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Anyone want some free avi art? I'm extremely bored and could use the distraction?
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OC Tuyen
OC Nyny
OC Satellite
OC Saha
OC Erasmus
OC Page 1
OC Page 2

Here is some of my OC's Please consider them to be a distraction from boredom!
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Cute Girl

My avatar ?
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i'd really love avi art emotion_c8
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Savage Wolf

Anyone want some free avi art? I'm extremely bored and could use the distraction?

draw me, please?
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These are what i want art of at the moment.
User Image User Image User Image

The first one is something i will make an OC of, she do something like extreme parkour. Imagine her running across the rooftops of high buildings and then leaping over one onto one several meters away and then after that she dives over the edge of the building her feet briefly making contact with the building as she begins to jump between this wall and the wall of the opposite building all the way until she is safely on the ground.

The second one is my Valentine Succubi character, her name is Victoria Scarlet and i think she turned out quite well.

The third one is René d'Aramis de Vannes of the three musketeers. I am gonna use this character in an rp event in 8 months, so i was thinking i would start gathering art of him now.
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dude! biggrin we match in durem colors! biggrin
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Possibly draw my avi or my JSRF themed OC?

you can draw them together if you want

My OC is the rebellious type and tries to always look cool, and doesn't like showing affection often, so she tends to get embarrassed or flustered xD

Thankies~ <3
Could u do an avi art of my dream avi >~<
Heres the link~~~ http://www.tektek.org/dream/avatar.php?a=52529266&toggle=200~1004628~30705~

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yes i would c:
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Consider my avi as a distraction?
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distracts with my oc...

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Super Entrepreneur

I'd love some. c:
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User Image
Perhaps Me? ♥

User Image
My Love ?
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of course I would always love some art rofl

her maybe:

User Image

or my current if you like that better

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