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Welcome to Nyappy to Yew! Im going on Semi-Hiatus since my Mom is forcing meee! D: *Details are in my profile* Onii-chan [ravemasterryuji] will be in Charge of this thread while im gone <3

.: Table of Contents :.
.: Yew are here :.
.: Rules :.
.: Announcements/Contests :.
.: Hao to get Art :.
.: Dream Avitars :.
.: -OC- Miyumi :.
.: -OC- Shiyori :.
.: Received :.
.: Guest Artists :.
.: Nyappy List :.
.: In's :.

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.: Follow ToS :.
.: Do not Advertise ( Exchanging Links is appreciated <3 Please PM them to me ) :.
.: Do not BEG or ASK for free art :.
.: Do not OVER-QUOTE Dx :.
.: No Spamming D:< :.
.: No N00b talk or N00bs ( but Noobs who draw good can chat :3 ) :.
.: If your ordering from Rave please type the Magic Word: "Waka Laka Nyappy to yew <3" with the form to make sure that yew did follow the Rules <3
.: No stretching of pages pwease Dx ( If art is very very very very BIG! Pm it to meh or use thumbnails <3 ) :.
.: Please be Respectful to everyone in the thread <3
.: Please draw my Avitar's and OC's in Anime-istic or Chibified Doodles are fine but Realistic Pwease no Dx :.
.: No hits and runners please they make me cry ;~; :.
.: Donate = Free Art <3 :.

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7/5/08: OPENED! <3

7/16/08: New Samples <3 / New Layout [ Bou of An Cafe ]

7/21/08: 1st ever thread B-day: HAPPY B-DAY RAVE!

Bump 50 times win Chibi Flob Headshot
Bump 100 times win Chibi Flob Bust
Bump 150 times win Chibi Flob Fullbody

Please Number Your Bumps <3

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Sample's :
( VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Hikaru Drawings Are not mine Except Mah ID )

Hao to get Art?
Draw mwah and/or OC's * if i give yew art it's a tip :3 but it will depend on your avitar*


Fill out the form:
Whats the Magic Word?*put it in white text*:


Donate anything from the following * WishList*

I'll be your art slave for :
Devil Tail
Demon Horns
Nitemare Scarf
Fuzzy Pengu Slipper's
Nitemare Headband <3

I'll do Fullbody for you for :
Demonic PitchFork
Demonic Pendant
Goti/Bani Clips
Guitar of Demona/Angellus
Wind Security Blanket
Death Whisper
Picolitrosso's Urn
Dark Halo
Elegant Veil
Joker Hat white-black
Longcat Scarf <3

I'll do Bust for you for :
Mythril Halo
Elegant Blue Satin Vest
Gothic Veil
Gold Mountain Blue Vest and Shirt
Pandy Pack
Demonic Anklets
Winter Rose
Nitemare Parasol
Lunar Scythe
Angelic Mic
Angelic Parasol
YARLY hat <3
Striped Stockings

I'll do Headshot/Fruit Avi's for yew for :
Dancer Cuff's
Dancer Collar
Dress of the Swan
Neck Ruffle
Let it Snow
Demonic Earmuffs <3

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And For those who like Cluttred

User Image
*dont mind the green glitch <3*
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TekTek Ref:
User Image

Casual:User Image
*Made by : NTrinnu2

TekTek Ref:
User Image

Eyes: Pink
Likes:Strawberrys,Cakes,Cupcakes*In short SWEETS*
Dislikes: Bad people,not sweet food
Lives:Japan*later on London*

Miyumi is a 16/17 year old girl shes sweet,kind,shy and nice.Miyumi is normally seen wearing Gothica Lolita,Lolita or Gothic.Shes kind of the "Elegant" Type but still nice to be friends with.Even if shes the "Elegant" Type she does'nt bore people like all other "Elegant" people do.She rarely puts on casual clothes but she only puts them on if shes in the right mood.She likes to play with younger children and teach them [kind of big sis/teacher type].Even if shes a Demon she doesnt act like one due to "Amnesia"

Her mother and father died when she was young due to car accident her Grandma took care of her.When she was 10 they moved to London to learn "Elegant" manners.In memory of her mother and father she has this Locket/Watch .In the age of 13 she ran away from her Grandmas house due to "Abuse".She now helps children in the Orphanage feeding,teaching and playing with them.After a few weeks she met Shiyori-kun and she became his Teacher.Many months pasted she realized she was a Demon because she was angry and sad that Shiyori-kun was in danger and released her Demonic Powers...

Relationship with Shiyori-kun:She is His Teacher later on She became His Guardian.She always treats him after classes and they became good friends

Important Details when drawing her

ALWAYS Remember the Locket

The hat should be this small User Image

ALWAYS make her look Gothica Lolita even when casual

In her Casual form there is a chain wallet DONT forget that

The Hat has a Pink Skull pin

Always draw her with the parasol any pose will be fine

Some people do this so this is optional: When casual you can add the little top hat

Net stockings are see through not all black
User Image
User Image
User Image
*Made by MasterOfSporks

TekTek Ref:
User Image

User Image
*Made by emina_anime addict

TekTek Ref:
User Image

Gender: BOY [Only used female base because the boys are too muscular for him]
Likes:Video games,Manga/Comic books,Sweets,J-/rock,Fish,Milk
Dislikes:Girly things,Sour food,Water
Lives:Japan *later on London Orphanage*

Shiyori-kun is a 11-13 year old boy.Hes naughty but he can be very sweet depending on the person hes dealing with.He can act like a Neko sometimes but when too angry he turns into a Neko himself.Always seen in casual clothes.Doesnt have much friends but he tries to make friends through his sweetness.

His parents died when he was 5 due to House Fire luckily the Head of the London Orphanage found him near the Dark Alley and let him go with him to London.This is why he acts very naughty due to his parents.After few weeks Miyumi went to the Orphanage [look for her story in my 3rd journal entry] He became her students and didnt like studying at all.When he did something embarassing every orphan laughed at him except for Miyumi.She always make him feel happy by treating him after classes.Shiyori-kun realized that someone cared for him like his parents he is now very sweet to her in exchange for the treats that Miyumi gave him.After many months Shiyori-kun was protected by Miyumi with her Demonic Powers.When he was protected Purple petals fell from above to symbolize that a Demon was protecting him...

Relationship with Miyumi:Shiyori-kun is Miyumis students.Later on His teacher became his Guardian.

Important details when drawing him

ALWAYS draw him with 2 colored falling petals [White and purple]

His Neko ears and tail are PURPLE not yellow always make it look like its connected to his hair

ALWAYS draw him as an Orphan or a kid

Optional: His second look the black t-shirt you can put anything on it except for bad things remember he's not that naughty D:

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User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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User Image
From: Blood King

User Image
From: Ruitofu

User Image
User Image

User Image


Hi Im Ryuji

Will do :
Simple Avi's
Fan Art

Wont do :
Furries ( ears and tails are fine )
Cluttred Avi's

Samples :
Chibi FullBody
Chibi HeadShot

Whats the magic word?*put it in white text*:
Tip*not advice*?:

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User Image

Nyappy People <3

Not Nyappy People </3

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