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Yo, art forum, I'm back!
Today, as always, I'm looking to get art of my Avi/OC, Zevi.
Shoot, if you're up to it and I like your art enough, I might commission a piece of Zevi and Rex.
but if it's just one person, it's gonna be the little lady!
So, take a look down below and see if you're interested in drawing her, or even her and Rex.
I don't care what you draw, just offer it and we'll see if I'm in the mood for the style you offer!

I want WIPS of the art so that I can let you know if something needs to be changed.

>>If you want bribes, give me the average bribe you get cause I'm s**t at offering bribes or for art that has no set price
My brain is stuck in pre-flynn mode<<

Please read and look at everything in this post!

Avi/OC: Zevi, the village outcast turned city troll

Her outfits:
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

The shirt of the first avatar outfit should look similar to these pictures:

Non art references:

Ears and Tusks look similar to the ones in this image, her tusks are ever so slightly shorter.
Her Horns curl, guys. Is it really that hard to see from the Kudu horns?

• She's 5ft tall, not counting her horns.

• Her horns are about 10 inches long and are not swept back.

• She has TUSKS, not fangs. They come from the LOWER jaw and point UPWARDS.

• The mechanical arm is detachable, though she prefers to keep in on at all times.

• The spade shape on the end of her tail is not fishnet, it's solid with small white spots on it.

• Her tail is almost as long as she is tall, it's approximately 3'5" long.

• She's not big-breasted.

• She has a thick head of hair.

• Her ears can move in line with how she feels

• The mechanical arm is on HER RIGHT, not yours.

• The Mechanical arm is built for Combat, so it's pretty damn durable and it doesn't give any sensation of touch or feeling other than the weight of it that she feels on her shoulder.

• She's not scared of technology. She's more surprised and curious about it, eager to learn.

Also, I feel that it is important to note that Zevi assists Rex with his job as a Weapon's dealer / Hitman for the mafia.
So while she is usually kind and playful, if she's on a job with him she'll be a bit more serious than she would be on their down time.
Name: Zevi

Age: 27

Zev is 5ft (5'10" counting her horns), incredibly short by troll standards. She has a thick head of shoulder length, white hair with two 10 inch long, twisting, black horns coming straight up from her head. Her eyes are a pale violet (Mauve) and she has two tusks protruding from her lower jaw that are just long enough to always be visible, even when her mouth is closed. Her right arm is mechanical and her tail, while thin, is nearly as long as she is tall (approximately 3'5" ).

Zevi was a Feral frost troll that decided to try life in the city, when she was sure of her decision to leave, she told her mother thinking she could trust her. Soon enough she learned how wrong she was when a most of her tribe ambushed her with the intent of killing her for attempting to leave for the city. Though she lost her right arm, she did manage to escape with her life and barely made it to where the wilds ended and the city began. It was there that she met Rex, and while she had been on edge at first she was quick to follow him into the city at the mention of a doctor, knowing without one she would die.

The doctor, whom she only trusted because Rex assured her that she could, gave her two options on what to do about her missing arm; regrow it, or get a mechanical replacement. She chose the latter option, not wanting the former as she would feel more like a burden since it would; take a year or more to do, be incredibly painful, and give her another hurdle to jump in learning the ropes of city life. Rex has been helping her get a steady foot and she has stuck by his side since the first meeting. While she doesn't know much about the city, or the dangers within, she is eager to learn and a quick learner at that.

She had been quick to trust at first, she learned that doing so is dangerous in the city. She trusts no one more than Rex because of the friendship they formed soon after meeting, and because he has, so far, proven to be the only one she feels she can completely trust without worry. If he trusts someone then she will, and if not then it is likely that she will be unwilling to trust them either. Although it should be noted that, while she will give a certain degree of trust to those that Rex trusts, this does not always mean she likes the person.

Kind and mindful of how others feel about the things she says, she enjoys teasing Rex but trys to keep it goodnatured (though ocassionally she does test his patience, even if she doesn't mean to), and while she prefers making friends over enemies she'll consider anyone that is an enemy of Rex, her enemy as well. Can be, and usually is, very spiteful towards anyone that treats her friends with malice, especially when it comes to Rex. Due to what happened to cause her to lose her arm, the subject of her mother and tribe, and the thought of either herself or Rex being betrayed easily raise her ire. Quick to forgive minor transgressions; such as bad manners, accidents, or a joke gone awry. An attack on herself or Rex will be something she does not let go of easily.

Other Info:
Zevi has access to magic, but her control over it is very poor. When she is in a state of rage it may go wild. While it doesn't always do this, the chance for it to happen is there. Her magic is not elemental or spiritual in nature, the only way she has been able to successfully describe it is "Magic with a physical form".
Zevi's pre-city clothing, just before Rex found her outside the city:
User Image
• Her RIGHT arm should be missing, as if it were recently chopped off, no mechanical parts at all.

• She'd be pretty roughed up from the fight to escape suffering the full wrath of her tribe.

• Should look like she's panicked, in pain, angry, etc.
Only if you're willing to do couples.

Avi/OC: Rex, the seasoned mafia troll

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Things to keep in mind:
~ Rex is masculine, not bishonen or shota.
~ He has a lot of hair, it's messy and wild.
~ He has a mouth even though the avi doesn't.
~ The black stripes on his cheeks are optional but preferred.
~ His face structure is mostly human - it can be slightly snout-like, or he can just have a big nose.
~ He had his tusks filed down to sharp fang-like canines (they point down rather than up) that are just a bit longer than human canines. They might peek out of his mouth a bit every now and again but for the most part they're short enough that they don't interfere with speech or anything similar.
~ There may be some patches of scale growth on his skin to match his reptilian tail, but that's optional.
~ The amount and placement of blood splatter is up to you. He can have none, some or a lot. Just don't drench him, lol.
~ His black-grey leg is a large prosthetic gun - it should be placed on HIS left (from an artist's view, that's the leg closest to the right side of the picture).

His profile:
Name: Rex, short for Rexxard Gene Lencione (blame his parents). He is sometimes called "Red" due to his hair color.

Age: 35

Description: Rex is a manly troll. He's about 6"11, short for a troll. He's got lean muscle, similar to a beefier Will Smith. The many scars he has and his gun-leg prosthesis are the results of many violent battles. His accessories of choice are blood, guns, blunt weapons, plain brass knuckles, gold jewelry, an occasional cigar, and a watch. He has filed his tusks down to sharp fangs, for more eloquent speech (if one considers "sack this dirty ********' rat" eloquent). He usually wears a fedora, suit, or a partial suit as pictured. Every now and then, he might slip on a black tank top for digging a ditch working out or relaxing. He is fond of going topless when trying to assert dominance.

Background: Rex is a city-dweller, but has roots in the desert tribe. His mother died in childbirth. Rex was raised by his father, who was involved in the mafia. Rex was raised into the "family business" of selling firearms and working as a hitman.

Personality: Rex retains his instinctual desire for blood and dominance, but has also developed a love for modern necessities, such as guns, money, and women. He tends to be rude, vulgar, and quick-tempered when faced with competition, but awkwardly gentle with those that are more submissive. He has a lot of street smarts, but very little actual wisdom.

Interactions with Zevi: Rex isn't sure what to think of Zevi when he first meets the short little frost troll bleeding to death on the outskirts of the city. Over the course of a few days, the two of them develop a friendship as he helps her acclimate to the city. He loves to tease her about her height and about her unusual circumstances. When it comes to how she dresses, he is often torn between letting her be socially ignorant or telling her to cover up. He is protective of her since she does not yet understand city life, but will occasionally let her get in trouble in order for her to learn on her own.
Oh yea, and a post to show the spoils of the art forum

And now the parts I hate the most, waiting and bumping
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Psst, hey you.
Do you draw avatar art?
Click the image, draw Zevi.
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Sweet charas. 8D
If you're up for auctions I have one running right now for a fullbody couple piece (can also be friends, or separate pics or whatever). =) My gallery link and the auction link are in my signature.

I'll keep it in mind, maybe if you ever open up a shop.
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Psst, hey you.
Do you draw avatar art?
Click the image, draw Zevi.
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Yeah, unfortunately unlikely. Just came back to this inflation and I don't really like it. >_<
Best of luck with your req, though, Zev is adorable. =)
Yeah, unfortunately unlikely. Just came back to this inflation and I don't really like it. >_<
Best of luck with your req, though, Zev is adorable. =)

I hear ya, the inflation does suck.
I wish I had more time to decide, but since it ends tonight at midnight ;c
Ah well, and thank you.
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Psst, hey you.
Do you draw avatar art?
Click the image, draw Zevi.
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It's really eerie for me as a 2003 member. XD But I guess at least I'm an artist! Must really be bad for normal posters.
Ah, actually it ends tomorrow evening. =) There's only so much room in the title to indicate. XD But no pressure of course.

Ah, I see. For me, it's sad and very hard to not think in terms of what gold used to be worth
versus what it is "worth" today.
It is, incredibly difficult, and that makes us all the more wary of buying art
because while we may like option A, option B might come along and we like it just as much
but lo and behold, we are (due to inflation) several million away from being able to afford it.
The only way for us to make money is by posting, or selling out items.
I have recently sold all of my items, save the ones that make up her outfits, the only outfit I do not have of hers, is the pre-city clothing.
Heck, I did even sell some of the outfit clothing but recently bought them back or had them gifted to me.
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Psst, hey you.
Do you draw avatar art?
Click the image, draw Zevi.

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