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To the haters, the players, the stalkers, the sinners and saints....

I'm back. Back for your abuse and to dish out my own cruel artistic pain on your genitals. You thought blue balls were bad? How about blue d**k! Your s**t is gonna be so sore after the eye candy I'm about to serve.

Back for Good! Drawing men and WOMEN! :3
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[O F F]

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Stream moderation: Uke is the moderator here! Do not disobey him or find yourself with the boot!
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-- I'll quote this group when I'm streaming. Want to be on the list? Ask me and if I know you, I'll add you. --
[quote="Social Construct"][/quote]
[quote="Diabolical Indulgence"][/quote]
[quote="Contessa Neko"][/quote]
[quote="Banana Hurristrom"][/quote]
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About Us:
Oh Hey! You were brave enough to scroll down after that first post! Continue!

F' OFF is a thread for freebies made by Iram and Deliciously Uke. We've created this thread to be a fairly informal place to hang out and throw art at the desperate masses. You might know us from other threads, and if you do maybe you don't like us, well you can just F' OFF. That is the beauty of the title. It reflects the attitude that if you don't love being here, don't like us, well you can just leave. If you've been shunned, kicked out of other threads, bossed around or down right hated by others for no real good reason, then you are our kind of people. Feel free to come in and show your colors.

Recent Announcements:
3/4/14 - Trivia Thread Set up and Ready for Entries

3/4/14 - Calling for more contest entries! -inquire below-

2/28/14 - Auction Ended! Winner Pocket Mew/Amelia Kitten

2/23/14 - Auction Ends THIS FRIDAY!

2/10/14 - New Auction Open :: W A R N I N G | L A B E L | A U C T I O N

1/27/14 - We will be having Silent Hill and Uke and Iram related trivia (Time TBA) Grand Prize being a Freebie from Iram, 1st place/The Runner Up will recieve 1 mill in gold smile So stay tuned!

1/27/14 - Lots of things have happened in the past 6 months. Marriage, loosing my dog of 16 years, second job, solidified moving plans, graduated... Anyways seems I have settled back into Gaia for the time being. Not really opening a shop any more, but I am taking bribes razz Pm me if you're interested.

7/18/13 - Finishing a few things up. Working on getting my things together to open a shop! And Uke and I are officially getting married in September! biggrin

6/1/13 - Working on an art trade with Robo Wanker, once it's complete we may open a shop together! biggrin

5/21/13 - Iram has graduated from college with a BFA, and is coming around gaia more for commissions, bribes, and freebies!! Working on a commission/bribe for The Tamed, and I did a freebie for Origin Unknown this morning. Stick around! You could be next.
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Iram is...
A 26 year old man who just graduated college with a Bachelor's in Fine Art. At home, away from the fine art world, he loves doing digital work, because it's fun and costs nothing to do. No supplies needed! Anyways, he is currently married to DeliciouslyUke and they are happily living in Anchorage, Alaska of all places... Long story... He was born and raised in California and has plans to return there with his lovely spouse in the next few months to start his career in the special effects side of the movie industry. His art style is edgy, sexy, muscly, and down right grungy at times. If you don't like that let him know so he doesn't waste his time drawing your bishi a** anime OC all muscled and psycho. That being said, sometimes he draws cute little twinks. On gaia he very rarely takes commissions for gold so this is the only place you'll be able to receive his art.

Will and wont:
I can draw anything baby. Men and Women :3 Check my gallery(s) for samples of all body types and sexes. I am not very experienced with frilly girly outfits and hair but I will try now and then if someone REALLY wants me to.

Gallery: [Gimme Some Sugar Baby]

Commission Queue and Status: Open for PM'd Bribe offers only. 20MILL MINIMUM.
Updated: 4/18/14
Amelia Kitten/Pocket Mew : Lines finished / Coloring Next Winner (Lovey Couples Piece)

-- Back Burner/Side Pieces --
New Art Trade Piece Off Gaia
Request for Sean Bito - Sketched base
Request for Shilo - Not started yet
Resea Rings Outfit: Lines 95% Done
Robo Wanker Art Trade: Lines In Progress
Banana Hurristrom: In progress, about halfway!
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Beloved Sweetheart

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The Rules:
1. Above all follow Gaia's Terms of Service!

2. In no way are you to ever send a message to Iram or DeliciouslyUke inquiring upon free art. WE WILL IGNORE YOU.

3. Don't post and run. We really hate that. Chatting does get you points with us.

4. No begging or harassing for art, it's just not polite. Coming in does not guarantee you art.

5. Please take fights to pm's and work things out there. Don't make other people have to leave the thread because you can't play nice.

6. Honesty is a big deal with Iram. If you are dishonest chances are people are really not going to like you when they find out. And trust me, the truth always comes out. This includes but is not limited to: lying about your age without a privacy reason, submitting photos of someone else claiming they are you, and possibly the most horrible one - assuming multiple identities and posting on more than one account without letting us know that it's the same person... to say... get you better chances of being drawn. We won't tolerate this at all.

7. Iram: As a side note, I really dislike certain things going on in my thread... including extremely distracting post styles, huge ******** quote trees, bumping especially when there is a special page coming up, pictures that stretch the hell out of the page, advertising - if you want to advertise ask me in a pm, don't just post your s**t; talking about other freebie threads' drama that belongs elsewhere or is from another thread or involves someone else from the community that does not reside in this thread, and working out commission details I find all to be extremely rude, so please don't do it in my thread, mkay? biggrin
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Beloved Sweetheart

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L I F E T I M E | F R E E B I E | C O U N T : 222

Freebies From F' OFF: -newest first to oldest-

Yuki Utahime: [Female Headshot]

SUDO SANDWICH: [Iron Maiden] Social Construct: [Hunky Headshot] Shilosaur: [Magical Boy]

Jen til/tilty and Deliciously Uke: [Eat Your Heart Out] DeliciouslyUke: [Happy V-Day] Kwestchun: [Headshot]

-dont remember her name- : [Pen Sketch Sad Foxy]ATypicalMule: [Olympic Panty Grabs]

Chirpysmom: [Burn Baby Burn] DeliciouslyUke: [To Eat Candy is Human.] Xiahou Jin: [Jin's Naga OC]

Pikaboh:[Tsundere fail or however you spell that.]DeliciouslyUke: [To Kill is Divine.] Diabolical Indulgence: [Pet OC Headshot]

Kitten Grey: [Bad Kitty] Illusive: [Boyish Smile Sketch]Origin Unknown: [Bond James Bond Sketchy]

Kwestchun: [Pen style - BAND AID D:< ]Motts Applesauce: [Mommy!! Can I go out and kill tonight!?] Kwestchun: [I is cute? *3* ]

DeliciousUke: [No More Humping!] NOT a Sexual Username and DeliciouslyUke: [Pen Style - Wash the Dirty Puppy!]

Scit: [Pen Style Headshot] DelicioslyUke: [Pen - Fain Reference Finally and Resea Plush]Silent Sympathy: [Pretty Cethin]

|| Agonia ||: [Head shot]Sublime Spectrum: [Silly Headshot] FrostyPeaches: [Ahahahaha Bunnnniiiessss!!!]

Lace Stocking Penny: [Sexy Pin Up] Banana Hurristrom: [Double Flip - ******** Yes]

Kwestchun: [Nom Nom Nom!] Avrion Racortone: [Aviator Avatar]Unit-R34: [Pen Drawn Fighter]

The Blurry Surrealist: [True F' Off Fashion]Yuki Utahime: [Sexy Cat Girl Pin Up] Yuki Utahime: [Batnana]

The Blurry Surrealist [Drew her V Character, No were not sharing 3>] DJ Arrow: [Husky Fursona]

Design Contest:
Starts Now
Ends: Open Ended for Now, Looking for some more entries!
Prize: Colored Bust by Iram

The point of this contest is to design this exact post to look more presentable, and sexy ancd clean and simply. I want to keep it in the style that links to each picture, and displays the information given. You can change it up however you like, but the post MUST include: Warning information, warning indicators for 18+ links, be displayed most recent to oldest, the header image and include the username of the recipient of the art. Your post should not include the contest info as that will only be in this post for the contest. It would be nice if you could devise a way to differentiate Pen work from Digital art but you don't HAVE to have it.

1. You may only submit 3 entries.
2. Entries may be posted in the thread with the designation:
[b][color=red]DESIGN ENTRY[/color][/b]
somewhere on the post.
3. All entries must be posted by 10pm Alaska time Friday February 28th to be counted.
4. Please use your own work and don't STEAL someone else's format. I don't want something stolen on my page.
5. Don't hassle other people trying to enter or guilt other people out of entering. Be kind biggrin
6. Try to make the style fit the rest of the thread.

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