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        「☁」 Announcements: 2/3 artists on Hiatus.
        xxxxxxxx[There hasn't been a post in a very long time so I assume the thread is no longer active at all]
        xxxxxxxxSlight note: Thread is best viewed as "Centered Site" which you can activate here.[no longer available]

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                          「☁」 Following the Gaia Terms of Service is compulsory and expected.

                          「☁」 Do not start / fuel fights, take it to PMs if you want it settled.

                          「☁」 Please don't beg for art ; You can just request nicely.

                          「☁」 Do not quote the posts on the front page of the thread.

                          「☁」 Do not type in chat-speak. Try to type in full letters, it's often easier to
                          xxxxxxxxMeaning L8r, or anything l1k3 th15 is not accepted.
                          xxxxxxxxLol, Brb, and any universal acronym that is comprehensible is ok with us.

                          「☁」 We have the right to skip any request if we feel that we cannot do it for
                          xxxxxxxxany reason.

                          「☁」 Read all front page posts before posting.
                          xxxxxxxxSpare time to read for us and we'll spare time to consider drawing you.

                          「☁」 Rules may be altered / added to when we see fit.
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        「☁」None yet; Check back occasionally!
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            My Distortion is my OLD username. Tacos for those memories...
            Please call me Remkyu now. e n e
            I will be lurking around in the AF and this thread.



            This damn code.

            [align=center][size=10]I would like to request free art.[/size][/align]

            And answer the bloody secret question BELOW.

            Secret Q: What's your favourite song?

            I'll take a look at you bastards.
            Just to remind you my hands are for fapping use and they are rotten.

            I don't know what are samples.

            Update 16/12/12: For the love of the thread and Evo and Symmetry I think I'll draw you all who post here whenever I use THREAD NECROMANCY. c ' :

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        Status: Online | Offline | Drawing | Hiatus

        IN THE GROVE FOR : My new style~
        ^ Tells you what I feel like drawing at this moment. Will be changed many many times. >w<;

        Hello everyone~
        You may call me Evo for short, everyone does anyways. ^^
        We poke-nerds like to catch them all !
        Due to me going into YR 11, which will be a very serious year for people who are trying to get good grades, I probs won't pop up a lot, but I'll try to make some time on here... sweatdrop
        Don't worry, I'm very organised with my time....>w<;


        I have re-located from my previous thread to shelter under here with my poke-nerd buddies.


        To get chosen :
        1. "Like" our thread
        2. Click on my toastie mascot.
        3. Fill out the form for requesting an art from me
        5. Please do everything above~
        6. Come chat. ^w^ It doesn't hurt to talk to us and everyone. biggrin

        I am very picky. >w<
        I like to mention it again just so people know that I haven't changed my ways. xD

        Interesting/Unique avvies/OC's
        Won't be drawing anything marked with

        Cluttered (But if it's interesting/unique, try your good lucks with me)
        Full Furry/Mecha
        Couple (Again, if the concept/characters are interesting/unique for me, I'll give it a shot)
        Full Body (Once again, if the concept/characters are interesting/unique for me, I'll give it a shot)

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        ....^ MY MASCOT FOR REQUEST BOX.... Irresistable, right ? xD


        Chibi more chibis
        Chibi Animation- Chances of getting it is quiet low...
        Traditional- Please ignore my clumsiness of spilling the whiteout... (Can come in digital~)
        Traditional Headshot- Can come in digital~


        I'm not too caught up in this section. But I wouldn't mind some art~

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
        This one is my dream character. I'm very close in getting it, I just need Angora's Soft Side. emotion_dowant

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
        My current avvie. ^w^
                      User Image「☁」Status: Free ǁ Busy ǁ Hiatus

                          Short notices: I'm back but the AF has changed a lot so I don't think I'll be doing any more freebies. Catch me when I open an art shop in December!

                          Hello hello~ c:
                          Sym here, but you can refer to me as Goat, Vanilla, Symmetry or anything reasonable. xD
                          (I have odd nicknames ~ > w < )
                          I'll be both giving out occasional freebies and requesting for art.
                          I'd prefer that you talk to me if youre requesting, I always look forward to continuing fun conversations. c:
                          Making me laugh gives you bonus points. (Meaning you get a better chance at me drawing you, but its not confirmed.) : D
                          So just drop a request and start talking or just drop it and leave.
                          (Just type your request in the thread, I'll read it whenever I come back online. ♥)
                          I have no form and slots so be creative with your request and we'll see if I do yours. C:

                          I know most of you came here for the art but stop and take a breath, I cant spend all day sitting in front of the computer drawing. xD
                          I'll be on Gaia and drawing mainly on weekends or school breaks, GMT + 8.
                          Mon - Fri will only be for chatting and such since I'll be real busy with school.

                          Samples... if you're quick-thinking you would have checked my DA by now. > w >;
                          I will not give out freebies with full colour and proper lineart all the time.
                          They'll be ranging from sketches to lineart with base colour, to minimize time taken for each piece.

                          Unable to / wont draw:
                          Guys (I'm sorry! ; A ; [It's the short hair I have problems with. :c])
                          Furries / Mecha (I can somehow try..)
                          Cluttered avatars/OCs (There's a difference between detailed and cluttered.)
                          Couples (I can't even do poses right. ; A ; )
                          Copy + Paste requests (Have a heart to spare a moment to type something new out please.)
                          Requests that quote me only for attention

                          As for my requests Id like to have either my avatar or OCs drawn.
                          If you need my item list for my avatar, just ask via PM/thread post. c:
                          As for OCs, I currently have two of them - Lucia & Charlotte/Gladys.

                          Lucia: [Ref. Sheet] [Reference]
                          To make her description short, shes a ghost,
                          died at 16 (you can make her look her age or slightly younger like in the reference),
                          happy-go-lucky, collected and kind.
                          Can walk on water but not through walls. (My OC, my logic. LOL)

                          Charlotte/Gladys : Still a WIP. xD
                          Though she will be my Pokemon Trainer OC.
                          Will put up a reference picture earlier than the ref. sheet whenever I get either done.

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        「☁」 None, send me a PM with your thread's banner + link if you wish to be an affiliate. c:
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                          [Just a little bit more information about the origin of the thread and its purpose.]

                          As Distortion and Evo stated earlier, yes we're all Poke-nerds. xD
                          The thread name originated from "Pisces" and "Dreams" since it was only Distortion and I who thought of making a joint thread first.
                          "Dream World" was then created and Distortion pointed out that it reminded her of the Pokemon games, 5th generation to be specific.

                          We three share 2 common likes and goals.
                          That, are wanting to draw and get rid of stress from out daily lives.
                          This new year we will be even busier than the ones before but we still want to enjoy drawing, so why not mix the two and create a more beneficial way of drawing but still achieve good exam results? :'D
                          So we ask as artists, that you requesters be patient about your requests as we don't have all the time in the world to just draw.
                          The key point here is getting rid of stress, so please don't be angry if we never gotten to your request, it just means that we're either not in the mood to draw it,
                          it isn't quite inspiring enough or you never abide by the rules given.

                          Another note, any one of us may draw your request at any time, unless you fill in Evo's form then that's a different story. xD

                          Pretty TL;DR isn't it? But reading about the Purpose would be enough for us.
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        This is where the regulars and white-listed people's usernames will go.
        Please respect them and not start a fight with them or you'll be black-listed.
        (There is no blacklist here but I will note it down in real life.)

        「☁」 Dea and #Teddy# // First one to post here who's not one of the artists. * U *
        「☁」 Dark Rybrin // Because she's awesome like that. ♥


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