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Art by: Earth-san

Left to Right: Earth-san, Mr Felix Delacroix, iBites_Chu, Kira_Tatahashi, Alixia, demi bank.


Hiya there!
Welcome to my thread!
Well... our thread, actually.
In the past months (even in my long absence) there have been many Gaians who have helped keep this thread up and running.
Here is a list of those individuals who I'd like to showcase.


Kira_Tatahashi [x]

Mr Felix Delacroix [x]

Alixia [x]

Demi Bank [x]

Flying Mermaid Princess [x]

Korbin de la Vega [x]

BabbleFish [x]

kisa_tiger13666 [x]

CynsationalGurl [x]

Now, there are a few little rules that I do expect you all to follow.


1. I do not tolerate impatience or rudeness, so do not act that way, please.
Everyone in this thread draws at their own pace.
Besides, with time comes great benefits.
2. Do not make fun of other's art.
3. No hit and runs.
4. If you get some, it would be very nice to return the favor, don't you think?
5. To become a regular, you must stop by the thread often, and also you must be an active art giver!
6. I will demote regulars who do not maintain giving art after becoming a regular.
7. Have fun!!!


Group Shots

Art by Earth-san

Art by Alixia

Art by Alixia

Art by Mr Felix Delacroix

Colored Version/Art by Mr Felix Delacroix

Art by Dottix

Art by Azure Nika

Art by Korbin de la Vefa

Art by Korbin de la Vega
Come oooon!
You know you want to!
'Sides, I got cupcakes, too!
looks like fun! biggrin
What if I can't draw?
looks like fun! biggrin
I'll draw you, then. =]
And then I've draw Virus afterward.

@Glerty: Doesn't matter.
Just try it out.
Doesn't have to be perfect.
Done my first one, finally!
Sparkles The Nazi
Hope you guys stuck around.
I'm sorry about the wait.
@Era Virus:
User Image

@Kira thank you so much! i love it heart
I love these threads! i'm not a very good artist gonk and i'm slowish gonk but i'll give it a go blaugh
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I'm joining in!
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Witty Humorist

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I wanna join! :]

EDIT: @ Prince Celestine; I'm going out to lunch with my mutter, you'll have your art as soon as I get back!
Stupid old a** computer!
It screwed up, but fear not!
I am back and FINALLY starting Virus'.
Then I'll do the next person. =3
scanner is failing! I'll continue to draw and once i kick my scanner i'll upload them. sweatdrop
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sorry i forgot your hair piece. sweatdrop
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Moonlight Raider

Felix Says

I'll do it, but I might just choose a random person, yeah?
So listen up!

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