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sup .

wanting pixel arts ONLY atm

Hello! Welcome to my oc art request * A * you may have seen me around this forum actually hehe. but now im beginning to transition into more rlc and other things! So i am totally interested in getting art for myself to enjoy c:

My name is Esther. You can call me pandalady or just esther. I am currently a sophmore in high school! I sadly currently do not know what I am going to do after highschool. but 80% of the time i will be either sleeping, in school, or working on homework. that other 20% i am drawing or on the internets. However, i am going on break very soon! So i will be 100% focused on art and crafts. I, myself, most of the artwork I will do is realistic-ish/cute depending on the art type n___n;;

Please keep reading if you're interested! i am wanting art of OCS, COUPLES, AND AVIS.

-- September 19-- OPEN!!
-- wanting pixel artsuu ; o ;
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R U L E S .

►Please don't get offended if I say no thanks.
►HQ only? however, i enjoy looking at unique styles!
►I may accept chibis/fullbodys/pixels/and more.
►Follows the ToS, please.
►Don't be rude c:
i rarely do RLC, but feel free to try! only cheap rlc for now! like $10 or lower. sorry ^^;;
►i am usually okay with art trades! click my signature for samples
►stick around and chat! c:

►do NOT quote the first page.

F O R M S.

please fill this out ; ~ ; i will ignore you if you do not use this, or i will ask you to fix it.

[quote="y o u n g k i m c h i"][/quote]
[size=20] [color=#36DBCA]⋟ AYO STER ⋞[/size][/color]
[size=10]►[color=#F88379][b]Username :[/b][/color] [i]Username here![/i]
►[color=#F88379][b]Who you want to draw:[/b][/color] [i]Avi/Oc[/i]
►[color=#F88379][b]Samples:[/b][/color] [i]at LEAST three for each style you offer[/i]
►[color=#F88379][b]Prices :[/b][/color] [i]self explanatory.[/i]
►[color=#F88379][b]How long will it take? :[/b][/color] [i]please give me a range![/i]
M A I Nx R E Q U E S T

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Scarlet Lu
xxxx references:: x x

Personality-- a troublemaker, a hoodlum. she's very wild and crazy but can be quiet .001% of the time. She has a very distinct stuttering, with her "s". She goes by the name Scar, instead of Scarlet. If you decide to draw her, i would prefer weird expressions>happy/smiling>sad/quiet.

Outfit-- Her outfit consists of sweaters, big tops, and jeans/shorts. she NEVER wears skirts. She needs to have two things for sure. Her scarf (usually scarlet but can be other colors) and at least one skull in her outfit. (usually two skull hair ties). She especially loves boots! ALSO she is very petite, and skinny. not curvy.

Hair/Eyes-- Hair is a warm coffee brown, not black. Her eyes are a light deep blue. --refer to references--
S I D Ex R E Q U E S T

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xxxx references:: none other than that.

Personality-- very quiet most of the time, usually wears glasses when she needs to focus on something. she is very nice, but is picky about many things especially friends. If you decide to draw her, i would like happy smiles! or emotional pictures. just very cutesy also.

Outfit-- Her outfit consists of green/teal/mint sweaters, many skirts and shorts, and MANY MANY MANY tights/leggings/socks. She is never without her tights/leggings/socks. They can be stripes, polka dots, flowers, etc. just very cuteesyyyyy. Her earrings will always be feathers, no matter what, but can have different colors.

Hair/Eyes-- Hair is a purple/pink maroon color. Her eyes are a dark dark brown, almost black color ( i prefer black).
S I D Ex R E Q U E S T

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xxxx references:: x x gif warning!

INFO:: This is yet another request for a friend's oc, Jade! There is not much to say about her, but she is very chill. She wears very fashionable outfits, her hair can be any color ( try not to do too bright colors), and she has specific markings and piercings. her eyes are not blind, but appear to be. obviously her skin is bright green. You can refer to the references given!
A V Ix R E Q U E S T

If you are not wanting to draw any of the main/side requests, i am also looking for avi art! These avis and my current avatar. Thank you c:

User Image for this avi, please click on it to see the tektek layering to draw what you see. and adjust the purple dress' color to match the hair.
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User Imageplease ignore the weird ghost hand ^^;;
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User Image
R E S E R V E D.
R E S E R V E D.

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