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Closed due to it being easier for me to deal with one-shot threads.
Please keep an eye out for them!

Drawing for you ♥
Looking for avi/oc, male/female, sexy/ugly whatever I don't care.
But please note that I'm still very picky about who I draw.
Please don't say "consider me" it annoys me. Just post what you want me to draw and talk to me.
If you stick around and chat you have a pretty high chance of getting drawn.
If you plan on hitting and running you shouldn't waste your time making a post. c:
Also please do not quote me if I'm active in the thread.
Samples can be found in the links in my sig.
Here are some samples of free art I've given out so far this year

Request from me? Art Trade?
Also I will most likely (probably definitely) draw back if you draw these two together (or one of them is fine too).
Since I don't really want you guys to use those outfits, here are some ideas:
Left: Draw him in something hipsterish, but subdued. He doesn't like to stand out.
(Hair is red, eyes are green. He's got freckles on his cheeks.)
Right: [ref] likes to wear stylish clothing. I use a lot of different outfit designs from here: [x]
(Hair is black, eyes are bright blue)

Please note if you trade with me I will not give you your art until you have given me mine.
I get burned way too much.
You WILL get art even if you just plain out surprise me too though.
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Edit; GODDAMMIT SET /kicks
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hello there how it going :]
Le dream avi
emotion_dowant I enjoy art trades would you like to see some samples emotion_awesome
Wow jack your avi looks pretty cute >A> what is going on I don't understand.....

hey there the puff <3

also wtf someone down voted me ALREADY.
I am literally the ******** champ.
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well, I will follow the thread title and get my a** in here - Hi
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You have a right to be picky, Miss!
Cute OCs you've got btw. :3

Katsumi: [ x ] [ x ]
Karra: [ x ] [ x ]

And so I am invaded by the faggots.
Hello Set and Ryxiebear <3

and everyone else who just popped in~
Set; >:C /bite

Cherry; We are huge faggots, yes.
Hey I am not a f*****t.
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Magical Shoujo

My avi is hawt.

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