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Your pictures are adorable, Elfi :O

The soundtracks have been making me want to draw, real bad, and change my Nanowrimo novel everything xD

I love crazy scientists xD

Anyway, character sketch~ (no visuals, i haven't bothered uploading any doodles i've actually scribbled of him)
Physical appearance: tall, thin, scarred(, from rolling down a rocky-ish hill and preapocalyptic misadventures relating to some motorcycles, childhood mishaps, gangs, and guns), has a fairly pointy nose, usually wears an amused grin or smirk, long straight black hair just touching his shoulder blades, virtually no muscle, grey eyes, half english half asian features, tiny curled black serpent tattoo on his collarbone, prefers dress shirts to tank tops and dress shoes to sneakers, can't grow a good beard D: (it turns into a weedy thing that makes him look setchy and dirty as hell)
Newest addition; the assault rifle biggrin
Personality: Fairly careless, lives in the moment, sarcastic, positive to an extent, occasionally depressed, open-minded, not very self-conscious, not afraid to do what needs to be done.
Tidbit~ He has a sort of telekenesis. He calls it the 'current', like a force he can feel/see that runs through everything. He can manipulate it, move things or lift them with it. He's still not sure how much he can actually achieve with it.
biggrin ooh dat character biggrin
preapocalyptic hill-rolling adventures? 8D exciting! XD

you're doing nanowrimo! biggrin ahaaahh i've always wanted to. biggrin i hope to publish my scientist's story one day. biggrin but not this year. maybe next. XP
i have a very specific way i want to write it in mind and i don't think i have the skill for it quite yet. also, i have a sneaking suspicion that the plot is ridiculous. XD

thank you both of you! biggrin glad you like da art biggrin
Oh, he sounds interesting. I like all the little details, like why he has scars, and amusingly, how he can't grow a good beard, haha.

And oh, NaNoWriMo! I've wanted to try doing that since I first heard about it, but I'm too busy this month to attempt it, unfortunately. Elfie, I think it's okay if the plot is ridiculous -from what I've read on the website, the goal is more to just write without focusing on if it's good or not. Just have fun! :]
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Toothsome Giver

Yeah, he lives in a sort of post-apocalyptic world right now where the sky rains glass xD
It's kinda pretty awesome (i only say this because it's an epic rp that took way too long to plan out).

Do Nano! :O
It's awesome and stressful and awesome xD
No pressure if ye're too busy or whatever though. It's just going to help me relieve some stress or possibly entertain me if I get this whole month off.

Well, you could write out the first draft about now, and revise it later, rewrite and all that. When you're satisfied with your ability (pft whut?) then you can write it awesome-like biggrin
ya, i think nano is all about getting it down and having fun, then revision later n_n
i do plan to do that, someday. biggrin but school is too busy this year. ah well. XP
plot is not my strong suiiiit. XD

yay glass rain! biggrin
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Toothsome Giver

People actually plan months before it starts though. I'm not a planner when it comes to these. I just write, become obsessed, then write more. Near the end, if I read it at all, I start to realize how stupid everything I wrote really was xD

Well~ You don't have to write Stratton's story during nano, only if you wanna.

I could give you an explanation why the sky rains glass, but I don't know if it's that interesting. Well maybe it is. Iunno.
i'm very interested to know why it rains glass. biggrin
Haha, I almost never plan when I write, which is not necessarily a good thing. It's not too bad with drabbles, since they're short, but it can have a bad effect on longer works that are supposed to have plot, because I realize, wait, there isn't a plot, xD.

No, glass rain is interesting. Has it somehow become a natural phenomenon in this world, or is it man-made?

And I think I'm going to go now, I'm kind of tired. I'll look at anymore replies tomorrow, and you guys can feel free to keep chatting here if you'd like :] 'Night!
that happens to me often XD i'll be halfway through and realise heeeyyy, waaaait XD

good night n_n
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Toothsome Giver

G'night, quiet biggrin (stalk you again~)

Weeeeell, the glass rain is actually from an unexpected comet that was poorly obliterated during the third world war xD
The debris settled around the ozone and mixed in the with clouds. Whenever it would storm, it would cause some crazy reactions, fusing the comet's dust into clumps of glass that would fall from the clouds like rain. Since they have more mass, they tend to fall faster and harder, breaking things and slicing through stuff fairly cleanly.
It's kinda embarrassing how much thought I put into these things. I'm glad I wasn't creating/blabbering alone with this one though xD
Hello, old thread; you're a bit dusty, I see.

Reviving this again briefly tonight, for until I decide to sleep. Throw me your prompts!
Oh, wow, last time I did this was in November. It's... been awhile, to say the least.
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if you're still in the mood, would you care to write something off my avatar?
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Anxious Receiver

am i too late?
i hope not
i always miss out on this art form.
Incompetent Twit
if you're still in the mood, would you care to write something off my avatar?
"Just one kiss."

Dark, cold, the grass damp underfoot -she treads carefully, the folds of her skirt grasped in one hand. The light from the candle flickers, ghostly and casting her face in and out of sharp relief.

"You have such lovely hands," he murmured, taking one and pressing his lips to it. "And such beautiful eyes; perhaps you'd part with one of them instead?"

Howls reach her ears; she can't tell they're only the wind, whistling through the dead trees, or the wolves rumored to haunt these nearby woods. They're distracting; she stumbles over a stone and nearly loses her hold on the candle. Her breath catches in her throat as the light sputters, but it remains lit; it's all right.

"You're very lovely, but I don't grant requests without remuneration," he said regretfully. He paused, and then his lips turned up, his eyes darkly satisfied with new inspiration. "How about your heart?"

It's here. She kneels without regard for stains on her clothes, brings the candle close to the gravestone and illuminated the words with pale purple light. It's the one.

Gently, she sets the candle down and strokes the earth tenderly. "Hello," she murmurs. "I've come to reclaim."


I had a story I was trying to tell with this one, but I'm not sure if I made it clear, haha. Also, gorgeous drawing in your signature.

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