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It's been a while, AF.

I'm working on a bigger piece atm and I noticed I need to distract myself from it for short breaks, otherwise it goes to crap.
So, during those short breaks I'll be drawing you peoples your original characters. Not your avatars or anything, oh no no no. A picture reference of your OC is required.
I like fantasy themed things, armors, weapons, details.. I prefer those to the all too simple "t-shirt&jeans" characters..

I'm feeling fairly picky today so chances are that I might skim over every request and just work on my own piece. You have been warned.

Please join the livestream though, as that'll make your request atleast 30% more likely to be picked. Still there are no quarantees so don't get upset on me.

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You want weapons?
I'll ive you weapons!


The OC:



The Weapons: (if you want to use them I'll tell you how they work in more detail)

Details: http://fav.me/d4siw4e

Personality: His personality is cold and untrusting at first. He doesnt draw attention to himself and likes to observe. However, he's a strong willed and passionate guy when there is a reason.

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Dangerous Hunter

maybe my oc, Shelia,
ref 2,
and ref 3?

info: cocky, stubborn, and seductive/ she is traveling the world with her pet spider,
Lavina searching for greater wonders to explore and rare artifacts to sell.
she is a spider witch, she can enchant any liqud into poision, can form webs,
and can communicate to spiders. feel free to use any of the spells in the drawing if you like.

extra: her hair goes down to her waist
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How about my OC Val? Feel free to draw him wearing whatever you'd like, I don't mind. 3nodding
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Well, if you like armours. I have a few characters in mind, that I hope you will enjoy.

Kasia's profile and gallery.

Vierlin's profile and gallery.
Just Throw It All Away

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Name: Cliff "The Impaler" Thurst
Age: 24- Appearances. But is actually 671.
Race: Oblivionite-Crossbreed.
Height: 6'2. 6'3 w/horns.
Build: A bit thin, but the metal arms he has tends to give him a little more stock.
Clothing style: Suits. Nuff said.
Eyes: Red, sometimes pupil-less.
Hair: Pink, two black horns on each side.
Teeth: Shark-fang-like.
Likes: Blood, rice crispy treats, dubstep, the breaking point of humans.
Dislikes: Dirty things, disorganization, the slim point of hope most humans believe in.

References: 1.
Third is to the left.
Fourth, if any, is in the signature.
Just Throw It All Away

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<=~{With this broken body, I shield you...}~=>

Thankyou so much <3

<=~{And with this blade, I cut you down...}~=>

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