

Originally I just came here and got stuff to look cool on a budget. I also found the orphan Angela and was like "HOLY s**t CRIPPLED GIRL, YOU ARE SO CUTE IT GIVES ME A HEART ATTACK, I MUST BUY YOU". Then later on when I was just getting into avatar art, I got into a talk with this dude who did badass comic-style art who said my name and avatar reminded him of an "80's Vice City style two-bit gangster" or something. I told him I had some ideas bouncing around, and he told me to run with it, so I did. I ended up writing this huge "pilot story" and coming up with deep personalities for the characters Nineball and Angela, and it stuck like Gorilla Glue.
>crippled girls
Oh man. This is some ol' KS s**t. >_> Urge to troll rising.
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KS? You mean Katawa Shoujo? Hoo boy...
Yeah, that's the KS I'm thinking about. I'm not surprised that you know about it. xd
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Hahaha, yeah. I've actually been keeping an eye on it ever since that original image surfaced. Honestly, I'm surprised it's come as far as it has.

And I can't help it, I just love the little broken girls...they are so moe. One man's trash is another man's treasure, you know?
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I -- was going to say something and then I got totally distracted by the conversation on male genitalia.


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