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The thread is closing. The only way I'm going to do sprites is if you bribe me (has to be over 60k) or if you've already tipped me before(autoslots). If you need to contact me, you can PM or ask me on Deviant Art.


This is a permanent freebie shop
So basically, I'm going to draw your OC or avatar as a trainer sprite from pokémon. I live stream sometimes so when the thread title has "livestreaming", you can watch me draw here.
It will look something like:

User ImageUser Image

Please note:
I take a while with these. (20 minutes minimum)
Anyone that tips over 60k gets auto slots. Anyone who tips over 150k, I will be their art slave..
Autoslot owners can request when full. @-@

I refuse to draw anyone who doesn't use proper grammar, or whn u dun mak a effrt 2 spll.
You can hit and run. You just have a less of a chance to get drawn.
If you fail to follow the rules or instructions, you WILL NOT be considered.
You'll be yelled at by me, and/or be put on my blacklist (which in fact is not posted.)
If I take you off the slots, it means I'm not interested anymore. Remember; These are freebies.
Please don't steal art.

Choose a pose here. Makes my life easier.

pickup/ones I've done:
Call me SALee|K U M O R I|Dirty_Cute_Muffin| bloodrayne33|joannne|Yachiru
Ketchup Yo|HoshiJizz|RDXMenaceRevaire|Dreams of Time
Ray Artemis Darkwolf|Venonat Venom|Vyvyana|chibi-sasori-girl
Elite Rainbow
reithkuma|NinjaofSecrets|Cookie Drugs| Karuka|Akitakeshi
Call me SALee|snowmiddy|Elite Rainbow
Pandan-chan|Alegna Semae
Miss Taylor Toxic
Miss Taylor Toxic|iExpressive|Sweet Sex Pot Revenge|cowfish249
Call me SALee| Some Random Crappy Name
.Sex.Dot.|NoNo Belendrake| xXxBloodshot EyesxXx|Missus Panda|Illiya
AdonisxRhea|iReq|Idiopathic Disaster|hiilikekitties|Kauma16|~Holy Hipthrust~
~Holy Hipthrust~|Master Ky|Bellow the Cellar Door|m0_0m|Myin
Dragon Sneeze|Riyo Ongaku|CRAYON EXPLOSION|i Wonderland i|xXx mecha man xXx
Chibi_Kokoro143|Silken-Laced Mistress|Moogle VoodooINHYEONG|Lady Denna|Sin Fang
Axerth|Bloodrayne2452|i Wonderland i|Chibi_Kokoro143|Tiny Toy Shop
Pet-shop 24|Shimada Kambei-Sama|German Torture|TinyToyShop|Minato
Handicap Porno|Bloodrayne2452|Beneviolence|xXx mecha man xXx|A Masochists Wet Dream
The Horny Tampon|Moogle Voodoo|IAMONAN|Blippeh
DJ Crossfire|Elementalphantomthief|DJ Crossfire|Titochu|DSFA Gage
Aii Hoshi|Ivysaurr|Virgil Demira|Miss Djinni|Little Lilim
Vivianne Venita|Humanitarians eat Humans|platysaur|Lily Patara|Ice Lemon Teee
Sylimidee|gusrnme|Angiiie Chan|Artists Love Forever|xX_AnimeXIII_Xx
Mind Break|Timmyo00|Titochu|Vault13Can23Cut|January Skies
Elementalphantomthief|ITSA M3 AIDS|Sweet Sex Pot Revenge|You can call me bear|Pioggia Dell Amore
Pauginxz|jcgt85|Miserable Pants Of Doom|Melancholy Melanoma|V3RT1G01
Too Seducing|ITSA M3 AIDS|WTFWHALEWTF|Mindbreak|Michigopyon
Lil X E S P A D A|V3RT1G0|Enigma in Lace|Too Seducing|EX-assassin-haku
V3RT1G0|iproxii|RuriUchiha|Myin|Perceptive Chaos
Jugo-kun|Fiqachu|Perceptive Chaos|bloodrayne33|g4m3rkid
Prince Aleksander|Ochisuki|ellystar||Virgil Demirasnowmiddy|vincent_pimp_kid-
Nomjy|Bloodyrayne2452|Chibi_Kokoro143|Reyxe|The Injured Pixel
Elementalphantomthief|Reyxe|Rayneeee|Lily Patara|EX-assassin-haku
Reyxe|octopotamus|Ice_cream-Oninigi|Deemon Dust|V3RT1G0
Pajama_Kappa|And It All Changes|Nye U-Chan|Deemon Dust|Comte De Morcerf
aetheist|KumiKoyama|Xxemo_shrimpxX|syl shadow|Alluniel
Virgil Demira|[Gankaku|Redroid|Hakuyako|I3 e l o v e d
JackTheLycan|iiSnuggles|ll Kai II|Charcoal Fox|PSYCH0S1S
Virgil Demira|MisaBear|Charcoal Fox||Khenarthi Fadomai|Elementalphantomtheif
3L3VAT10N|Passarby_|ITSA M3 AIDS|IIX_Nova_X|IIX_Nova_X
IIX_Nova_X|iHeero-|Kiskis|al infinite|xTreachery|Essi the thief

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Auto Slots belong to:

→ i Wonderland i (Something from my wishlist heart )
→ IAMONAN (65k heart )
→ Elementalphantomthief (Thank you for being here since page 68 heart )
→ Mindbreak [210k;;(in total) I am now forever your art slave!] heart heart
→ January Skies Skies (60k) heart
ITSA M3 AIDS (400K AND WED TO DARKNESS!!!RJFOWEIJFRWG!! heart heart heart 4laugh
→ jcgt85 (65k heart )
→ Melancholy Melanoma (150k Thank you!)<3
→ 3L3VAT10N (250k! thank you thank you!)
→ Too Seducing (92k and 1 gold xD) heart
→ EX-assassin-haku (63k and 7 gold. heart )
→ Virgil Demira (100k heart ) Thank you! c:
→ Evening Hallows (wish list heart ) thank you~
→ Prince Aleksander (60k heart )
→ Nomjy (60k heart )
→ Bloodrayne2452(something from my wishlist heart )
→ Reyxe (Hell prison RIG x2 & spectral possession) heart heart
→ ellystar (Thanks for being a regular heart )
→ Deemon Dust(121k, Ninja mask, nitemare parasol, song of the nightingale) Thank
you!!! heart
→ Pajama_Kappa(70k) heart
→ aetheist (150k!! heart heart )
→ syl shadow (100k! heart )
→ Redroid/Acite(150k! heart heart )
→ JackTheLycan(65k) c:
→ MisaBear (85k)<33
→ Khenarthi Fadomai(160k!) heart heart ILY! T^T
→ IIX_Nova_X(155k) Thank you! heart
→ xTreachery(80k)
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Thread drawings<3
Group pictures, or livestream memorables.
Mecha VS Elemental
Fifa Celebration drawing
Happy 600 pages!
Haku; 1st post page 700
Eki; Page 800
Virgil Demira; page 2000
Genderbend art<3
Eki's page 2300 overworld c:
Stoney's Overworld (2400)
Nande's Page 2600 prize
Misa's Overworld, thanks for 50k heart
The only mugshot I ever finished. Nova<3

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Links in:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


Links out:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image
User ImageUser Image
User Image
ART GIVEAWAY -Slot Taken - -Chibis Open-

User Image

Make me one?
Current avatar?
User Image
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Wheezing Noob

salwa LOBBS blue
User Image

Make me one?
Current avatar?

Sure thing. C:
User Image

thanksies. :3
trala la la laaa~
wwonderful's avatar

Lonely Noob

I wanna be a pixel[well more pixeld]
Hello there!
Consider me, please?
Carmensaur's avatar

Wheezing Noob

User Image

> u <
melikes your avi.
green/yellow. :3

do you animate them perhaps? :3
Eeeee ; could you do my current one please? >w<
User Image
        . мεмεηтσ - - K U M O Я Ixxxx)xxxx)---
        ------------------------- ---remember--- remember--- oh dear--- k u m o r i .

      @ Salwa:
      Haha, thanks! :3
      I like the... brightness of it. xD
      Your avvie is pretty cute too. <3

      I { D O N ' T }, FALL IN LOVE FLAWLESSLY . . .
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Lonely Wolf

ohhh those are so cute >w<
may i be made into an adorable cute pokemon pirate sprite? XD

Carmensaur's avatar

Wheezing Noob

I could animate. But depends on what you want. xD
User Image

AND your font color's green and yello too.

Herrrooo, MUFF~
> u <

Can you animate mine then?
I can pay for it if you want. smile
CherryBanni's avatar

Lonely Wolf

*waves at Salwa*
aww i havent seen you in an age x3
Carmensaur's avatar

Wheezing Noob

Well if you want like blinking, then yeah, but if it's a whole arm moving, I can't do that.
And no need to pay me. ;P

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