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Plenty of other people sent messages. Showered me with art, too. Talked to me for hours about useless s**t.

It was a decent birthday.
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Oh. Okay then. I'm glad it was a good birthday then.

I wish I had something to talk about but I really don't. You won't care about me hitting max level in Guild Wars or the guild drama I got wrapped up in even though I was only there for like a week
Or that I'm apparently good at angry advice
Or that I slipped up and punched my jaw in front of people again (did you even know that's a thing I do because it is).
Or that I had a trainee that was mega desperate and her father was really pushing for her to get the job so we hired her and she disappeared so I guess she wasn't all that desperate at all
And that's basically been my life because I don't do much else.

What kind of art did you get? If you want to talk about it maybe?
Considering that the closer my birthday got the more miserable I got, yeah it worked out well. It was nice to feel like people wanted me around for some reason other than to make them feel better about themselves for once.

Were you part of the drama.
Once I was told "How do you give such good love life advice when you've never had a boyfriend." Advice is literally 99.9% common sense, so that's not really surprising.
Have you considered not hiring people whose parents want them to get jobs because this keeps happening. Try hobos. They'll be more reliable.

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Birthdays are like that as we get older idk what gives. The last amazing one I had was 23. Not that the others were terrible but the stress leading up them seems greater??
Has work and family and stuff been really rough?
I would be here more but like I said I am legitimately and painfully addicted to this game and apparently maxing a character's level in a month isn't normal whoops

No, thankfully. But I was a witness to what happened so the guild officer was asking a bunch of questions while I was getting slaughtered by jellyfish. Basically some dude was being a bit of a nuisance and bothering this chick for pics and I guess someone complained?
Yeah it was relationship advice and my repertoire is pretty pathetic but I know an abusive relationship when I see one and I just let loose on her about how terrible he is and she was like "THAT IS SO SPOT ON OMG". I'm glad they broke up even though she's upset. So now I'm offering people to yell at them.
I get angry and hit myself it's pretty ******** up tbh and Pat told me to my face that I worry them all.
We've hired near-hobos and they don't work out either they're usually insane.

WOW what a fantastic haul @.@ they all look so good! I'm glad you're getting art for yourself these days you really deserve it.
It wasn't about stress, it's the fact I ******** hate my birthday.

Yeah I'm in a bit of awe that Ran went to so much effort for me. The one of them snogging is surprisingly sweet and gentle.

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