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Naked Shop of Freebies
Show a little skin.

You have wandered into Naked's Shop.
where it is okay to shread off your cloths and be free from your bindings.

Its okay to stay fully clothed as well. doesnt matter, because the artists here dont care, they only want to improve there skills.

But be warned, a few of them might want to go beyond those cloths and show off that body of yours -wink-

So enter with caution. you have entered into...

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Nakeds Rules
Lets get naked

♂Don't pester the other artists. don't complain if they do not give you any art.
♂If you get art, don't moan about it not being right. that's just rude. and it provokes Nakeds rage.
♂If you want to be one of the Artists, pm me with your art and i, naked, shall decide if you may bless my page with your arty goodness.
♂For those who are artists on this page, please try to keep the art Pg-15. that means no real naughty parts showing for males and females. if its too naughty only put a link up and warn others that it has mature content.
♂Artists have life outside of the computer, so don't get mad if it takes them some time to get your art done. and we also have the right to refuse giving art to certain people.
♂Be nice to others.
♂Hit and runs are OK! we don't care if you stay and chat, though it would be nice, it all depends on if your avatar or Oc catches our eyes
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I wanna feel free.


Naked likes to switch
A Little Bit Of Info:
Naked just loves to chat to people, when she being lazy and not doing anything. but she also has no time to talk all the time. she has collage, and stuff like that. but she also made this shop to highten her mad drawing of bodies skills. so if your showing some skin, expect to be loved by her. even if she doesnt give you art, you will hold a special place in her heart.

Also, naked is Irish, French, Indian, German, and a few other crap throw in there. shes a mutt! just like most of the people she knows! Shes also in College and cant always be on to draw lots and lots and lots.
What Naked Loves To Draw
♂Anatomy of both male and female, i just love muscles and curves.
♂Dark evil sexy creature people
♂Tails, mmmh Tails
♂Anything super special awesome that happens to catch nakeds eye.
Art she has Given
I Jesaja Leowe I

I wanna be Nude!
Dont judge Naked for wanting to be Naked.
User Image

Ȁßøυτ___кαωɑ i i___1991

Nickname: Rose

Age: 18

sex: ..hehe..oh! female :3

Info: an average 18 year old hispanic college student who loves to stare at people as they walk by her and if in a good mood will secretly take pic of them when theyre not lookin...heh
(im lying)

can draw
girls, girly boys, nekos or anything with ears and a tail, some hairstyles, some hats,dark theme avvies or oc's,yaoi, yuri, cuteness, sexynessss.

CANNOT draw:
User Image

Yo, this is Kit here.
I'm a fan of skin. Specifically, your skin. You should share it with me. ;D

doesn't do : full on mecha, super muscles or afro's.
does do : everything else.

I'm a curious little fella from Australia, hoping to be studying and meanwhile
meandering meaningfully amongst moar artists. I like heavy music almost as
much as I like heavy art, and I attract crowds of astonished onlookers at the
arcade DDR, because I am just that good.
Which, depending on how you look at it, may or may not be a good thing.

This artist, who shall only be known as Kit due to how much they
change their username, loves to draw the weird and wacky. Reserve your
chibi-desu-neko characters for others. I want your humanoid representation
of the Kraken. Naked.

Coming soon...

User Image


Nakeds Contest
whoever can draw Naked with Rock lee [mini or normal sized] the best shall win a free drawing.
with or without cloths, its your decisions. Oc or avatar. and it will be fully colored as well.

Art so far


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