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Welcome to my permanent freebie/trade thread~
Here you may request original clothing designs for
your Original Characters as well as receive free artwork
for him / her. Please read the rules and intro and enjoy your stay~

⊱● [ 2 . 1 . 2012 ]
______We hold our fist contest! Guess the lyric and win a prize~ Info on pg. 37
Intro: _______________________________

You walk down a busy street, gazing blankly into space as you make your
way down a cobblestone path to wherever it was you were planning on heading to.
As you pass a large deli and a small key shop, your feet slow to a steady halt. The
murmur of the hasty shoppers that passed you by quieted and soon, you found
yourself alone. You looked back at your path finding that the previous stores and
settlements had disappeared and was now replaced by an empty brick road.
A gust of wind pushed you forward, a small bell chiming in the not too far distance.
Turning around once more, you face a small iron gate and beyond it a small house
almost hidden in lush greenery and foliage. A sign hung from the wall, slowly
swinging back and forth.

You placed a hand on the gate door, a high pitched noise coming from the rusted hinges.
Taking a deep breath, you made your way up the vine-laced pathway.

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          This is a Role-play Freebie thread. This DOES NOT MEAN you have
          to roleplay in order to get art.
          Keep that in mind. It is pretty fun, though.
          I reserve the right to edit these rules at any time. NEVER PM ME UNLESS ASKED TO.

          ● Manners; I would expect everyone to have at least a handful of these. I don't
          want any rudeness in my thread. Say please when requesting art and don't make
          too much trouble in the thread.

          ● READ MY ARTIST INFO; Please. I don't want to repeat myself when it comes to requests.

          ● THE FORM; fill it out right. Or you get nothing.

          ● Posting; Please keep from using posting colors that are difficult to read.
          I have many requests to look through and if I can't read your request, I'll have
          to skip past it. Post formats are to be kept to a minimum. Same with post chains.
          If you rp and you end up on the currently drawing list, I CAN remove you from it if
          I find that I lost interest.

          ● Literacy; Please be literate when posting. Either in rp-mode or out of it.

          ● Moderators; Obey them. If you want to be a mod, roleplay, a lot. Then we'll talk.

          ● Have fun; Yes, please do. :3
The Moderators: ___________________________________
Obey these people. Or face banishment from the thread.

          Chief Moderators:
          ____ - Nulfi
          ____ - liquid_gingerr

          Standard Moderators:
          ____ - Angel Heart__love_love
          ____ - Oh My Dear Martyrdom
          ____ -
          ____ -
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Status: Open || Full || Closed

" My name is Nulfi~
That's all you really have to know. I'm a seamstress witch and I own
this small shop here. Oh? What's that? You just sorta ended up here?
Well. That's the house's fault. He does this all the time. His name is
Belphemew, by the way. The house. He's actually a demon.While you're
here, why not stay and relax a bit? You may want to take a look around
and see if you find anything you like. Business is so slow today.
I'd love to make you a little something~
I'll be sure to let my apprentice know of your arrival.
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Ways to Get Art:_______________
- Chat.
- Roleplay.
- Make me laugh.
- Be awesome.

Suff I like:_______________
- Art Trades
- PewDiePie
- Homestuck
- My Little Pony
- Horror games.
- Asian Horror films.
- Sweets.
- Awesome people.

Want To Draw:_______________
Original Characters
Ethnic clothing
Anything I decide is a challenge

Will Not Draw:_______________
Cluttered / Singular colored Avatars.
Slutty / Overly Masculine Avatars.
Full Mecha / Furry
Avatar OCs.
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[ art drawn by Nulfi ]

          User Image

          Well hello ~ !
          Sorry about that, let me just take these headphones off. I'm Cyren Alenthian,
          you can call me Cy for short if you would like. I tidy up the
          shop and answer any questions you may have to the best of my knowledge.
          Nulfi is my mentor and I try to learn from her as much as I can, but recently,
          all I ever seem to do is clean up after her magic tantrums. The woman is a
          psycho when she's in her zone. Cloth and needles EVERYWHERE. It's crazy.
          Watch out for that. Since I'm still learning, I may try my hand at some cloth
          magic myself every so often. I need the practice. Or so she says. You may
          have to yell to me to get my attention sometimes. I really like my music and
          I get lost in it quite often. I'm very friendly and I come off as a little shy but if
          you have any questions I would be more then happy to help ~
          Oh! By the way, about this house. Yeah, it's alive. No, I'm serious.

Previous Customers: ______________________________________
In order form Oldest to Newest.

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

          Don't alter this form in anyway. Please fill it out as shown below.
          This form is used for all three types: Freebies, Trades, and Design requests.
          If you are initiating a trade, please state so in the additional details along
          with a link to your gallery/samples. If you are requesting a design, please
          state any character traits (favorite colors, clothing types/styles, etc.) as well
          as anything else you want incorporated in the concept.Thank you~


          User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                UserName: Nulfi
                Request: Original Character || Avatar [STRIKE out the one you're applying for]
                Link: [provide a LINK to the OC's direct profile/thread or image of avatar ]
                Additional Details:I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIESS. :B

          [color=dodgerblue]☆[/color] [b]U[/b]serName:[size=9]_____[/size]
          [color=dodgerblue]☆[/color] [b]R[/b]equest: [size=9]Original Character || Avatar[/size]
          [color=dodgerblue]☆[/color] [b]L[/b]ink: [size=9]____[/size]
          [color=dodgerblue]☆[/color] [b]A[/b]dditional Details:[size=9]_____[/size]
Currently Drawing: _________________________________
Links in and Out: ____________________________________
[ Please pm me if you wish to trade links 200x40 is recommended.~ ]

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[ I'm not here to request but the word Stephano caught my eye since i was just watching his vids too ]

Chairmode activated *boop*
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