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My second time attempting to draw chibi art. I want to get really good at it because people will pay more for the cute-ness. Yes? So I need to practice. Any takers.

First chibi eva drawn
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Status: Thank you guys for being patient, I've somewhat been on a vacation, therefor not producing arts, like I shoud be. But I'm back so on worries.

BTW, please don't complain about the wait! Thanx

Note: Just cuz I'm nice I'm going to draw everyones. But some avi's look more interesting to draw then others. So just because your on the list doesn't mean I will go in that order.

List ((VERY Full))
1.) Sashu-kun
2.) Gimme your chips
3.) Mikerochip
4.) Mitsuki Tachiba
5.) x dylan_12_wm x
6.) xXUnwanted-SoulXx
7.) Ilovegummy
8.) HATE and ANGER
9.) KarenAppleLove
10.) Wicked Lady Jay
11.) im doing your sister
12.) XxSuper_NekoxX
13.) ShadowMasterPrincess

[Hitachi Zorin]
T 3 A R S-B U R N


Okay, so I've been having a problem lately: Me drawing people's avi and me having to try and hunt them down just to give it to them. I know I haven't been doing a lot of arts lately and because of that a lot of people have abandoned this forum who originally wanted art. So if your still interested please post saying so and I'll make a new list.
Chibify me with your cuteness? :"3
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I volunteer.
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Me please?
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Wheezing Fatcat

Check sig for more ref of current avi.
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Can you draw a chibi neko boy? Sleeping? or is that kinda asking too much crying I really need one...
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*raises hand* me? ;3
Mitsuki Tachiba
Can you draw a chibi neko boy? Sleeping? or is that kinda asking too much crying I really need one...

Tehe sweatdrop ..all I can say is that I'll do my best
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Pick me! x3
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Wheezing Fatcat

Yay! I'm on the list. xD
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how about me biggrin

lol Hiii~
Your chibis are always amazing, okay? :c
Um, I know it's not my avi, but it's still practice and he'd make a really cute chibi sooooo...Leeteuk? heart
I have lots of references! Plus, I can upload more if you need them lol ;D

1 2 3 4

If you don't want to, it's fine with me~

너를 기다리다 지쳐 미치고
또 하루하루 매일같이 일년이
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Bloody amazing art Kitten.

It would be an honor if you would draw my thrifty avatar.

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