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heart ninja
whee heart Best of luck with the requests. Will have to take the time to check through all those avis some day XD
I´m sure they are all awesome though heart
*runs back to my thread*
heart whee Thanks so much Aqua!~
heart ninja
heart ninja
heart ninja
heart ninja
heart ninja
heart ninja
heart ninja
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Name: Winged Clouds (dA BakaBunii)
Shop Name: n/a [don't currently own one]
Examples: |Picture 1| |Picture 2| |Picture 3 (Sketch)|
Type of Art Offered: Anime
Are you willing to do: Full body
Are you willing to provide WIP's on request?: Yes
Prices: 500+ (first request sweatdrop )
Are you currently open? : Yes
Which category are you interested in?: Hmmmm.. anime?
What avatar/OC would you like to do?: x and x
Estimated time of completion of art: 1-2 weeks ( more likely to be finished on weekends) per avi.
Anything else? Yes. deviantArt account. I am willing to do a half-body if you'd prefer, and I take any gold. I am trying to save up, so you can make it as low as 100 gold. I don't mind. I can wait for payments, also. This is my first request, so please tell me if I forgot anything or filled out anything incorrectly~!
I will start once I get your say-so~! 3nodding
Winged Clouds Hi there!
Aww, you're art is really cute!
I would love if you could do both avatars, so how about this, I give you 2k for each avatar, and I could have a half body colored?
Just leave me a note here or PM me to let me know you agree! :3
heart mrgreen
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Dangerous Genius

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