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The soundtracks are so awesome D:
I've never played the games though. I've watched my sister and cousin play the first years ago xD Scary stuff.
hiya biggrin
they're very well-done, i think. smile
they really lend a lot to the games.
Wolf Elfie
wow. this is a really unique thread biggrin i've never seen anything quite like this before. biggrin
there's something about your little snippets. i really like them. smile

if you'd like, would you write a bit for this guy of mine? biggrin
i know it isn't the best ref pic but i'd like to see what you come up with from him. smile


thanks smile

Sometimes the fumes get even to him, and he stops, puts down everything and goes outside. There's always a disconcerting moment as he's hit by natural light, blinking while he half-raises one arm over his face until his eyes adjust. He loses track inside of the hours inside, the windows all tightly covered with black paper and blinds, and it's always a surprise to see if it's day or night when he resurfaces.

He stands still, breathing in the clean air, and takes in the quiet.


Thank you! I've only seen one other thread like this so far, so yes, I'd agree that they're a bit rare. I'm always glad when there's some interest :]

And that's a nice picture, actually; I like it.
wow, thanks! biggrin that really does fit him well. smile

thank you biggrin
again i wish to complement your skills and this idea. biggrin
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Toothsome Giver

Ah how peaceful c:

Oh gosh, did you draw that ref, Elfie? :O
If you did (cute charrie) your writing looks like my friend's writing. It's kinda scary.
it is peaceful. n_n

yeah i did draw that. biggrin it's my character stratton n_n thanks!
woah, you mean our handwritings? XD that is weird XD mine is practically chicken scratch sometimes XD
Ah sorry D: Hopefully things get better.

I'm okay, just a lot of annoying stuff going on.

I've found a song though, word prompts aren't coming to me right now xD Well some simple stupid ones, but whatevuh.
Soldier's Orders.
I've been obsessed with the Silent Hill soundtrack as of late. There's a lot going on in the song, so I guess interpret it as you will.
Ah, sorry to hear things aren't so great on your end either.

This song is simultaneously creepy and entrancing. I can't quite decide if I like it more than it unsettles me, haha.


You land on your feet, one knee bent and your left hand touching the ground for balance. The warehouse is quiet aside from the slow drip of water in a distant corner, the small sound magnified in the stillness. Your breathing is steady, but your cheek feels hot. Upon touching, your fingers come away with the smear of blood.

In your ear, your headpiece crackles. "Objective achieved?" inquires an impersonal voice to a background of static.

"Achieved," you reply. Efficiently and coolly you cast your gaze out over the slumped figures on the floor. You don't see anymore movement, and you don't expect any; when you work, you are thorough.

"Affirmed," says the voice. "Return to base." The connection goes dead with one last crackle of white noise.

Straightening out of your crouch, you make your way to the door.
Augh, so I'm not very satisfied with this piece, but I couldn't think of a way to end it well :/

And Wolf Elfie, you have some skills yourself! I'd love to see more of your art if you have anymore links :]
I guess it's a slow night.

love and affection~
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Toothsome Giver

It's still awesome though D: This would seem like an interesting story to continue, maybe, but I'm in a mood xD

Late reply due to phone.

So's Stratton a scientist? biggrin He looks like a fun character. I'd like to see pictures too~

The prompts aren't coming so easily. Oh I do have a character I recently wrote up a little character sketch for.
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Toothsome Giver

Hallo Sevynn biggrin

Forgot to address the song xD
I like it. The way she sings "you have your orders soldier" is pretty awesome.
All the soundtracks are real nifty, great for the game series.

love and affection~
You stay awake long past the time she's fallen asleep, occupying your mind with nothing but the sound of her even breaths and the warmth of her skin so close to you. Gently, you brush your hand against her cheek, and even in sleep, she turns her face towards you and sighs, soft and tender with trust.
thanks, quiet biggrin my deviantart is here if you wanna see! biggrin

stratton is indeed a scientist. biggrin he's from the late 19th century, so... his idea of science is a little different. XD i don't have any more pictures of him, but my DA has all my semidecent art if you're interested. biggrin

ooh another good one. biggrin your word choice is excellent if i do say so biggrin
if you like unsettling music, all of silent hill one's soundtrack is a good choice.
i like to write to it. smile
Ichitutu, do share! I want to hear about this character :]

And ahh, an entire account full of art, how awesome! Elfie, I really love your coloring; it's so soft and lovely.

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