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Good bye SIYT.

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Remember to Read the Rules
This Thread is Yaoi/Yuri/Straight Friendly

Welcome to our School-themed Joint Freebie/RolePlay thread!

It's been a good few years guys,
We've made friends, we've made enemies, we've made and received beautiful art pieces. We've grown, we've improved, and have created lots of great memories.
Life moves on, and although it's hard, SIYT needs to move on as well.
Nearly all the artists no longer have time for SIYT anymore due to school, which is understandable due to our (surprisingly) long run. Although some Artists may still be able to drop by, we are no longer able to create art as often as we did in our first year (and this being the Art Freebie thread... well... you get it).
Although this is the end of SIYT, this is definitely not the end of our friendships made.


Until next time.

So long folks,


This place is mostly a Hangout with a (mostly Yaoi) RP-theme and casual attitude towards RPing.
Along with RPing, SIYT is also place to practise artwork, receive art and make new friends.
We hope you have fun here at SIYT!

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After posting any art on this thread, feel free to upload it into the Gallery
so that it won't get lost and so that we can all look back on it. ♥

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► Click the Icons to be directed to each post for each Artist/Teacher profile ◄
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Failure to Follow the rules will result in being Blacklisted
We run on a warning/complaint system.

________ The Basic Manners at SIYT

                    1. Be nice and Open-minded
                    2. Be literate. This entails the use of (full) words, punctuation, capitalization and grammar.
                    3. Keep negative attitude out or at a bare minimum.
                    4. Homophobes and homophobic behaviour will land you [******** up the a** on the Blacklist faster than you can say “Jail Rape”.
                    5. No Giant Quote trees, unnecessarily large post formats or page stretching
                    6. Don’t whine about being ignored; the thread moves fast. If you are, however, frequently ignored, there might be a reason for it
                    7. If you bring your own friends, make sure you both make an effort to talk to others. Also make sure your friend(s) read the rules.
                    8. We strongly, strongly, insist that you do not role play right away and first chat and become comfortable with us first. We would like to get to know you first before your character. This is firstly a hangout after all.

________ If you want Art:

                    1. Only Regs and well liked people get art
                    2. Don’t Hit and Run, we will shoot you up the a**.
                    3. Artists have a right to draw whoever they want
                    4. If you TRULY want art, at the very least introduce yourself first and chat before kindly asking if someone is in the mood for drawing before offering up your references.

________ If you want to Role Play:

                    1. There aren't rules about style (Paragraph and asterisk-usage), but the setting should stay within the boarding school-type realm.
                    2. Be sure to differentiate between your OOC text and IC text for your own good; we’d hate to slam you for something you meant to say/do as your character.
                    3. Do. Not. God Mod.
                    4. Unrelated, Untasteful RPing will NOT be tolerated
                    5. Anything crude (Sexual AND/OR Violent) without humorous taste/"fan service" material within it will not be tolerated
                    6. One on One “personal” RPing where others cannot join in (prolonged cuddling ect.) should not be RPed here. Remember to consider everyone’s feelings and comfort zone. SIYT is first and foremost a hangout as well as a RP zone.
                    7. This is not a place to cyber, yes we have a suggestive RP theme, but don't immediately try to jump into a teacher's pants IC or OOC. It's tiring and crude. Occasional "naughty" or "romantic" role play is allowed, but you must establish your character over a few days first and have OOC consent.
                    8. When you're IC, respect the Teacher Characters as if they're real teachers,the teachers are figures of authority within the RP. Conflict RP (Eg. Challenging teachers authority, being attracted to the teacher ect.) is interesting and encouraged, but immature and degrading RPing is definitely not (Eg. Physically assaulting the teacher, silly OOC RPing to an IC teacher, ect).

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♥S-Stop! I'm your Teacher!♥
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[size=10][color=darkblue]♥S-Stop! I'm your Teacher!♥[/color][/size]

Sig Size
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If you would like to swap banners, please note that we will only take
the standard 40 x 200 sized banner, thank you. PM Lieutenant Keeper to discuss.

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Welcome to Class!

            *blinks, looking up from his desk* Oh! You must be the new transfer student. I'm Mr. Keeper, I'm your English teacher. Please call me Mr. Keeper or Keeper Sunseng, I am not Japanese so please don't call me Keeper Sensei. *smiles kindly, head tilting with softened eyes* I do hope we get along. I'm rather new at teaching- and I still have a lot to learn. *laughs gently, clasping his hands together with a warm and bright smile* Excellent! We'll be learning together!

The artist...

            Hello hello~ I'm not very interesting and I get distracted easily-- and lose track of a lot of convos. Apologies in advance-- I have the brain of a goldfish.. I also have the brain capacity of one too- so sometimes I drop conversations without meaning to. Just gently remind me to respond and I will- I never do it purposely.
            I also tend to disappear without warning and leave conversations unfini

Mr. Keeper is..

            • Generally tries to be a nice and happy person
            • Can appear amazingly naive, clumsy and oblivious at times
            • Easily disgruntled/troubled
            • Raijin's older brother.
            • Has sensitive ears and tail
            • Has his glasses prone to steaming up when embarrassed
            • Used to be a lot colder and rougher in the past and still has a mischievous and devious streak behind him that tends to backfire.. badly

Art samples
My Photobucket || My DeviantArt
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Big Member

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Greetings, From Mr. Basuki:

*smiles* Oh, hello there~ You must be the new student, hm? It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Mr. Basuki, the math teacher. I know it’s not a very popular subject, but I’m sure we will have fun with it... Especially if you need a little... private tutoring. *grin widens*

And make sure to stay clear of trouble, or else it can't be helped when I have to punish you, okay~? *laughs* Not that I'd mind too terribly.

About Me:
I’m Basu... Uhh... Not much to say about me really. I’m a pervert, I’m lazy, and I doodle things. I’m in college right now so I'm not as free as I used to be to talk. Sorry.

Please don’t rush or bother me about art. I’m prone to stress, and constant pestering doesn’t help much. I also have my own projects I should be working on, so please keep that in mind. Also, don't hassle me about rps... Some days I just don't feel like it.

Mr. Basuki is...
Seemingly Friendly
• Extremely Perverted
• Manipulative
• Opportunistic
Weak When Hair Curl is Touched
• Scary Without His Glasses
"Creative" with his Punishments

Art Samples: DeviantArtY!Galtumblr

For full reference sheet, read this
Alternate character profile: Dulce
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_________"Hello, students. Please be seated."
User Image

"Welcome to the art classroom. I'm your substitute teacher, Marcus. I will be filling in for my sister, Mana while she is away. Not to worry, she said she will stop by on occasion. Despite the switch in teachers, don't think there will be confusion over your assignments. I happen to be very diligent and this isn't the first time I've had to become a substitute teacher. No, the other courses weren't art classes, but I have every confidence I can follow this course curriculum. Present all assignments on time, I will not chase you down for them. Furthermore, I know most of you may think of this art course as an easy credit, but as far as I am concerned you better put forth your best effort or you will fail. That doesn't mean I don't support experimentation in art studies so feel free to ask me for assistance if you are trying something new and need help. This studio is a professional place, please do not test my patience by roughhousing. As I final note, I realize Mana taught this course much differently than I plan to, but I expect you to all to adapt without any complaints.

I am available outside of class to assist you with any problems."

_________About the Artist

I'm an animator who dabbles in illustration and sketching as a hobby, for now. I enjoy talking about art.
I'm 24.
My life revolves around trying to improve my art skills and keeping in contact with my friends. I find RL social networks very important, but that doesn't mean I don't love talking to all my online friends.
Don't send me random friend requests.
I don't RP much, but I am easy to encourage. Don't be surprised if you have to blatantly ask me to RP. Unlike my character, I can be dense.

_________This character is...

○ Serious
○ Focused
○ Professional
○ Level headed
○ Male

_________Links to my work

DA Gallery
Gaia Shop
I usually give out sketches so don't expect coloured work from me just because you see it in my gallery.
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User Image

Welcome and whatever... Now take your seat!

Under Construction

The Artist

Under Construction

Raijin Sensei is...

• Short tempered, loud mouthed. Your typical badass tough guy.
• He won't hesitate to threaten you with his weapons if you piss him off.
• Litter-mate to Keeper and, believe it or not, second weakest of the litter.
• Contrary to popular belief, Raijin doesn't hate Keeper. He just pretends to, but feels guilty about it deep down.
• Has a sensitive tail and tends to keep it close to his body.
• He prefers not to talk about how he received some of his scars.
• Dislikes being seduced or undermined (in most situations), despite being a complete "bottom".
• Can get lonely and will often seek attention in a subtle way, such as through starting fights, asking for help, etc.

Art Samples

These are some examples of what I'm capable of drawing (but not necessarily the
quality you'll receive). I can draw both genders, but tend to lean towards males
unless I'm feeling generous or feel like practicing.

DeviantArt // Photobucket (lawl, no link)

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User Image"Hello I'm Mr.J~"

Welcome~ I teach Computer Applications. It might be difficult or complcated to learn but if you listen and do your work I’m sure you’ll learn something about the many uses of computers. The Internet isn’t all a computer is good for you know.
If you do cause any trouble though I’ll be sure to send you to Mr.Basuki for detention. I hope it won’t have to come to that though. And I’m positive that we’ll all have a great time in my class if you behave.

"About Me"

I’m Jay, I like Video Games, comics, manga, anime, and Cats. Usually I’m pretty busy with cleaning, cooking, or watching little brats, so I’m sorry if I’m not around too often. I have half a year of High School left so during the school year I’ll probably be online even less. But when I’m online if I like you, your avatar, and I’m not too busy I might sketch a freebie up for you. Just be sure not to badger me about art or you’ll be putting pressure on me and I don’t work well under pressure.

Because I don’t get online often, I don’t RP much, but I do enjoy Rping occationally. ( I’m not very good at it though orz; )

"About Mr.J~"

-Is A Clutz.
-Is a closet pervert.
-Confused easily.
-Lacks Confidence.
-Focuses on his work too much.

~{Art Samples}~

[Deviant Art] // (Photobucket)
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User ImageUser Image

Hello there, I'm Takuno Lio. You may call me Mr. Lio.

I'll be your culinary teacher here. In my class, we'll go over various topics such as diet, nutrition, food safety, and food handling. Once we get all that done, everyone will get a chance to do some hands-on cooking and baking. There will be a possible exam where everyone has to prepare a three course meal for someone.

I hope you enjoy my class!

About Me

I'm just a typical student, who lives on the west coast. You'll mostly find me around the evening when I'm not in class. I draw whenever I feel like it so please don't badger me for anything. ; v; If you have some kind of animal feature on your avatar/oc, there's a likelihood for me to draw something for you.

Mr. Lio is...

→ usually happy-go-lucky.
→ easily to get along with.
→ a bit oblivious at some things.
→ worrisome.
→ flirtatious when his personality disorder comes around.
→ attracted to warm objects/people.
→ good with household tasks like cooking, and cleaning.

Art Gallery - Photobucket

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