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User Image Awesome!
I'd like one please~ O 3 O
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Boss Ghoul

I don't have a bf but I do have my friends who help motivate me.


Hmm.... I think I eat pretty healthy and I never touch fast food.
But I can't stay away from the sweets! :s
-shares cheesecake- 。(◕w◕)。 heart
Oh my cheesecake!~ emotion_kirakira
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Broccoli and fresh sliced tomatoes are legit my favorite snack food. I love veg, though not all. My family is all very overweight (with the exception of my niece who is very thin), my mom is morbidly obese (she probably weighs like almost 400lbs). I'm just under 200. I've been actively trying to lose weight. So far I've lost like 30lbs just by cutting out sugar and eating less processed foods. I'm going to be getting a gym pass soon so I hope going there a few times a week will boost my weigh loss. I've never been to one before so I'll probably make a fool or myself LOL But I really like to run so I'll probably hog a treadmill.

Good night and thank you Luna!

Broccoli is the best. I'm really proud of you for actually doing something about wanting to lose weight instead of just complaining about it like a lot of people do. And yay for liking to run! I love running (is my favorite form of exercise). I'ma do some this morning actually~

How did your teaching thingie go? Or did that not happen yet?
You shut up Ryx >:c

Whore, thanks! I don't want to be a complainer or make excuses. I want to do my best. I'm kind of hoping ll be toned and shapely enough to wear a bikini with confidence next summer. I'm sure going to the gym and doing yoga will help. I don't want to have flabby skin! It feels better too if someone calls me fat or something I can just say I've been losing weight. Not that I've ever been called fat, but I don't deny my weight is unheallthy. Ill probabllly go to the doctor sometime over the summer to get his input for what he thinks would be a healthy weight according to my height and body type. My ultimate goal weight is about 120 (with what the bmi chart said but I know they can be wrong). Its not even about getting thin. Its about being healthy and feeling better about everything c:

Also the lesson kinda stunk but my classmates liked it well enough. I made some mistakes but it happens. My prof was a b***h about it though. She is very negative.
Oh good luck Aeske. I really admire that you are putting so much effort in it. c:
But I suppose just eating a lot of vegetables and cutting down on meat and processed food will already help a lot.
120 doesn't seem like a lot though O:
depending on how tall you are...
Eat me Ryx.

Akia, Yeah haha I do eat a lot of veg. And enough meat. I don't eat processed foods if I can help it. :c
I'm like 5'5" ish c:
/nibbles <3

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