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Sorry, fell asleep then had to get home. c:
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*snugs Edu tight* MEEEEE.

It's okay, Iram. I hope all goes well for him!

You guys got plans for V-day tomorrow?
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Lol yes, food is good. Uke says he has no idea how it's going so far. Apparently the first half is over and he is waiting or something.
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@Ember: lookit you bein all sexy in your camisole with a whip.

Someone's ready for Valentine's~<3

*chuckles and snuggles against*
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I was planning on spending time with my sweetheart. And I have a present for him.
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LOL, the wound on my leg is healing like a T-block from Tetris.
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Edu: Welp, gotta keep muh man on his toes. ;3

Iram: Aw, I'm sure he'll love whatever you get him.
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Beloved Sweetheart

Ducky - Sorry I missed your post on the new page. I'll take a look at your OC's if you have some pictures.
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Too wild? Is there such a thing!?

Oh, Iram ... I've been ... weird about wanting to ask, cuz I feel like I'm not ... uh ... well, WELL KNOWN enough to ask yet, but would you consider drawing my bf's OC at some point?

One. Two

If you strip the fangs and the elf ears, that's him anyways. He even gave him the same name. -u- He's muscular, and never wears shirts ... I figured he might be up your ally anyways. The only reason why he was wearing a shirt in the one reference is ... cuz ... well. I don't really know why. But he hates shirts and thinks they're itchy. LOL.
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It depends on who you're flirting with or showing your affection to. 3nodding
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Awh...I missed the official opening.
//depression...only slightly...okay not really

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