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You know you want to!
Welcome to Chibify Us! A multiple personality quest for art!
Yes, you heard right. I am looking for a chibi version of each of my avatar's three personalities.

Foxy - The flirtatious mischevious furry.
- very child-like and playful
- slobbers to show affection
- has the power - Girl Crush Attack!
Dark Angel - Summoned Guardian Cherub
- very smart and reserved yet naive on worldly things
- the offical alter-ego peacekeeper
- has been seen cooking, reading and knitting.
- travels and lounges on a puff of cloud
Spice - Chain-smoking smartass.
- smug and indifferent
- uses headphones as a defense against stupidty.
- wont admit she actually likes Angel and Foxy.

Since these ladies are pseudo-OC characters you are free to switch up the clothing as long as they fit the character's style. (see above)

Both group and single portraits will make us luv you. But be forewarned, the girls are a bit volitale when they have to sit still for long periods of time together. o.O

Creative Direction
[x] Headshot
[x] Headshot w/ Tag
[x] 3/4 Bust
[x] 3/4 Bust w/ Tag
[x] Full Body

[x] Your choice! Use above character descriptions for ideas.

[x] Skin - Dark
[x] Afro - Golden Brown

What you get?
If you havent noticed by now, we R n00bs. Which in layman's terms mean, we R broke as a joke.

But think of these possiblities.
Your artwork might convert us into the giggling, jiggling fangirls of your dreams! How about some free advertising on our quest threads. Lets say we put our uber photoshop skills to use and throw in a free quest banner like the one above! Whatd'ya think of that?! We R are irresisitable! Resistantance is futile! domokun

Just so you know...
Artistic limitations are for losers! We also graciously accept:
[x] Doll-fications
[x] Avatar Emotes
[x] Avatar Modifications
[x] Comic Strips ^^ - We absolutely <3 funnies!

Angel: I likes to be doodle'd. ^^
<i>Spice: .... art whore.</i>
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Plucked, shrunken and stuffed for your viewing pleasure! ^.^

[x] Raviekins drew this! - Yay! Chibies! =^^=
[x] Zetan drew this! - Grrr! Phear My Noobness!
[x] Zetan drew this! - Angel gets down to buisness. Stick-figure action!
[x] Rikki drew this! - No amount of words can describe Rikki's awesomely mad skillz!
[x] Sugarbeat_Angel drew this! - Semi-stranger goodness!
[x] Project Alice drew this! - Super Duper Fly! ^.~
[x] The Grim Mipyr drew this! - Smokin' Hawt!
[x] Sugarbeat_Angel colored this! - The Spice in Technicolor. Made possible by SBA's mad MS skillz...

Foxy likes the taste of art! ::slobber::
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Representin' all my bumpers, the lurkers and kawaii artists out there.

[x] Megami Kawaii - She wants your art too!
[x] Zetan - He makes the homies say 'Ho!' and the girlies scream!
[x] Rikki Hyperion - The first and only victim of Foxy's Girl Crush Attack! Mwhuahahaha!
[x] Project Alice - The Quest!
[x] Midnight Kiss - OMGOSH-Ness! She creates adorable plushie-like cuties for your avvie!

We luv you long time!
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Bunch of crap I like to document, that you prolly wont care about.

...! updates & news.
[ 4.02.05 ]
[x] Semi-Haitus! Entertaining out of town visitors!

[ 3.29.05 ]
[x] Recieved March 05 Thank You Letters!

[ 3.27.05 ]
OMGOSH! Have a Happy Easter Everyone!

[x] How to Hunt Easter Eggs Guide
[x] The Egg Game - Line up Easter eggs four by four in this addictive game.

[ 3.25.05 ]
[x] Got my first event! A pink link!
[x] My bug report thread. - Mac users should read.

...! luck counts.
Enchanted trunk : 0 | Pink Link : 1 | Blue Giftbox : 0 | Pink Giftbox : 0

...! wishlist.
[x] Sapphire Forehead Jewel - 2kg | Barton Jewelers
[x] Maid Collar Necklace - 2kg | H.R. Wesley
[x] Yellow Mini Boombox - 1.2kg | Durem Depot
[x] White Leather Belt - 1675g | Durem Depot
[x] Red Leather Strapped Manties - 5.2kg | Durem Depot

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Phear the Girl Crush Attack!
..as gunnysack'd by Rikki Hyperion

um can you make me and my brother Zodiac_Demon_4_you standing up and full body?
can you draw me? head shot or full body please
um can you make me and my brother Zodiac_Demon_4_you standing up and full body?

Sorry. I am not an artist. This is a request thread.
can you draw me? head shot or full body please

Hrm.. Am I wording my title wrong? Gomen! Sorry for the confusion! This is a request thread. sweatdrop
heart bumpilicious heart </center>
heart bumpilicious heart </center>
heart bumpilicious heart </center>
::Foxy hides behind the Gaia logo waiting to pounce::

Angel: sweatdrop
Spice: stare
I'll give it a go. 3nodding
Yay! Chibies! ^w^ Sorry they aren't coloured. I'll try to do something with them hopefully soon. Hope you like!

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