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Casrial's search for artses.

I'm sad, I want art. That pretty much sums it up.

Table of contents:

1. Intro
2. Rules/guidelines
3. Styles of art
4. Payment options
5. Original Character Art: Casrial
6. Original Character Art: Kera
7. Avatar art

8. Commission Tracking

Please draw me art?

UPDATE: 08/04/14 - Now seeking new couple art! Descriptions now up in post 5.
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1. Show me samples. I don't see samples, I don't buy.

2. Don't send me to your art auction. If I had the patience for that, I'd be a lot more patient.

3. Please don't send me to your art shop if you don't have any open slots. If I like your art, I'm going to be cranky if you aren't willing to sell it to me.

3. You provide the prices. You know how much your art is worth.

4. Trading works like this: I send trade, you complete art, I approve trade after I receive art. If I haven't sent a trade, I haven't commissioned anything. This keeps me from overspending, and it guarentees you get paid. Then we all get what we want.

5. I prize your artistic creativity. The ideas provided are things I'd like to see, but they are by no means the only things I'd like to see. If you have an idea, you can either run it by me, or just do it. I'm always happy to tell you more about a character if you need a better feel for their personality.

6. Please post your original offer in the thread. I receive a lot of PMs, and I'd rather keep all the offers in the same place so I know where they all are. That's a lot less confusion for me. ^^;

7. Keep in contact with me! I understand that life is busy, but if I commission you and don't hear from you after a month or so, I'll probably change my mind and cancel the trade. Who wants to wait for art that never comes?

8. So here's what I need from you:

What/who you'd like to draw:
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All kinds! I like cel-shaded, color pencil, watercolors, chibis, line art, dolls, avatar edits, comic strips... you name it! Please don't be offended if I don't choose to commission art from you; your price may be outside of what I'm looking for, or your style may not quite mesh with mine.

For people whose talent lies in coloring, I have a few pieces of pencil work that I'm looking for skilled colorists on. Please post samples of your work (before and after would be nice) as well as your prices. ^_^ I will produce the ones requiring color upon request.
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Thank You Letter For August 2007 Thank You Letter For December 2007 Monthly Collectible Letter for March 2011 Thank You Letter For Feb 2008 Thank You Letter For April 2008 Thank You Letter For August 2006 Thank You Letter for July 2009 Thank You Letter For August 2004 Thank You Letter for Jan 2006
What am I offering?

MCs from various months and years. If you're looking for one in particular, please let me know. I have included on this post a truly random assortment of some of the collectible letters available.
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Original Character Art: Casrial + Ziven!


User Image

Casrial is in her mid-thirties with bright gold eyes and short dark-blue hair. Enslaved in the mines from age ten until she was freed by gypsies in her early twenties, she bears the physical and psychological scars of it. She is quiet around strangers, but chummy and overly talkative with her few close friends. In a fight, Casrial is the kind to hit first, ask questions later. She hasn't a duplicitous bone in her body, and her friends know to take her bluntness and lack of facility with language with a grain of salt. Casrial's lack of skill in the kitchen is practically legendary, despite her stubborn determination to do it right.

Casrial is not an intellectual. She can barely read and thinks books are stupid.

Casrial dresses with the air of someone who doesn't care much for appearances. She is over six feet tall, and favors earth tones like browns and dark blues. Lean and hardened, Casrial could never be called busty; in fact, her figure is more androgynous than anything else. Her favorite article of clothing is the black shadow cloak she appropriated from her best friend; it has a silver crescent moon clasp. She does not like to show much skin, and wears fingerless glove-sleeves to hide the ugly scars from the manacles on her forearms. Her most prominent scar runs across her face, slicing from under her eye to just across her nose. Other scars include one across her pelvis (the injury destroyed her ability to bear children) and those on her wrists (usually covered by the glove-sleeves). On her left shoulder blade is the round brand from her enslavement.

In her hair, Casrial has three strings of beads. A strand of dark jade and dark red beads hang on one side of her head, and the other side has a strand of smokey blue beads, a pure white feather hanging from them. Her only other article of clothing is the amber pendant Harlequin gave her as a gift.

Casrial has two weapons of choice: a solid, plain axe, and a hunting knife. The hunting knife has a red crystal encrusted in the hilt, and the blade is sharper than it seems. She is, by trade, a musician, and can often be seen working out new songs on her guitar.

Her battle cry is, "Not food!"

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Chibi Cas
Casrial looking mournful
Casrial with her axe
Cas out for blood.
Cas is determined.
Battle Cas


User Image

Name: Ziven

Age: Old enough, thank you very much. ^__~

Race: Elf/Dragon/Human (as far as anyone knows)

Appearance: Standing 5' 9" in height, curves in the right places so one won't forget she is a she, adorable blue/purple hair as pictured, blue eyes and sweet, shy smile from time to time.

Ziven is shy but wise, and sweet but reserved. She lacks the self-possession that Casrial has, and the wildness that Casrial embraces. She is talented at most forms of magic, and eager to learn.

Interactions between Casrial and Ziven would be cute and fun as their relationship deepens. Ziven is shy but growing bolder, and Casrial grows more confident and less guarded. Some ideas of their interactions could be cuddling, holding hands, kissing, Ziven doing magic for Casrial, Casrial playing music for Ziven, or Ziven reading to Cas.

Previous commissions/pairing information for are shrunk, since I'm mostly just looking for some cute Ziven/Cas couple art right now!

If you'd like to draw Casrial with someone, here are a few options:


Harlequin--always Quinn to Casrial--was Casrial's lover for seven or eight years until she was killed by her own magic. Magic wild and out of control, she unwittingly spun her own demise in front of Casrial. Casrial doesn't know it, but Harlequin's spirit survives in the hunting knife she left behind.

Harlequin is five-foot even with auburn hair and bright green eyes. She keeps her hair bound into two buns on her head. Harlequin is every bit the intimidating and energetic force that Casrial isn't, quick-witted where Casrial is slow and bright where Casrial is dark. Harle dresses like color won't be available to her tomorrow: bright reds, greens, purples, yellows, with frills and layers and bows and jewelry. Harlequin loves bangle bracelets. She won't be caught dead wearing shoes.

Ideas for Harlequin and Casrial:
- Harlequin dancing while Casrial plays the guitar
- Harlequin teasing Casrial
- Casrial sleeping with her head on Harlequin's lap
- Harlequin dying in Casrial's arms
- Recently, I've had a hankering for a "I was made to love you" with a darker twist; in a very real way, Casrial's personality was developed to be with Harlequin. Ideas in that direction would be appreciated.

Harlequin dancing
Harlequin Hugging Cas
Casrial sleeping on Harle
Harlequin dancing
So cute together
Fitting together like puzzle pieces


Melgis and Casrial have been close friends for a while now, brought together by Melgis' support after Harlequin's death. The thing to remember about Melgis and Casrial is that, despite their tiffs, their arguments, their ploys and schemes, they are ultimately friends, and trust each other completely. Melgis is the planner, the schemer; Casrial may protest, or think his plans are stupid, but she always goes along with them, complaining the entire way.

Melgis is a few inches taller than Cas, with long, pointy ears (with several hoop earrings along the sides), yellow eyes, and silvery hair. He's rather elvin in appearance, except for his sharp incisors. Melgis cares much more about fashion than Casrial does (and is thus more coordinated color-wise and fashion wise, as well as wearing both modern and "medieval fantasy"-style dress), and his tolerance for her hatred of bathing is rather low; he will force her to bathe, if necessary. Melgis has a jade strand of beads in his hair that match Casrial's; they were a gift to show kinship and affection. He also wears a jade amulet/pendant.

Ideas for Melgis and Casrial:
- Melgis trying to make Casrial take a bath
- Melgis and Casrial getting into a food fight (or a fist fight)
- Melgis and Casrial playing darts
- Melgis trying to stop Casrial from cooking
- Melgis and Casrial fighting a monster

Melgis forcing Cas to bathe
Melgis watching over Cas and Gray, another female friend
Casrial cooking for Mel
Cas cooking for Mel again


Zadrya, the Gypsies' goddess, has a plan to save the gypsies, and Casrial is a part of it, whether she knows it or not. Zadrya is the one who inspired the gypsies to free the slaves, and to take in Casrial in particular. She's recently taken a more "hands on" approach to Casrial's life, stepping into Casrial's dreams to impersonate her dead lover, and Zadrya isn't afraid to manipulate Cas' emotions or opinions. Casrial is not aware of these manipulations, and it is difficult to tell how well she would understand that she was being manipulated, anyway.

Because of her plans, Zadrya is fiercely protective of Casrial. She doesn't exactly love her, though; Zadrya's affection for Cas is comperable to that of a plumber for his favorite wrench, or an artist for her favorite brush.

Like the gypsies, Zadrya has a fair complexion and light blue or green eyes. She is slightly shorter than the average height of a woman, with bright red curly hair that reaches to at least her midback. Zadrya's wardrobe always consists of a dress or skirt, with varying degrees of typical gypsy ornamentation. High necklines aren't her style, and she likes to wear sundresses and "flowy" clothes. She may wear sandals or have bare feet. She will never wear black, brown, navy, or any dark or boring color. She likes flowers or flower crowns and dancing.

Zadrya does not care for Melgis.

Ideas for Zadrya and Casrial:
- Zadrya giving Casrial her guitar
- Zadrya raising a protective barrier around Casrial
- Zadrya kissing Casrial on the forehead
- Zadyra the puppeteer with Casrial the puppet/marionette

Zadrya playing with flowers
Zadrya playing with Puppet Cas
Beautiful Zadrya headshot
Zadrya looks very much like a goddess
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Not currently looking to buy Kera arts right now. heart

[align=center][size=18]Original Character:


Kera is a twenty-three year-old cousin of Harlequin, and quite a handful at that. She's fastidious, energetic, upbeat, and no-nonsense, with the bossiness to pull it off. She's more cute than beautiful, with a shock of bright red hair pulled back into a tight braid, and bright blue-green eyes. She's a lovely 5'2", and dresses to emphasize her shapely curves. As the head bartender at a nightclub and the self-appointed janitor as well, she's in it to charm people or kill them with her smile. Her foot was crippled in the past few years, and since then she's had to use a cane to get around. It's a good thing she manages to coordinate her cane with the rest of her wardrobe.

Before her foot was injured, she loved to dance. It's that which she misses more than anything.

Ideas for Kera:
- Cleaning something.
- Cooking
- Bartending

[url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v53/casrial/gift art and commissions/chibikeracolor.jpg]Chibi Kera![/url]
[url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v53/casrial/gift art and commissions/sexyKera-blaze.jpg]Kera posing. ^^[/url]
[url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v53/casrial/gift art and commissions/kera-mea0113.jpg]A Kera pin-up XD[/url]

If you want to draw Kera with someone else, here are a few options:


Kera might flirt with any man of eligible age, but she's recently married Misao, a beautiful polite but impish angel. Misao is a healer, with vaguely Asian facial features, who favors the color blue. In her own words:

[quote="Misao"]Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue
Build Description: Misao has a rather petite build. I guess "lithe" would be a good word for it - she's small and not very muscular or physically strong, but she keeps in good shape.
Personality: Misao is very outgoing, cheerful, and upbeat most of the time. She's also very good at tapping into the emotions of others, and her own mood is often dictated by the mood of the people around her, especially in the case of her close friends. A pacifist to the extreme, Misao abhors violence of any kind, and will do almost anything to stop a fight before it starts or to lead a disagreement to a peaceful conclusion. She can be somewhat naive in this regard, but is also aware that sometimes there is no peaceful solution to a problem. This does not stop her from holding fast to her ideals, however, and trying to protect everyone whenever and however she can. [/quote]

Misao also has a blue-grey strand of beads in her hair as a symbol of her adopted kinship with Casrial.

Ideas for Misao and Kera:
- Dancing
- Wedding pictures. <3
- Laughing together
- Misao dressed in a schoolgirl uniform and Kera as her "bad girl" girlfriend :XD

[url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v53/casrial/gift art and commissions/AkiKera-Misaocolor.jpg]Kera and Misao[/url]
[url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v53/casrial/gift art and commissions/misaokera-auction.jpg]Kera and Misao again[/url]
[url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v53/casrial/gift art and commissions/kermiswrenlg-paraparaprincess.jpg]A family portrait[/url]


Wren is Kera's adopted son, whom she has raised from infancy. You can get more information and picture samples on Wren from [url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?page=1&t=12079802#648181051]Desna's commission page[/url]--in fact, maybe you want to offer to commission Desna, too. ;)

Wren tends to find his Momma Kera and her compulsions a little strange, but he does care for her.

Ideas for Wren and Kera:
- Kera playing with baby Wren
- Kera feeding baby Wren
- Kera and Wren doing some sort of quality time thing, like cooking or something.

Desna has Wren samples on her page. I don't currently have any Wren and Kera samples.
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[align=center]Avatar Art:[/align]

There are several options for avatar art!

Let's start with the [b]Casalope[/b]:

[img]http://i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff84/cropho/modstuffs/casalopesm.png[/img] or [img]http://i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff84/cropho/modstuffs/darkcasalopesm.png[/img]

The Casalope is an irritable, irritated creature, dealing with all sorts of trouble. The Casalope will always be apathetic, bored, or even downright pissy. Antlers are a must, and the mask is strongly recommended. The Casalope favors mis-matched or punkish clothes. You could also draw the Casalope as a superhero or a super villain!

There are two couple art options here.

Meredith: The sexy bank teller. I know she's always had a crush on me!

Miches: my dear pursued peach.

[url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v53/casrial/gift art and commissions/casmiches-nopenname-1.jpg]Sexy Cas and Miches[/url]
[url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v53/casrial/gift art and commissions/caspeaches-letta.jpg]Cute Cas and Miches[/url]
[url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v53/casrial/gift art and commissions/merecasalope-Ermaphrodita.jpg]Sexy Cas and Meredith[/url]

A few other avatars that I am fond of:
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Commission Tracking (for my own sanity)

Art I have
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Now open! ^_^ BUMP.
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Name: Jitsumi1221
Samples: [x] [x] [x]
Prices: 20k for singles (3/4 to fullbody w/ BG) 40k couples (3/4 to fullbody w/ BG)
What/who you'd like to draw: Casrial and HARLEQUIN (girl girl couples are fun to draw :3 or singles)
good luck ^^ <3
Toi yeu alice nine. <3

Good luck n___n;

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