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'Ello, and thanks. :3
*~Bump~s once more before she leaves*
Yar yar yar. Working on new TiJs now.
*bothers people to talk and stuff*
*dies* Alrighty. Didn't upload the new stuff (yet), but I kinda organized the image post. Phew. Nooowwww.... to get the new stuffs up. Yay!
Oy. New stuff's up. If anything's messed - and anyone reads this - please tell! User Image
*talks to self*
'Ello, self.
Hey. *poke*
Get. :/
._. *mills about*

Horray for boredom.
*~Bump~s before she leaves*
La ti da~.
New stuff's up, and I reorganized. Quest Jars added! :O
*kicks the deadness* D:
Meh, Elle is going now. G'bye, nothing. <.<;;
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love the quest jars and all your jars are so cute. I put alot of them in my journal cause I got no more room in my sig and my profile is where all my kakashi related stuff is check it out and comment if you want smile
Thanks~. User Image They are, aren't they?
*bothers self*
Hmm, should I work on more now, or wait until later? *ponders*
*bothers self again*
I so totally have a few more TiJs done, but I'm too lazy to upload them. Haha.

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