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Sparrowhawk 09

I tried. gonk
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good day could you draw my current avatar or my current with my best friend
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many thanks ~!

such pretty samples !!<3

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How about my sexy nerdiness? biggrin
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Perhaps me, dear? I have 29 references on my profile if needed.
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Magical Cat

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[] User ImageCurrent or::

[] Nee-Koh ::
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[] references :: She has a thread arrow
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[] notes :: She's curvy and slightly bottom-heavy, the same body shape seen in this actually. She fought bravely before becoming a zombie, which is how her wounds were gathered. She is a lot calmer undead, and rather than attack humans she often feeds on left-overs and road kill.

[] Adrian and I :: User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

[] references :: Some pictures (some older than others) and a couple tekteks arrow
Adg: [Right Forearm] [Torso] [Formal] [Hair] (now past his shoulders) [Right Inner Forearm]
Height Difference: [x] [x]
Me: [Eyes] [Face Shape] [Full Body] (I'm in yellow) [My Curves] [Right Inner Forearm]

[] notes :: I'm curvy (somewhere between pear shaped and hourglass), he's lean muscle. If you desire drawing NSFW message me. Draw us as Nightwing/d**k Greyson Robin and Catwoman/Catgirl if you're feeling super, cosplaying Sokka and Yue if you wanna get wet. He's currently teaching me boxing, if you want to have fun with that. We're both pretty nerdy, despite his rough personality. He loves Batman and I'm a huge science fiction nerd. We both do text-based role play and occasionally write stories (which never get finished). I wear reading glasses when I remember to. (not often enough) We're told we act like an old married couple.

[]I draw too!
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my avatar? emotion_kirakira
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I dont plan on changing, how about my current? I wont change him. xD
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    » perhaps her or my current?
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OMG may i have some art??
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try meee? ^^
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One of them please?
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Me please? User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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