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Welcome to the ♥ Bunny Cafe~ > u <

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Welcome to the Bunny Café
Status~Open//Closed-Hiatus//Under Construction

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Please have a seat and enjoy your stay here~.

Your hosts here are xWoNxToNx and ScarffleGirl

This is not a hit-and-run freebies thread. ;3;

In order to receive art from either one of us, you must first stay and chat to be eligible for selection.

We will star find cute, pretty, or unique avatars through the list of regulars in our thread. The regulars list, under the Sweet and Sours post, will be updated once every other day.

To get drawn and/or participate in events we will have, you must be on our regulars list.

It is possible to get drawn more than once, by more than one artist! In order for this to happen, you must have been here for a good period of time.

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On the second day we opened!~ =dons bunny helmets- Thank you~

♥ Welcome ♥
♥ Rules ♥
♥ Sweet and Sour List ♥
♥ Artist~ xWoNxToNx ♥
♥ Artist~ ScarffleGirl ♥
♥ Freebie Pickups ♥
♥ Links In/Out ♥
♥ Reserved ♥
♥ Reserved ♥
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♥ Please don’t steal our artsies or discredit us ;3;
♥ Follow the Gaia TOS, especially the TOS of this forum
♥ Please respect us and everyone else in the thread <3 If yoo luff us, we luff yoo! > u <
♥ Do not hit and run. We will definitely not draw you if you do so
♥ Keep everything PG-13, no spam, page-stretching, flaming, trolling, etc
♥ Do not PM us for anything. You can PM the mule though @ “Bunny Café Mule”
♥ Do not quote any of the first page, and have a maximum of three quotes.

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The Sweets~
It is very hard to earn a spot here! You must be a very ~sweet~ person and have done something very special.

The Sours~
Anyone who breaks the rules will be on this list. If you are on this list, you may not post again, or we will report you. With exception of -Technicolored Unicorns- oAo;;

flamingo1324 [quoting the first page]
iAlien_Panda [quoting the first page]
Astro Nami [quoting the first page]
fly gangster shawty [quoting the first page]
-Technicolored Unicornes- [being such an awesome person] eAe;; she said she wanted to be on the blacklist. She didn't do anything wrong though. >>

♥ The Regulars ♥
yukira shiroki
Avy Yume
Baby Snow Leopard
Fluffeh Bear
Psychedelic Insanity
ll uke kun ll
Xara The Silent Melody
Not So Sweet Yoko
iWeapon Mistress
Cosmic Witch
Mr Ebil Poptart

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ll W o n t o n ll's avatar

8,150 Points
  • Contributor 150
  • Friendly 100
  • Money Never Sleeps 200
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The Strawberry Daifuku
Strawberry Daifuku is a tasty Japanese mochi with sweet strawberry or red bean filling inside, perfect for high tea or dessert.

User Image Profile
Wonton//Age somewhere between 14-18//college// ½ Chinese, ¼ Japanese, ¼ Korean
Likes bunnies, strawberries, cute things *coughandtipscough*//Dislikes beggars, rude people, creepy crawlies, bittermelon, cilantro

Do’s & Don’t s
♥ Do’s Your OC’s only with reference piccys//Gaia, Roliana, etc. Avatars//In special circumstances, I will offer to Gijinka you into something
♥ Don’ts Mecha//Anthro-Furries//Nakies-PG-13//Cluttered//Ugly avatars ;3;//Difficult hairstyles//Visors-Masks & Hats//Nonhuman skins/skin color//Couples or groups [too time consuming] ; 3;


User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image


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The Bánh Cam
Bánh cam is a delicious crunchy sesame ball with mung bean filling, a tasty Vietnamese treat.

User Image
Scarffle//about 12973 years old// 3/4 Vietnamese and 1/4 Chinese//Senior in Highschool
Likes her fiance heart ~,art, photography, green, duckies, lechee/strawberry slush boba, scarves/hats, and ribbons//Dislikes bugs... ;A;.., beggers, creepy lolicons ;3;..., and YOU. D<

Do’s & Don’t s
♥ Do’s OC's as long with References.//Gaia, Roliana, Solia...etc..//Anything that isn't on my DON'TS
♥ Don’ts Masks that covers the whole face.//Couples. ;3; I don't wannas right nows.//Cluttered to the point I have no clue what you're wearing. xD//Facial Hair and Muscles. =3=;;;//Dragons, Horses...Full-Out Anthros, Mecha..etc.

User Image User Image User Image

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iJhunJhun [x] - from Wonton
Scarffle [x] - from Wonton
iWeaponMistress [x] - from Scarffle
Wonton [x] - from Scarffle
yukira shiroki [x] - from Scarffle
TehMuffinQween [x] - from Wonton [x] [x] - from Scarffle
Loli-giri [x] - from Scarffle
Cosmic Witch [x] - from Scarffle
Group Picture: Scarffle, Wonton, x-Sasu-hime-x [x] - from Wonton
Aku_Kodoku [x] - from Scarffle
ll uke kun ll [x] - from Wonton

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♥ Links In ♥

Our 200x40 banner~

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♥ Links out ♥
200 x 40 or 88 x 31 banners only please~ <3 The others will be turned into links and placed at the bottom.
Please PM "Bunny Cafe Mule" or post your link here to exchange.

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User ImageUser Image

Sweet Arts Bakery Shoppe~

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Wonton and Scarffle welcomes you to teh Bunny Cafe

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Can I post??
-was stalking this thread-
> 3>;;
I was stalking it too, waiting impatiently patiently for it to be open.
> u <
I hope to become a regular here someday. <3
Wonton and Scarffle have cute art <3

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