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The Void has closed/moved. Read the first post. Hope to see you all in FC. :]

Moved? Aw... 0.1 10.0% [ 2 ]
Moved? Finally. 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Moved? *packs bags* 0.2 20.0% [ 4 ]
Moved? *smuggles self into someone else's bag* 0.35 35.0% [ 7 ]
Thanks for everything. *salutes* 0.35 35.0% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 20 ]
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Lucky Bunny

@ Phaoust: I can't guarantee anything worthwhile but I will see about possibly drawing a little something. 3nodding

@ Spadoozle-Spaz:
Welcome to the Void~

@DJ: -ifyouarelurking-

*leaves a little note of encouragement for all those projects you need to accomplish* ~<3

*waves to Clef*

*slips back into lurk mode*
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Lucky Bunny

-dances about-
*beat boxes*

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Lucky Bunny

Oh there we go.
-puts on headphones and grabs a mic-
Oh yeah. Here we go!

Bartown Town. Looks like its going down. Make the rest of you fools like like beat coughing clowns.
Fae and Clef. Gaia renegades. The classic arcade bridage. Going 8 bit up in this thread.
And when were finished. You'll all be left4dead.

-is rusty with his mic skills- x.X

*beat boxes til the end and poses epically with Clef*


Two thumbs up. xD;
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Working on scheduling~ then will do art.. >.>
I will chuck this out the window.

Out the flipping window.

I'm glad I slept a whole bunch last night.
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Lucky Bunny

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