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same same.. im too hungry..
my mum woke me up at 7 am so i only got to sleep for 5 hrs =.=
plus we're moving houses..

my gahd
4am O_O
it sounds like a really tiring day..

anyways i don't think ill livestream for a day.
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Mom made me grilled cheese xD
why'd she do something crazy like that?
Are you moving today?

Hm, I think I've only moved houses like, three times. But I only remember the last move to my current house -- I was in 6th grade when we moved.

lol yeah.
Well, being awake until 4am-7am whatever isn't bad
But it's when you/I decide to sleep that my body can't even get up until like 1PM-2PM-3PM, whatever time that mom gets out of work and is heading home lol.
If she came home to see I was still sleeping, I'd be sleeping for eternity and uhm never wake up again haha...

Well, it's okay ^^
I'm calling it an early night, hopefully, tonight.
And tomorrow, mom and I have to meet dad in the morning and then mom and I are going into Boston for the day and won't get home till 10 something ^^

Looky what I've been working on Kazzy~ clickyhurr

I spent like a solid 12-15 hours on those three stupid posts. But... I can't stop showing them off since I worked my a**, eyes, and fingers off, trying to make them look somewhat decent ;_;

I still need to add things. But I need a break. And I need to actually work on posts for my current roleplays I'm in lol...

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Have a great day kiwii & kas !
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How about my steampunk avatar? ouob
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Have a great day kiwii & kas !

Awww, thank you Freekee xD
Hope you have a great day too!

Urgh... Vacation has finally come to its end...

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Holy Shhhit Your Art is Gorgious !
I Kinda wanted to talk as well before I post xD
Just to get a feel of my personality.
Anyways, Hola ~ Im Natalie && How Are You Today ? ^ ^

yum emotion_kirakira
late reply is late ;A;

lol actually i've seen that thread
mehehehe im such a stalker..
great job c:

haha it looks amazing ^^
good luck with that, i hope you dont tire yourself too much sweatdrop
Armchair Activist

t-thank you so much! crying emotion_kirakira
you can call me Ches/Kasche or anything you'd like~
im good as usual but not looking forward to school..which is next week crying
sorry if I reply late in advance..I usually get too carried away with drawing and forgetting about this thread sweatdrop
how about you?
Have a great day kiwii & kas !

thank you~
you too emotion_yatta
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*whistles impressedly at amount of people on -ppl i've drawn- list*


User Image

dream (with current's gloves)
User Image

here you go
i hope you like it even if it doesnt look too creative =_=
i feel like im art blocked xD
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long weeks make long days seem easy @.@
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