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Thank you darling~
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i understand the whole situation and my support goes out to her
but im being constantly asked for art and when it spreads to friends asking for art of friends
it just screams out fishy to me. I got close to many instances to were
i had people simply add me for my art, they didnt want to
be my friend for simply me, more because they wanted my art.

and when they got it, they never spoke to me again. It make me feel like a tool.

sorry i just have certain issues with this kind of thing, its happened so many times.

if i have time im ill try to throw something out
but atm im currently busy trying to get engagement rings through commissions
before sept 9 so me and my fiance can get married

again, im sorry for the misunderstanding
нєу тнєяє ♥
My name is ℓιℓккσ, and my friend down there is ℓανιє. She is 17 and has cancer. She only has a few more weeks to live. I want to be able to give her something that will make her happy, something she can remember me [and gaia] by. I just want to make her happy, one last time. Please help. ⇨ Draw her?
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This is a amazing thing you are doing for your friend. I would draw her if i had enough artistic skill to, lol. I hope you get what your looking for.

And hopefully your friend will pull through and live longer than expected. It's possible for them to pull through even though they dont have long so just hope for the best. heart

You are a amazing friend for doing this for her.
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I'm really sorry for all of you since there's no way getting through this will be easy. I hope that she makes every second count. I used to bump into her every now and again on the Freebie form. I doubt she'd remember me, but I won't forget her.
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Hunter. Listen to me. You don't need to apologize one single bit. That's how it was in another game I played. I know exactly how you feel. I completely understand. I'm sorry you were put through that, that's complete and utter bullshit, You don't deserve that treatment. And those bitches can suck my d**k.
You never have to do anything you don't want to darling. It was simply an idea. Don't even think you have to do those things for me or anyone else. Alright? You are you're own person. You deserve much more. Don't let those bastards get to you.
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Thank you darling c:
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I have been hoping non stop <3

I have been hoping non stop <3

Thats good, and i hope things to get better for her and for the people that will be hurt from losing her. and well, if it is her time and the worst does happen, i hope ya'll get the strength to pull through it. I of course do not know her, but i'm sure she is a great friend, so i just hope for the best for you, her, and all her family and friends. heart

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