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si mi shar vi seed de vi wilting anon, vi anon batobot tepohaic li vanished shar nurti forgotten... (Draconic language translated to "I am but a seed from a flower, a flower that has since vanished but never forgotten..." )



Long curly locks, blue eyes, thick thighs, voluptuous breasts, very petite in height including her small hands and feet. Normally wears what feels comfortable or anything that has shiny pretty things attached. If it isn't eye catching, she probably won't be seen wearing it.

Very bubbly, out going and stubborn. She is in fact part dragon which can only mean that if she is even remotely threatened her entire personality will change. She's got a spot in her heart for every friend that she acquires. Most of the time you would think she carries strong feelings for her close friends and loved ones, almost like a mother. If she feels they are being threatened, or hurt in any way, she will defend them until her last breath. It is very hard to become this close to her. It takes a lot of understanding on her friends part and a lot of patience on Trixy's. She is the type of person who keeps herself semi closed to others until she feels they will not judge or treat her wrong for her energetic nature. To Trixy, a friend is a friend for a lifetime. Incredibly honest, she is known for sincerity. Because of this honesty, she doesn't realize others may not demonstrate or uphold the same codes of ethics.


Back Story:
Born from the nest of a dragon she was what you would call, a mutt. She had 7 sisters and 4 brothers, all of which were full dragon. It was an anomaly to come across a Dragon nest that inherited what her mother called "Draconic". Dragons frowned upon this race as it was considered a curse upon the dragons. Dragons were the soul keepers of the gods and at one point in time they were sent down to the earth to rid it of its "pests" (humans/mortals). Unfortunately not all the gods agreed with this tactic, so they decided to play a joke on the Dragons and the other Gods who opposed the mortal existence. Instead of allowing the Dragons the power to defeat these insects, the Gods that opposed the fight divulged a plan form their own race to thwart the efforts of the Dragons. Forming what we now consider the "Draconic Race". When engaged in combat half-dragons(Draconian's) are formidable creatures and can be nearly invulnerable to weak adventurers. All Half-Dragons have a breath weapon according to their variety. . This race now became what we would consider "The Guardians of the Mortals". They were simply there to restore peace between both sides of the coin.

Her mother was very adamant about hiding Trixy's existence from the world. Although she did not agree with the half breeds, Trixy was her child, and as any Dragon Mother, she wanted to keep her child safe. In order to assure Trixy and her Mother's safety she needed to seclude herself from all others. An unknown island far past the borders of the mortals and far past the eyes of the immortals is where her mother raised Trixy. Trixy grew up knowing she was different, but feeling the warmth of her mother's care made her a Dragon just the same. Her mother did not dare teach her child of the history that befell the Draconic race or even the existence of Mortals. She was pure innocence.

After her mother's passing, she had no choice but to venture outside of the island. What she once thought to be a land of mystery and freedom, soon became a land of dark despair. She had no idea of the battle that raged on, nor did she understand why it came to be this way. She did not fit in with other dragons, and most certainly not her fellow Draconic Race. She was an outcast and remained as such until she came across a village of mortals..a village that worshiped her existence and who gave her shelter. There she would become the woman she is today, there she would grow and flourish like a flower in spring. She found herself, she became aware of her existence and what the very meaning of life was. Any that attempted to destroy the village's innocence or brought on destruction fell to her hands. She did what she could to keep peace in the village and allow it to thrive as it once did before the existence of her race. She did not side with Dragons, nor did she side with her fellow Draconian's. She was neither white, nor black.

Being in the middle of this war meant she must adapt a sense of understanding. Most of quiet and peaceful days that befell the village, were spent in the small village's library where she read and researched all that she could to better understand her meaning in this world.

Reference Sheet:
User Image

Understanding her clothing vs back story:
The only thing that set her apart in appearance from the other Draconian's was her choice in attire. She never placed armor upon her skin as most did, nor did she wear the colors of blood and war. She simply couldn't bring herself to wear such filthy clothing and ended up adapting the styles and colors of the flowers that grew in the village. These flowers were what had drawn Trixy's aura to this small quaint village. She had passed by thousands of villages, town's and cities and none of them had caught her eye. When passing by this one..a glint in the shadows had caught her off guard..it was valley covered in periwinkles and daisies. The colors shined through the darkness that overwhelmed the earth, they were so bright and magnificent she couldn't simply PASS by them..It was as if she was home again..where innocence still roamed and war was non existent.

vutha ui wer tiecelle shimmering vhir;
coi zhrenic erekess tobor vur wer guilt yth ashne
hesi iteshk, coi makaidic erekess wer undergrowth,
lae yth abandon nomeno ravenous edar loaw

wer zeitgeist dimmed wer surface vur seized wer sepa
hesi dask wept zara wer xhud,
vur yth drained jacioniv iejir, hak forgetting jacioniv ehaism,
vur houpe de fronah

ekess frahr, ekess frivin,
ekess linger, ekess utilize wer vatakawe herd

persvek rapture de gemuth yth divorce,
hefoc orphans ini tuor,
de nomeno trelkir mitne

wer bewildered vdri -
wer shadowy voyager ui lurking;
jaci ui|ulph persvek wer yobolat di kaloki vaporous
wer vacant, untiring sovran di juanth
jaci ui|ulph wer machinery; igniting wer paralyzed soil

yth claxon wer iejir di wer edar
vur wielga persvek itov mrith marfedelom
mrith tobor coinah lae vin sjaadur

vutha ui wer tiecelle shimmering vhir
coi zhrenic erekess tobor vur wer guilt yth ashne

yth re houpeir persvek chorus lae starry saurivic trelk,
vur seasons luh persvek veitrelg;
'cause yth drained jacioniv iejir, hak forgetting jacioniv ehaism
ekess houpe de fronah

wer bewildered vdri -
wer shadowy voyager ui lurking
jaci ui|ulph persvek wer yobolat di kaloki vaporous
wer vacant, untiring sovran di juanth
jaci ui|ulph wer machinery; igniting wer paralyzed soil

Please note that some history on the Dragon race and Draconic race has been obtained to make this bio, any "stories" I may have placed here are renditions of what I've researched and what I've come up with in my mind. Do not copy,steal or take any of my ideas or my OC.
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Artists Commisioned:
Character Reference Sheet and first glimpse of Trixy in art form all goes to C3NTRIC who worked with me in creating her.

Lady Cynthea - Fullbody (80% completed)

Coure - 2 Chibi's and a Fullbody (20% completed)

TehChich - Fullbody (0%)

Tiki_San - Fullbody (0%)

Kennymap - Waist or two Chibi's?(completed)

Xenthyl - Fullbody colored (0%)

iiSaiyu- FB (completed)

C3NTRIC - Ref Sheet and Fullbody ( completed)

Blackxxraine - Fullbody (completed)
Blackxxraine - Freebie (Completed)
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Art Received:

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Cioccolato Cuore
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