Hello everyone!

As it seems there is some confusion about the nature of this forum and what types of threads belong here, please read the following for clarification!

If after reading the following, you find that you currently have a thread in the forum that does not meet these guidelines, please use the forum report system to report your thread and request that a moderator move it to the appropriate forum.

  • This forum is only for threads asking for or offering free art. This does not have to include drawings or paintings, but can also include requests for free graphics, profile materials, dolls, and so on, as long as you are creating these materials yourself or using materials to create them that follow the terms of use for those materials.

    For clarification on what those terms of use may be and how to find out about them, please see the Mini Shops Rules & Regulations.

  • This means that users are allowed to offer tips if they receive free art but you cannot require tips in return for making someone art. If you are requiring tips, you are selling art, not giving it away for free. Similarly, an artist may offer to tip if they particularly like a free piece of art that they receive, but they are not required to do so.

  • Therefore, you cannot make threads here offering items or gold for art, including threads that require tips of any kind (gold or item). Threads such as these should be made in the Art Shops & Requests Forum.

  • Similarly, you cannot make threads offering art for gold or items. These also belong in the Art Shops & Requests forum.

  • If you are offering a specific item or items in return for users to submit art to you in hopes of winning, this is an art contest and as such should be made in the Art Contests forum.

  • And finally, if you are offering your art services to the highest bidder, you are having an art auction, which should therefore be placed in the Art Auctions forum.

    As always if there are any questions about the proper way to use this forum, feel free to contact any moderator who is assigned to this forum and online, or to use the Q&A forum for general questions that do not need a moderator's assistance.

    In order to help maintain the forum, please also do your part to report any misplaced threads, such as auction threads, threads selling art or buying art (including those that require tips), so that our moderator staff will be able to relocate them to a more appropriate forum. Please use the forum report system to make these reports, rather then PMing individual staff members.

    Thank you for reading and for working to make Art Freebies a wonderful forum for everyone. ^_^

    Noraboo, Gaia Admin