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xxxxxxx Leaves crunch underfoot as you slowly walk through a dark forest. Why you've traveled to this place even you do not know for certain. Soon the trees break and in a large, moonlit clearing a mansion towers above you, its shadow stretching over the clearing ominously. It's clear that years ago this place was glorious and elegant but now it seems almost in ruin. The thorn covered ivy crawling on its brick walls is dying and the wrought iron fence creaks eerily as you open it to step through. Some of the windows are boarded over and others are wide open, shattered as though someone has jumped through them. The once mighty roof has caved in upon itself in some places, giving the structure an almost hungry appearance. You turn tail with every intention of moving back to where you came but then your eyes land upon the open door and an invisible force seems to draw you towards it. Whispers seem to flow from inside the mansion and you wonder, could someone possibly be in there? If the force drawing you wasn't strong enough before, your curiosity makes up for it and you gather your courage and walk up the porch steps. The moment you step through the heavy wooden door it slams behind you. Immediately you try to open the door but it won't budge... You're trapped..

xxxxxxxYour heart begins to pound as you turn from the door. Impenetrable darkness surrounds you and you swallow hard. Suddenly a single flame flickers from a candle sconce on the wall, followed by another, then a third. Soon the room is filled with an eerie flickering glow. In its light you can see paintings lining the wall and each one fills you with dread.

xxxxxxxA girl with cat ears and strange glowing demonic eyes, Jesters that appear to be twins with blood dripping from their long claws, A doll with suspicious red stains on her dress, A woman who smiles with a crazy glint in her eyes and a bloody knife in her hand, an uneasy teenage girl who would be beautiful if she did not look terrified, and lastly a young child with her eye socket empty....who would put paintings such as these up in their home?

xxxxxxxYour eyes leave the paintings with relief only to land upon a young woman with pink hair. You recognize her as a young woman who was murdered recently and her form is almost translucent as a shaft of moonlight spears in through a crack in one boarded window. In a soft, gravelly voice the girl speaks. "Welcome to the Candyville Horror...the residents here have noticed you...and they want to play"

xxxxxxxAs it appeared the ghost vanishes and you blink in confusion. Residents? Are there people living in this decrepit home? Somehow you have a feeling that you do not want to meet these residents and your heart pounds again. The windows! You head for one, prepared to crawl out of it when your way is blocked by a shadow. Air blows through your ear in a hiss...almost..catlike...
☾ Ҭhe Demonic Ҟat ☽
You slowly turn around, fear tugging at your chest. A woman with blood red eyes was crawling towards you with a devilish grin spread across her face. It was after you seen her tail an ears that you realized it was the girl from the painting. Your heart jumps when you hear a creepy voice emerge from her lips.
We have lots of fun with humans here. Lots and lots. We haven't played with a human in sooo long!”

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Artist rules
[ Hit n run, an you’ll get nothing from me ]
[ Nyaa ]

Artist introduction
Hi everyone, welcome to CVH. My names Jazmyne, but call me Kitty. I am 15 years old, an I plan on getting a degree in graphic design.
Talking with a customer often inspires me, the more we chat the more detailed your art will be!

Editing ~~~~ Deviant Art
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[ 1 ]
[ 2 ]
[ 3 ]

Just quote KrazyKittyTechno With what you want.
Remember to say what color you want used.

The Blue Jester

Just as you start to back away, you hear a squeaky and excited voice behind you. "Yes!" you quickly turn to face what the voice; you see two twins that are like demonic jesters, holding each others hands. By now you realize that all those odd paintings are actually real. The first twin continues, "Lets play with you! Want to play dolls with my sister and me?"

Artist rules
No hit and runs. I like conversation.
Tips are welcome; however, they're not required.
Don't complain if it takes a while to get your art. I have a life outside of Gaia.
I reserve the right to accept or decline any request.
Art trades are welcome
I do collaboration work with Kitty. Samples below,

Artist introduction
Hey there! My name is Tera. Please call me Mel. I'm 18 years old and really peppy at times. I love my Jazzy. I am going to college to become a forensic chemist. Criminal Justice ftw! Want art? No special form. Just request art from my. Quote one of my posts. *just not this one*

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None yet
The Green Jester

The second twin squeals with barely contained excitement. "We love to play dolls! Let's play with my favourite doll! Her name is Cookie....I'm sure we'll have lots of fun." From behind her back she pulls a bloodstained doll with a menacing smile on its porcelain features.

Artist Rules
Post my order form here in the shop.
I take the orders I want to take when I want to take them.
Don't rush me. I have a pay shop and those orders come first.

Artist introduction
Hello, you can call me Fate, Namea, or the Green Jester. I'm 21 years old and I live in a state full of Potatoes. I love to draw anything and everything but my style in this shop will vary considerably. To see more of my art you can always visit me on Deviantart or check out my HQ Art Shop. I'm vaguely friendly for the most part but if you're an idiot don't expect me to treat you like anything more than that.

Note, I draw what I want when I want. Your style preference on your order form is just a suggestion.

*Click for full sized image*
Style 1 sketchy stuff
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Style 2-My usual style. Headshots only.
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Style 3 -Chibi
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

[align=center]♦ [color=lime]♦[/color] ♦[color=green][b][size=20]Riddle me this, Green Jester![/size][/b][/color]♦ [color=lime]♦[/color] ♦[/align]
[b]Username:[/b] ♦Yours here♦
[b]What do you want?:[/b] ♦style 1,2,or 3♦
[b]What shall I draw to?[/b]♦ Link me to a song on youtube to draw to! (Optional but loved and raises your chances of being picked.)
[b]Anything else?[/b] ♦If you're bribing me put that here as well as any other suggestions♦

When you're done it'll look like this:

Riddle me this, Green Jester!

Username: ♦xx I met my fate xx♦
What do you want?: ♦Style 3♦
Anything else? ♦I bribe you with keeses♦

1. Hiatus
2. Open
3. Open

Waiting List
Art on this list may take up to a week! If you're on this list for avi art DON'T CHANGE YOUR AVI ON ME OR I WILL SKIP YOU.

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The Possessed Doll
You heart is pounding, and races even faster when you see the bloodstained doll speak. "I absolutely love to play with people! Especially when knives are involved!!" She gives a wicked smile, and then looks in the space next to you.

User Image User Image
Artist Rules:
• Post if you want art
• Not all of you will get art
• I decide if I want to draw you or not.
• Your art will get done when it gets done

I Do Other Things:
I made the banners for this thread, and coloured the art to your left. If you want me to make you a banner, sign, or color art, I do those <3
Artist Introduction:
Hey! My name is Christa, but call me Cookie. I'm 16 years old, and I want to get into drawing anime. I'm still fairly new at it, so my art isn't that great, but I'd love to get better xD I've never taken art classes, all my drawing "skills" are by trial and error. If you want art from me, well... I'm the one who decides if you get srt xD Tips are not required, but are always nice :'D Although, no matter how much you are willing to tip, 90% of the possibility of you getting art depends on what you want me to draw. :]
headshot1 fullbody1 fullbody2 couple1

Finished For This Thread:
None yet

The Mass Murderer
You can feel hot breath down your neck, and you try to jump away, but you fall to the ground. A bloodstained woman holding a knife dripping with blood stands staring at you. After a moment or two, she talks slowly and deliberately "I like to play with knives as well... So long as they end up with blood on them...." You crawl backwards trying to get away from all these... things, but you run into something warm...

Artist rules:
>To get art, fill out the form below.<
>I take as long as I would like. Srsly.<
>Be respectful to the artists and everyone else.<
>Art trades are cool<

Artist introduction:
Hey, xchocoxcookiezx here! But call me Choco. I am a mouse user, and I use the program GIMP (and I'm still a noob at coloring). Doing digital art, I usually only do headshots, since that already takes me around 3 hours. /sadface. I mainly draw girls, but I need some practice with boys! I do OC's only if there is a reference. Since I also have a life off the computer, and teachers that give me a crap load of homework, your art may take a while, so please be patient :'D Have a wonderful day!
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Headshot: nom
Chibi (Testing): nom nom

Fullbody: om nom nom
Headshot: nom nom
Chibi Fullbody: nom

I also have a deviant art.

[quote="xchocoxcookiezx"][/quote] [color=#708090][align=center][size=15][b]Look at me now, Choco! [/b]

[b]Username[/b] : enter user here.
[b]Reference[/b] : Avi, OC , Dream Avi
[b]What would you like?[/b] : Please specify// Traditional or Digital // Chibi or Headshot ETC.
[b]Anythin' else?[/b] : Something you would like me to know?

I. cherbloan

jacks demon assistant

The Babysitter

You scramble up to your feet, and see a teenage girl sitting in a rocking chair, she looks up innocently at you and smiles. As you look into her eyes an uneasing chill runs up your spine, what the have you gotten yourself into? Her sweet voice was hushed into a whisper as she spoke to you. "Now.. Behave children... You don't want to end up like this little girl...."

Artist Rules

>I require a decent conversation before anything else.
>You MUST respect me, and my co-artists
>Glomp me.
>Something. ninja

Artist Introduction

>Oh hi there, sweet. Hello and thank you for coming to Candyville. On Gaia I'm known as Slipper K. My real name's Kara. I'm an AF regular so you might have seen me loitering around here. If so, you'd know that I'm a VERY social person who needs a lot of attention. That being the case, you have to entertain/chat with me first before you get real pushy with getting art. Quote me with random messages, amusing nonsense, or a simple hello to assure that I do not skip your post.
>Scratch that. Even though we have become all chummy, please, do not bug me repeatedly about art or I will e-kick art up your cyber butt. 3nodding

>mmm random stuff about me, you say?To help start a conversation? Well. I love Harvest Moon, The Sims, Grand Theft Auto, and Age of the Empires/Mythology. Yes, I am, infact, female.. Straight at that, too. I love tips and art trades. I hate the cold like I hate trolls. I have been questing those damned Golden Laurels since 04 but, obviously, not getting anywhere. I'm crazy, and that's an understatement. My favorite word would have to be 'stuff' cause I find it so useful, no? :3

I Don't do forms anymore. If you want to get drawn by me, stick around.
You don't necessarily have to talk to me. I just want to see your butt you here. dedication is of essence people. Move those lazy fingers heart

>Chibis [I cannot guarantee which style I'll do-click for full image]
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

>Headshots *new* (click for full image)
aUser Image User Image

Lucky Baby[this tends to be empty cause I tend to randomly draw people who stick around. EXPECT THAT)

Finished Arts (Click for full image)
User Image User Image User ImageUser Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

The Little Girl
The babysitter looks to her right, and a red-eyed little girl with a knife, and a polka-dotted dress emerges out of the darkness. She looks up at you and smiles. "unless you want to end up like me" and breaks into a giggle

User Image
Artist rules
Be nice.
No Hit and Runs please.
Tips Appreciated
Art Trades welcome
Inspire me by linking a song

Artist introduction
Hiya! The name's Tai and I guess I'm pretty(reallyy) messy.
I procrastinate alot. I'm shy so don't expect me to prance around being social.
Your gonna have to talk to me first.

Bribe my for linearts.
I'm too lazy to do them for free.
Also bribe me for coloring.
User ImageUser Image
User ImageUser Image
User ImageUser Image


[align=center]ARTZ PL0X
Song to listen too:
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In horror you step backwards from the line of freaks and try to scream. The noise stops itself before leaving your throat however as the mansion goes black once more and the ghostly murdered girl reappears before you.

"Now that you are here...you must abide by these rules."She notes in her same eerie voice.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Follow Gaia's TOS.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Please try and be literate.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. No begging or spamming.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Do not harass us about when your art will be finished, it will take as long as it needs to.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Tips are not required for any of us, but are loved

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Chatting will get a higher chance of being drawn

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Do not send us random friend requests just because you like our art. We won't accept them if you do.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. No Advertising in this thread, if you want to be Affiliates then PM me (The Mule).

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Do not steal or alter our artwork in ANY way without our permission!
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User Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Pm me, the mule, with a banner code if you wish to become affiliates.

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