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Wishing you were somehow here again,
Wishing you were somehow near,


To start off with, I love paying for art. Why? Because I LOVE art, and I want to give so much to the artists who bring it to me.. Unfortunately, though, I'm only here because I have absolutely nothing to give. owo I sold all my items for art funds, and I've nearly spent them all already. Of course, I will be tipping! It won't be an incredible amount, and I'm sorry. :c But it'll be something. And my gratitude! I'll give you my gratitude too!

Okay.. So! Here, in this very thread, I'll list my entire collection of OCs.. I'll probably make more in the future, because my mind has strayed from the path of casual inspiration and is extending into raw, maybe slightly psychotic, visions of very real people I grow to love. This outrageous change over time caused the oldest charries to be so different from the newest ones. I hope to interest you by exhibiting my beloved OCs and best friends. <3

...that sounds creepy, almost. >w< I'm not psychotic! I just don't like to draw lines where there shouldn't be any. Umm, if you're interested in drawing any of them, I don't need a form or anything, just tell me what you intend to draw so I won't die from curiosity.

Sometimes it seemed, if I just dreamed...
Somehow you would be here.
You were once my one companion,
You were all that mattered..

The Captivating Current

Name。 Deulsett (Deu) Chime
Gender。 Male
Age。 Twenty
Race。 Human/Water Elemental/Black Mage
Sexual Orientation。 Homosexual
Face。 Composed, feminine, bewitching features.
Eye Color。 Celadon (Ex. x, x)
Hairstyle。 His hair is thick and straight, to start. This might be difficult, as a warning: On the left side of his head, his hair is short and choppy. On the right side of his head, he has a long (shoulder-blade length), wide strand of hair that he usually fashions into two braids, one in front of his right shoulder, and one behind it.
Hair Color。 White, not silver. Pure white.
Skintone。 Very fair skin.
Body build。 Slender, with some tone to give his body that corset (slightly cinched waist) shape.
Pose ideas。 Anything involving water. Lying in it, washing himself, whatever. Anything relatively inviting and maybe a hint of evil, giving the viewer a playful middle finger.
Expression ideas。 Licking his lips, winking with his mouth slightly open, laughing politely, smiling passively.
Personality。 Provocative, elegant, composed. He's luxurious and deceptive, with a significantly entrancing voice and the mind to attract subtle attention. He doesn't like to make a scene. He prefers one person's complete attention over a crowd's. He loves to feel as though he can do whatever he wants, and hates feeling chained down by anything or anyone.
Clothes。 I'll update this when I come up with things? D; To start with.. Um. Anything with fur on it. He likes to look expensive, and his skin isn't very sensitive to heat, so he doesn't get too hot wearing strange and somewhat layered outfits. Fur and lace, bby. Provocative but classy. c; Or draw him nakey? But he wouldn't be caught dead in a compromising position, so I think he might be more modest about his nudity. Nothing that would label him as a whore. xD
Piercings。 He has his ears pierced with black studs, and a black navel loop piercing.

You were once a friend of mine..
Then my world was shattered.
Wishing I could hear your voice again,
Knowing that I never would..

The Stunning Soprano

Name。 Skadi Blume
Gender。 Male.
Age。 Eighteen.
Race。 Human.
Sexual Orientation。Can't you make an accurate guess?
Face。 Very feminine features. Deceptive, almost evil, but beautiful.
Eye Color。 Dark brown eyes
Hair Color。 Platinum blonde, nearly white.
Skintone。 He's pretty pale.
Body build。 Minor tone here and there, but mostly just a slender, more fragile figure. That's not to suggest he is fragile in the least, because I would be lying if I so much as implied that. xD
Pose ideas。 Anything even slightly provocative. Legs in the air, fingers twisted inviting the viewer in, different, very flexible poses. You can throw a pole in there if you want. c:
Expression ideas。 Sticking his tongue out, smirking, winking, anything moderately welcoming but immoral. Tempting.
Personality。 I'm sure you can figure that out by now.. He's an absolute attention whore, and a tease. He loves money, because he didn't have much of it as a child. He never got the approval he so craved by his parents, so instead seeks it from random strangers. He'll do anything to captivate an audience. Totally unrelated, he's known for his fantastic, thrilling singing voice.
Clothes。 All his outfits are made of latex.
Outfit 1: Black latex. A pair of glistening black pants, thigh high boots, and a long-sleeved top that cut off just above his exposed bellybutton with a zipper down the center.
Outfit 2: Candy red latex. Shorts that reach his knees, and boots that go up to the mid-calf area. Two liquid latex X's that cover his nipples, and a corset-style 'top' that only covers his stomach. Elbow-length fingerless gloves with red nail polish and ruby eyeliner to match.
Outfit 3: Teal latex. Full-length gloves that attach to a collar that flares up behind his head (collar ends just below the top of his head). Thin strip of liquid latex that covers his nipples and goes all the way around his chest. Shiny thong to cover his naughty bits, and thigh-high boots. Again, you can design his makeup to match.
Outfit 4: Lavender latex. Ankle boots and liquid latex fishnets that reach all the way to his frilly short shorts (which barely reach his upper thighs). Frills everywhere. Frilly top with puffy short sleeves, and a frilly white bow on the opposite side of his head in relation to the long strand of hair in the front. Another bigger, frill-drenched white bow in the center of his top. Basically, it's a shota-style sailor school outfit.. but worn by a non-shota, non-school boy type of guy (Oh, and it's latex). Please note that this is the only outfit with two colors. :3
Outfit 5: Emerald latex. Liquid latex 'leggings' with knee-length boots, a choker around his neck, and a short-sleeved, floor-length jacket. This is the only outfit where his nipples aren't covered (unless he decides to button up the jacket, which is quite unlikely). He doesn't have gloves on, just emerald green nail polish and possibly make-up to match. A latex crown would be an interesting addition, but it's optional.
Piercings。 None.

Dreaming of you helped me to do..
All that you dreamed I could.

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Passing bells and sculpted angels,
Cold and monumental...

The Petite Ponderer

Name。 Ashe Volte (he doesn't have any accurate references)
Gender。 Male
Age。 Sixteen
Race。 Human
Sexual Orientation。 Homosexual, but he doesn't really know yet c:
Face。 He's got more feminine features, I suppose, but more on the optimistic side of things. He's more mellow-looking, and less attention-demanding appearance wise.
Eye Color。 Light brown, maybe even a little golden.
Hairstyle。 I'm going to describe this, because I can't find a good reference picture. Basically, he has side bangs that sweep left on his forehead. The sides of his hair frame his face nicely, and more toward the back, it trails down his neck.
Hair Color。 Blonde, but not platinum blonde. Solid blonde. Not dirty blonde either.
Skintone。 He's white, but with a natural blush to his skin. I would almost be inclined to call his skin rosy.
Body build。 He's petite. Not anorexic, but certainly small. He doesn't do much to work on gaining muscle, but doesn't eat much to cause weight gain.
Pose ideas。 Holding a hand above his eyes to shield them from the Sun as he glances to the sky. Anything pretty ordinary, but pretty in a common way.
Expression ideas。 Curious glance, looking at his feet, looking to the side. He doesn't like maintaining a one-direction stare for too long, as he considers it rude.
Personality。 He's a little on the quirky side, but he's an optimist who doesn't let things get him down. Like Skadi, his parents didn't pay him much attention. But, unlike Skadi, he doesn't value gaining the attention of others through provocative acts. He's a soft-spoken person with a bit of innocence, still untainted by the 'real' world. He's imaginative and daydreams often.
Clothes。 He's more into modern fashion that most of my characters. Yes, I realize the references are girls' clothes, but he's young, and he has the small body for them to look good on him. Male clothes don't really do him justice.
Outfit 1: Something like [this]; Loose but nicely fit, effortless-looking top with a wide cut-out that shows his collar bone, and a pair of simple shorts. Maybe just some brown knee-length boots to go along with it?
Outfit 2: [x]; lacy top with puffy sleeves and some shorts with a thin belt around them. Again, just pair it with some knee-length boots or maybe some flip flops. Casual, modest, but sort of trendy.
Piercings。 None.

Seem for you the wrong companions..
You were warm and gentle.
Too many years, fighting back tears..
Why can't the past just die!

The Brooding Beau

Name。 Cyran Absolon
Gender。 Male
Age。 Twenty One
Race。 Half-vampire
Sexual Orientation。 Gay
Face。 Masculine, but not extremely. He froze in time at 21, not 38. o;
Eye Color。 The right eye is dark black, and the left eye is glowing lavender.
Hairstyle。 Spiky in the back (with or without bangs in the front). He slicks it back from time to time, or merely spikes the front as well.
Hair Color。 Red. Crimson.
Skintone。 Pale as a ghost... Or, I guess, pale as a vampire? owo
Body build。 He's got a nice, toned body. c: He likes to keep in shape, but he's not inflated. His body becomes more defined and intense-looking when both of his eyes turn glowing lavender, implying that his vampire side has taken control.
Pose ideas。 Glancing behind him at something unknown, cuddling a pineapple, plucking a Heliconia flower, gesturing with his hand to invite the viewer in.
Expression ideas。 Warm smile, playful smirk, mildly paranoid glance to the left or right.
Personality。 He's afraid of his past, since he was changed by an unknown vampire who left him for dead in a frozen lake, but he's relatively happy. He's playful and somewhat charming, sarcastic but sweet at heart. Maybe a teensie bit spoiled by his parents' inheritance.
Clothes。 This is updated, so the references won't really represent his clothes well.
Outfit 1: He sort of likes to wear more old-fashioned clothing, like dandies. So anything on that note would be lovely.
Outfit 2: Draw him shirtless if you so desire, or even nakey. He's not at all modest about his body.
Piercings。You can give him piercings if you like, whatever you want. He would definitely wear piercings, I just never set the idea in stone, so to speak.

Wishing you were here again..
Knowing we must say goodbye.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Try to forgive, teach me to live..
Give me the strength to try!

Halloween’s Horror

Name。 Citavelle. No last name. Maybe he forgot it, maybe he didn't like it, but he never told me he had one. owo
Gender。 Male
Age。 Unknown (Looks around... Idek, anywhere between 18-25, most likely)
Race。 Half-devil.
Sexual Orientation。 Doesn't matter. xD
Face。 He has odd features. His eyes always look like they're bulging, or shocked (usually with bags underneath his eyes). His mouth is always curved into a plotting, closed-mouth grin, or a full-out wide smirk with sharp, pointed teeth showing.
Eye Color。 Glowing purple with crimson pupils.
Hairstyle。 OH! Lisbeth Salander's hair is very similar. c: Very short, even, straight bangs in the front that cut off before hitting his mid-forehead, where two dark purple, thin horns protrude from his skin. The horns curve from his forehead toward the back of his head instead of up. Two strands of hair frame his face on either side, cutting off at his jawline. The back of his head is shaved clean. (Dahmi made this beautiful reference)
Hair Color。 Black
Skintone。 Deathly pale, almost a very, very light grey.
Body build。 Relatively toned. Slender muscle.
Pose ideas。 Prodding at his bellybutton (it's sort of an obsession). Nibbling on his tail (naturally, this would involve blood, as his teeth aren't exactly safe to nibble things with). Flapping his wings (if you choose to involve them). Pricking his fingers on his horns.
Expression ideas。 Laughing hysterically with tears trailing down his cheeks. Glaring petulantly. Smirking, as if he has something on his mind.
Personality。 By human standards, he would be considered a sadomasochist. He's a curious creature, especially when it comes to blood, sharp things, and belly-buttons. If someone pisses him off, he'll 'play' with them until they die. Prideful and provocative. Batshit a bit crazy.
Clothes。 Anything bondage-y, involving chains, black leather, whips, whatever. He likes to play the part of the 'devil' humans fear he is. Or give him an intricate gothic outfit. I'll eventually put some references here, but for now, the vague description will stand. If you wouldn't care to design an outfit with any of those features, draw him nuuuuude. He's not the modest kind. If you prefer casual wear, give him a torn-up (REALLY torn up) orange V-neck and some worn-looking black skinny jeans.
Extra。 His body is mostly human, save for four features: His horns, which are described in the hairstyle section. His tail, a thin, long, dark purple strand extending from his spine with a heart-shaped tip. And his teeth, which are pointed and very sharp. His arms and fingers can extend and thin out to mutate into a pair of functioning wings that take on a similar dark purple hue as the horns and tail (but this is entirely optional; his arms can look completely human). He has a deep scar around his neck from when he was beheaded. Obviously, he managed to live. Feel free to add stitches anywhere you see fit; he loses limbs like pocket change.

No more memories, no more silent tears,
No more gazing across the wasted years.
Help me say goodbye...

The Pierced Prince

Name。 Resiel (Resi) Emory (waiting on s'more art)
Gender。 Male
Age。 Twenty
Race。 Human
Sexual Orientation。He likes boys. But would he tell YOU that? Prolly not. x3 I would call him a seke/switch/versatile, in case you're wondering about that business~
Face。 How do I describe someone's face? Ugh. He's masculine looking, but he's still got boyish features. Nothing on the level of shota or cutesy, just sort of an in-between between boyhood and manliness. Does this make sense? No gigantic kawaii eyes, and no super narrow "Ima dominate you" eyes.
Eye Color。 Dark blue irises with lime green pupils. (Why? Because it looks cool in my mind.)
HairstylePerfect Hair Reference by DAHMI
Hair Color。 Dark purple. Perfect shade in above hair reference.
Skintone。 Pale, but not deathly pale.
Body build。 Toned, with pretty abs. Nothing body-builder huge or super-macho, just some nice, lean muscle. Not feminine, but not drenched in testosterone either.
Pose ideas。 Standing with his hands on his hips and his feet spread, running a hand through his hair, OH. Hand on his face with fingers spread to highlight his pretty eyes? Uhmmm. I might come up with more later, but artistic freedom's cool too. c:
Expression ideas。 Irritated blushing. I love it. Like "...why did you have to bring THAT up?" sort of blushing. Shameful, delicious, adorable blushing. Or you can have him smiling comfortably. Or maybe a confident grin on his face, with a wink. That could be kyoot.
Personality。 Confident (but not extremely arrogant) and composed, with a good sense of humor. He's protective of the people he grows to love, and is insanely embarrassed by anything sexual. Hence the irritated blushing. He has some morals, unlike a few of my other charries, and he's quite noble when he feels he needs to be. Not afraid to get into a physical or verbal fight if someone gets on his nerves or violates a moral of his.
Clothes。Alright, from here on you might feel like I'm breaking his character. But idgaf, because I'll dress him and pierce him how I wanna. *w* SO..
Outfit 1: Short-sleeved lime green fishnet top (to match his pupils), some wrecked-up black pants with patches of dark purple (to match his hair) to hold together the torn parts, and black combat boots.
Outfit 2: Loose white long-sleeved crop-top that cuts off before his abs, dark skinny jeans, and bright red combat boots. Bright red necklace with an oversized peace sign.
Outfit 3: Tight v-neck black shirt without sleeves (the sleeves were ripped off, so jagged edges at the cut-off point) with a big, bold, pink infinity sign design on the front, baggy, tan pants, and dark blue flip flops. A dark blue choker around his neck.
Outfit 4: Don't feel like drawing clothes? Don't. Censor bars are your friend, unless you really feel like drawing his downstairs. Or, you can mix and match his outfits to suit how you want to draw him.
Outfit 5: Anything dark and princely. I'm not sure why, but him being some sort of morbid-looking prince appeals to me.
Ear area: One stud in his right (our left) earlobe. (MANDATORY)
Mouth area: Chin... OR ...Lip studs. The lip studs are located on his right (our left). (1/2 IS MANDATORY)
Other areas: n****e piercings. (Optional) WARNING, 18+: Frenulum piercing. (VERY Optional lol)

Help me say goodbye!
I love youuu <3

Venra Axel Prey
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