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Obsessive Tipper

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I am Lin Inazuma, and welcome to

L U M I N O U S,
where free art glows with glittering emotion.

I'm the head in this thread so a User Image would be nice and ask me anything you wanna know.

ANNOUNCE: We are currently on our final exams and full of work! Thread is not closed, but keep in mind we won't have time until July. Thank you for reading!


You can hit and run! But also you can stay and get awesome surprises!
We Accept: Writen References, OC references, or just your Avi, but for those last ones is better if you have a tektek!
●Don't quote the first page
● Don't quote the artists for asking to be considered we all know when you post, that is why we are a big crew.
● If you want to ask something specific to an artist do it. things like Art Trades must be proposed to the artist you want.
● Check Corvus or Sachiel posts to know if you are considered.
● Let us know you saw your freebie as soon as you see it.
Be polite! Say thank you if you receive art, and be nice with the artists, the crew and the people on the thread.
● Please check the Vultur's post for some guidelines that will help you have a nice experience in this thread
● Have fun!


gaia_angelleft Last post on page 250 gets a surprise super-freebie gaia_angelright

Past Winners
Lumieera - Xiahou Jin - Jaden Kazega - Xiahou Jin

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Len Inazuma

I'm in college.. and I like music among other things more related to fandoms.
You can say I'm an anime artist but I would like to change that and improve styles
I love Art Trades as much as you love Art Freebies,

I would often draw

Couples (any) and Groups
Simple but cute and/or cool avis and OC's
New styles
Specific requests
Dynamic poses
Bicolor works
New styles for color
Long and/or Colorful hair
Body types

I'm not fond on:
.... backgrounds (but I should practice them)
Animals...they are difficult but I would try them. I'll try them anyway


101L (DeviantART)
Lights Up (Art Tumblr.)
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Naja Kaouthia

Hey there! My name is Naja and well, I decided I am gonna leave Gaia, so I am afraid I won't be drawing freebies anymore! But since I don't know if I will be back in the future, I won't delete this post, who knows if it will be still here in a year of two? sweatdrop

I would often draw

- Long hair
- Built men. I love built men.
- Wings!
- Chubby characters
- Bunny related things
- Couples (any)
- Backgrounds
- Animals
- Machines, cars and motorcycles
- Artistic nʊdes
- Cluttered avis, always that I like the design and
only if they don't have the Empress Cotton cottontail skirt equiped (other poses are ok).

I'm not fond on (but I could try anyway):

- Groups, they still give me problems
- Fanart



Schwertlilie (deviantART account)
Little Pawprints (Tumblr artblog)
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I am Corvus Enca, and I am the happy boyfriend of that
beautiful girl you just met in the post before mine.

Since she's leaving Gaia (and I am leaving too, because I follow her everywhere, haha)
we won't be picking anybody here. But don't get discouraged, because
Inazuma twins are still in the business!

These are the fellow gaians we have picked on this thread:

Past Ones

Look at them all in our freebies photobucket album

Possible Others

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Man-Hungry Man-Lover

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Any questions, ladies and gentlemen?

I am Vultur and I am here for answering them all for you.
If you want to inquire of something that isn't here, just quote my name.

- Do you allow to hit-and-run?
R: Yes, indeed
- Could I earn something if I stay and chat, or if I bump the thread?
R: Yes, we reward kindness with kindness. Check more of this subject on first post
- Can I be warned if I am picked?
R: Yes, just check the updates of Corvus Enca and Sachiel Vitucci's posts
- If my name is in one of the "possible others" section, does that mean I am picked?
R: You are being considered, but you are not officially picked. Anyway, don't worry, it would be damn strange they don't draw you. Relax!
- Can I quote or PM the artist if I am in his "possible others" section and I have not received my drawing after some time?
R: That would be blatantly inappropriate. Artists have real life and compromises, they can't be sure they will have time to draw soon. If you are afraid you may miss your freebie, just check the "past ones" section, we will always publish the done drawings there
- How will I notice my freebie?
R: The artist who made it will quote you. If you don't appear after some days, we'll PM the drawing to you
- Can I tip the artist for the freebie I get?
R: If you really feel like giving it, it's ok. But I must warn you, offering tips beforehand do not increase your chance of being picked
- Can I ask the artist to modify or to do again from scratch a freebie?
R: No
- Can I get more than one freebie?
R: You can receive one freebie per artist. We put that limit because we receive a lot of applications and we want to be sure we give art to as many gaians as we can.
- Do you do art trades?
R: Some times, yes, feel free to ask the artist you prefer about it
- Ok, I understood everything, can I post now, for God's sake?
R: Yes! Go, go, go!

Link us:
User Image

[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/t.84403133_1/][img]http://i940.photobucket.com/albums/ad247/Sintagma_Inc/Resources for other threads/TFRC3D6tmp_zpsf20a0cd7.jpg[/img][/url]

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Obsessive Tipper

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Oh ho ho, I was looking at this thread the other day xD
rentheory's avatar

Shy Shoujo

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. consider her? c: with actual mini wings instead of arm bands? And you can do regular small demon horns if those are too difficult. Anything would be awesome :3
M e ll o M o n s t e r
Oh ho ho, I was looking at this thread the other day xD
Hey Mello! What's up? I haven't been on the Gaia Wish Fundation for a while sweatdrop
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Chatty Fatcat

`•..•´___"Ƚαst ηiɢнt I ℓαץ iи bε∂ ℓσσкiиg uρ αt tнε stαяs iи tнε sкץ an∂ I thσuɢнt tσ mץsεlf, ..."___`•..•´

Huwah, so pretty and detailed for freebies o w o

I would love art of myself.... or one of my OCs

Olyvia? My crazy, drunk party girl
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Ismyth, my very confused and sheltered tree spirit.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

How are you all??


Looking for a shop, but never have the time to devote to ALL those commissions?

Check out my recruit for artists with busy lives!


`•..•´___"...'whεяε tнε нεck is thε cεiℓiиɢ?' "___`•..•´

✴ Please draw Panyo (the male) and/or Maysa (the female). (I prefer both,but it's up to you, bb.)
Ref 1User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Ref 2 User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Ref 3 User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Ref. 4 x

Panyo's about a head taller than Maysa.
Please come up with a creative pose or something. You may change clothes to your liking.
And if you can, can you put our names somewhere? ;w; Thanks!

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