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Hi and a warm welcome to The Chuu Chuu Avi Art shop!

Here is some quick facts:
It is very simple, all you need to do is request that you want your avi drawed by me! And for free! 4laugh
The whole purpouse of this shop was because i have to much mind block and i still need something to practice with! Which why it's free, since your Avi can help me!
I'll still try my best and hopefully i might satisfy you just a little bit with my basic knowledge, so don't expect to much from me.
But insted of talking.. Here is two examples.

Example 1
Example 2

Important Info:Agh.. This my take slightly longer time then i expected. I totally forgot my driver liecense test on Monday & Tuesday, whici mean i need to study if i wanna pass them. I am sorry for the delays and will try squeeze in some time to continue D:.

Time Event: Timezone GMT+1 Stockholm, Went OFFLINE S 03:34 AM. Swedish Time.
I have different Status just incase!
ONLINE W- That i am Online, "Working" on your Avi Art.
ONLINE WMT - Online WMT means i am currently Online, "Working" With your art and "MultiTasking" things at home.
ONLINE B - Online B means i am currently Online, taking a "Break" from drawing for awhile.
OFFLINE WU - Offline W means that i am currently Offline, "Working Undisturbed" with your art.
OFFLINE S - Offline S means that i am currently Offline, "Sleeping."
OFFLINE RL - Offline RL means i am currently Offline, doing "Real Life" Bussiness, such as work, gym, shop and etc.

Not Recommended At The Moment [[Unless if requested either way]]
I do have MSpaint and a colour option on the main program i use, but i am not satsifed with my colouring and Shading yet.
Here is a result of how it can turn out.
Result of Colour/Shading

Copy and paste this to your post and fill in the 'Order'.
1.Fill in your Gaianame

2.Be specific about the pose you wan't for the art, my anotomy is not the best. But I'll do my best! Or just type "Surprise me" if you wan't me to decide insted.

3.That if you dare me to try if you have seen my result sweatdrop .

4.Improvise, might be new for some of you. Leave it as NO if you don't wan't me improvise with your art. If YES i might add/remove or even change cloths depending of how difficult your avi is.

Gaianame: (Name Here.)
Pose: (Be Specific or type "Surprise Me".)
Colour: (Only if you have faith in me.)
Improvise: (Yes or no)


Here you will see how far i have come with your Avi Art and slots that is OPEN or OCCUPIED-
The Emoticons i will put on each slot next to your Gaianame which will be representing how far I've got.

stare - Not Started
sweatdrop - Sketching
surprised - Filling in the lines
rolleyes - Filling in the gaps
wahmbulance - Finished

Open/Occupied Slots

I'll start with 10 slots, i might increase or decrease depending on my situation in RL like work, studies, gym, break etc.

1.DemonGodSmoke wahmbulance
2.I-am-behind-you surprised
3.Kei~rin stare
4.Living_In_Song stare
5.CaptainKillbot stare
6.wazzles stare
7.Moouschi stare
8.Apollymi_the_destroyer stare
9.- - Xo I Go Rawr oX - - stare
10.Xx_yamiunmei_Xx stare

Completed Request

Click your name to get linked to your request.

I am not asking much, since i am putting my efforts in this there is only one thing i request from you. And it's being Gratefull and a Thanks ^^. heart

I wanna thank you for requesting Avi Art from me and giving me something to work on. Thank you very much in advance! Oh, and please have patience. 4laugh

Coming soon- OOC Chuu Chuu Tavern.

For those who wanna meet up while waiting for the Avi Art to be done, Incase if you happen to chat here someday about art or anything else then please keep it in the Tavern please ^^.
DemonGodSmoke's avatar

Dangerous Elder

Gaianame: DemonGodSmoke
Pose: Surpirse me
Colour: Nah thats ok Black/White
Improvise: Yes
Gaianame: I-am-behind-you
Pose: surprise me. ;D
Colour: Sure? biggrin
Improvise: No thanks. I think my avi is pretty basic.
Kei~rin's avatar

8,300 Points
  • Megathread 100
  • Tycoon 200
  • Overstocked 200

Your art is beautiful! 4laugh

Gaianame: Kei~rin
Pose: Surprise me.
Colour: Y
Improvise: Y
Living_In_Song's avatar

Lonely Seeker

*gasp* So pretty! Consider me?

Gaianame: Living_In_Song
Pose: "Surprise Me"
Colour: Only if you have faith in yourself.
Improvise: Sure.
CaptainKillbot's avatar

Ruthless Elder

14,850 Points
  • Voter 100
  • Tycoon 200
  • Beta Voter 0
Gaianame: CaptainKillbot
Pose: ATTACK!!!!
Colour: Black and White
Improvise: Yes
User Image

I change my avatar everyday but this is what I need
wazzles's avatar

6,700 Points
  • Generous 100
  • Tooth Fairy 100
  • Friendly 100
Gaianame: (wazzles)
Pose: (Royal Pose)
Colour: Sure ;]
Improvise: Nuu
{All the lonely people...}

Gaianame: Moouschi
Pose: Surprise me.
Colour: I have faith in you! So...Yes please!
Improvise: Nah.

{...Where do they all come from?}
User Image
Gaianame: apollymi_the_destroyer
Pose: suprise me
Colour: yes
Improvise: no

please just try your best im looking forward to your art
Living_In_Song's avatar

Lonely Seeker


(trying to hold in excitement for finished product)
lol she draws pretty good im in example one XD
Gaianame: - - Xo I Go Rawr oX - -
Pose: Surprise Me. : ]
Colour: Your Choice. : ]
Improvise: No.
CaptainKillbot's avatar

Ruthless Elder

14,850 Points
  • Voter 100
  • Tycoon 200
  • Beta Voter 0

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